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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 114911 views.

From: Honeyphan


Cyberfox277 - I'm curious about something -

When I detailed how I always beat the HOS in the G5 games, you wondered why I'd go to all that trouble and not just download -

Do you mean that if you download the game, you don't have to deal with the timers?

Because that's all my method does - plays the HOS without the pesky nuisance of timers - and it's as simple as clicking a button (to pause game) and hovering over it with the mouse (to see scene at full view). It is really a godsend when it comes to anomalies - and especially those "spot the difference" scenes since I usually need to pore over those to get them! lol -

I prefer to hunt everything myself - but I don't need or want the timers to interfere. I rarely use a tool unless I just cannot find the item (even after zooming in) because it's so well hidden.

On an added note - in Sherlock, at one point I was having trouble getting the magnifying glass to work when I did need it - every tool was frozen. (I sometimes use the tools in Match 3 if I am getting down to the wire). This method rectifies that problem, and though for the most part they fixed it, sometimes that still happens every now and then - the tools freeze. When it does, it is a simple matter of clicking the Firefox button to pause game, and clicking in again - my tools always work after that and the timer hasn't gone down. :)


Jenny - the cat we're talking about in Sherlock is Faustus - maybe he comes at a certain level of the game?

He is a white cat and sits at the front when he wants to eat, near his bowl - and when he's full, he's lounging on his cat tree, mid screen, beyond the souvenirs. Though sometimes he is by the stairs. But since the game usually has a balloon instruction saying that Faustus is hungry, you really can't miss him.

Again, maybe he appears at a certain level? - If I remember correctly, he damaged a book that they then go into to see if there's problems there (I think it was Beauty and the Beast) - and he stays in game from then on as an added buff to get items. :)

When I had the money to open Beauty and the Beast - I did so right away, ahead of the allotted time, since it is a favorite and I wanted to see what story they were going to make out of it of how Moriarty twisted things there. That might be why I can see the cat and you can't, because I think you are at a higher level than I am... I'm at 35 (I think). lol I have Hidden City open right now so can't check...

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Well that's really weird.  I don't remember a cat either.  Has MC really driven me crazy?  Now I have to go in and see if that darn cat is there.  That will drive me crazy.

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Oh, I see, I think.  The animal changes all the time with the events.  I have a bird in a cage now.  I'm guessing it was the cat at one time.


From: Honeyphan


Okay, can't figure out how to get it to rotate, but if you lean your head to the right (lol) you'll see it beyond Lucy's shoulder.

I have the bird in the cage too - that is a buff as you level up in the event HOS - but Faustus is separate - I said he was white. He's tan when he's by his food bowl, and after he's eaten, he is gray/white when sleeping in his cat tree. :) I'm not sure what color he looks like on the stairs - probably gray.

He's separate of the events, because between them, when Dracula's castle was over and before this new one in China began - he was there, waiting to be fed. lol

I tried to take a screenshot to show you, but it says it's too large and wont' let me post it.... I can try with my phone, but lately photos haven't wanted to transfer to the computer - maybe today it will. :)

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From: Honeyphan


Used paint and got it rotated! lol

It's really cute - when it's fed, it makes a purring noise and when you click on it, it meows. :)

ETA: Just realized I did not have it in full screen when I took the pic (I rarely play in full screen) - here is the screenshot again - easier to see I hope... (I just can't figure out how to enlarge pictures on here...)  The bird in cage is to the left - the cat to the right, in the window...

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Hmmm, I must have missed something.  I don't have the cat or its bed.  I wish there was some kind of 'how to play' type of thing, similar to what we have for Hidden City.  I looked at the Facebook page, as much as I can since I've never joined Facebook, but I don't see how to play the game.  Just pics and contests, like the old MC page.


From: Honeyphan


Have you opened any of the Beauty and the Beast HOSes yet??

Because I think that's the spur that brings the cat into the game as a permanent dweller of the library...

Okay- I had another thought -

You don't play directly off their site, do you? If you downloaded the game, maybe there is an update you need to put in to see it...?

Faustus is hungry again - lol - so here's a shot when he's by his food bowl (He's between Sherlock and Watson, and his food bowl is green:

  • Edited November 9, 2021 7:13 pm  by  Honeyphan

Awwww, he's cute!  Yes, I have opened Beauty and the Beast but maybe I haven't played enough.  I usually hold on to some of the completed collections until I see the task of the day because sometimes he calls for collections.  Maybe it has something to do with the collections completed in Beauty and the Beast?


From: Honeyphan


I'm not sure when he opened for me - I know it was either right after I entered the book or right before - because Sherlock was worried that Faustus (a stray who wandered into the library and who Lucy adopted) might have damaged the story and entered the book to make sure. lol

There is a bell to the right of your energy bar - click that - and you might get this? I just noticed it...

I guess I don't feed him enough! lol Since I have like 25 or more of these and just now noticed them....

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