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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 111356 views.

From: LadyDiFL


You seem to be the authority on this Hidden City game, so I 'm turning to you.  I tried the game, liked it, but just couldn't get the hang of it.  I spent all my tools, all the rubies, etc and just got frustrated.  Also frustrated with the sign in, HOWEVER, I woke up thinking about it as I need a game distraction in my life.  SO, I started again this morning and I am re-inviting all those lovely MC players who double as HC players:  MysteryAngel145, Koipeach, Puzzlegirl, Cyberfox, Merry, TrixieBelle, HeraII, Vixyish, Libby and TopCat.  I would appreciate it if you'all would give me another chance.  I'm so fickle!!  Don't know what to do without my Midnight Castle game.  Thanks to all!!


From: Honeyphan


Jenny - something occurred to me - you only get the diary pages when those things open - so I'm wondering why you have the diary page of Faustus but no cat...

I'm fixing to open my game - I'll let you know what my diary looks like if that helps...

And my progress in all the HOSes...


From: Honeyphan


I am hardly an authority in Hidden City - there are others here who have played much longer! lol

But I will be happy to answer any questions I can -

First - do NOT spend your rubies, unless you really, really want to. It's not needed to progress in game. I am at level 65 now, and have only ever spent rubies once, accidentally, when I was first learning the game.

The friends area mystified me too, at first,  - but just keep in mind that when you "gift," the gift tab is free to give, the "collection" comes from your inventory - and you can gift by choosing a gift, choosing from the rows shown - or (and this is easiest) clicking an item in your friend's wish list that they have shown. Collection items always have something like x0 or x1 next to it - showing how many are in your inventory and if you can give that. You can give both a gift and a collection item (or more than one) at once. (x0 means you do not have that in your inventory, so cannot give it.)

When you "visit" friends - you are going into their games. Charge their totems (the sparkly things) or the HOS areas - this is like a daily bonus for them and for you - it gives you energy, coins, and collection items. You are allowed a certain amount with each friend, depending on your level in that, which goes up the more you charge their areas. Charge one friend, until a green check mark shows on their icon, then move to the next one. Charge until your pink bar runs out (in top left corner) and you can charge no more. It will refill in a few hours, and you can go back and finish before the 24 hour turnover. When visiting a friend's area, I usually glance at the box that briefly pops up showing their event progress - if I see gold stars being worked on, I know they are playing the event areas, and charge those HOS scenes, the main 5 totems, or the event-won totems. (other areas that sparkle on the map) :) If I see it is "0" progress all through, I surmise that they are not playing the event and don't charge anything to do with that.

If you need things on your wishlist - click on the box in the area where the assemblers are, for instance, to bring up all four boxes - if you see tiny green +'s in the upper left corner - that is an item that can be gifted (and put on your wish list). Same with the people icon showing on the collection items - if the people icon is there, it can be gifted (and put on your wish list).

Back to the friends - you sometimes will see little players on your map floating around like game pieces - your friends - at the bottom of their avatar pictures are tiny symbols - the green vial thing is experience, the blue lightning bolt is energy, the gold coin is coin (and I forgot what the others were) - but you can click on more than one if your friends shown are all different - and get all of those added buffs in one place. :) But if you have two friends with a gold coin showing under their picture, for instance, you don't want to click on both at once because it will not accumulate if it's the same icon (only for different icons does it allow more than one in one place.) So, if I click a friend who has a gold coin, and one who has a blue lightning bolt, and one who has a green thing - and they all charged my event HOS - all 3 of those show up when you hold your mouse over the joined hands - when you see those joined hands over an area, that is telling you a friend charged that place. But if you click on two players with the same icon - i.e., the gold coin - and they both charged the same place, only one of those players show up at the HOS. So I usually click on all of them at once if they are different, but I wait until I play the charged area to click the second player (if they shared the same icon).

Any other areas I did not cover, if you have questions, please feel free to write them here. :)

I have always had you shown as a friend, so even though you may have quit - your icon remained in my friend box. :)

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From: Honeyphan


Okay, here is my story progress from my diary pages:

Holmes's story - 100%

Alice in Wonderland - 100%

The Wizard of Oz - 28%

And all stories after that show 0% (I guess because I haven't put together collections for any of them, only done the HOSes)

The HOS progress in:

Around the World in 80 days -

India - level III - 8%

Japan - level II - 3%

United States - level II - 0% (just started it)


Arabian Street - level II - 12%

Sultan's Palace - level II - 25%

Cave of Treasures - level II - 62%

Beauty and the Beast -

Belle's Home - level III - 16%

Castle Hall - level II - 12%

Winter Garden - level II - 0% (just started it)

I have all of them open in Treasure Island, but I opened that book after I got Faustus.

I also have 20,000 leagues under the Sea - Mysterious Island - open, at level V and 16 % - because that was an event.

And I have Room over the City in Edger Allen Poe open - level IV at 64% - again because they used that room as an event.

Okay - I just saw somewhere else that Faustus is - between the Alladin book and the Around the World in 80 days - there is a gold stool with a red cushion - he is laying on that.

But really, you can tell he is there when he is, because the background sound is a rumbling purr. He is almost always purring...

Also - Faustus shows up in my diary on page 55. Long before Beauty and the Beast and around the time of Alladin - but also I have Dupin (from that one room in the Edgar Allen Poe book) and the characters from 20,000 leagues under the Sea, from that event as well.... maybe that has something to do with it???

  • Edited November 10, 2021 12:55 pm  by  Honeyphan

I don't know about the cat either.  I'm going in to check the diary pages.  But I skip around a lot.  I don't stick to one scene until a collection can be completed.  I just go to the end of the list and go after that item.  This is really puzzling.

LadyDi, just take your time.  I started this game because I just loved the graphics.  No pressure to finish anything.  I just play until energy runs out, then I go about my day.  I actually have almost no helpful tools.  If I get one or two, I usually use them quickly.  About the only thing I have is coins to open new areas.

Not a cat person myself, but I just have to find Faustus.  It's just such a mystery.  LOL

Okay, that's really weird.  Here's my diary page with Faustus on it, which is 55, 56:

Maybe I didn't know to feed him and he disappeared.  Or maybe he was there and I just don't remember seeing him.fearful

OK, here are my stats for Beauty:

Belle's Home ---- level lll ---- 8%

Castle Hall ---- level l ---- 16%

Winter Garden ---- level l ---- 16%

So maybe I should try to catch up to your progress there and see what happens!


From: Honeyphan


No- you would have known to feed him because this huge instruction box comes up when he first came on the scene, telling you to find food in the book worlds for him - and once you do, another huge box comes up telling you it's time to feed him. lol And I guess that bell zoomed up to the top of the page, since I have it and you guys don't yet...

Also, you would have known he's there because of the purring - it's constant after he's fed.

okay - now he's on the stairs (he moves around a lot lol) - one thing else I noticed - the cat tree only shows when he is in it - in looking at the window now that he is on the stairs, all that is there is a gift.

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From: Cyberfox277


No such luck, I've just tried it, everything disappears and it shows game paused, it's OK, I'll live smiley Thanks for the hint though. And I think I have to take that back comment about the graphics, Alice in Wonderland looks better relaxed


From: Honeyphan


That happens when you pause the game itself - you see the map with a big "play" sign in the middle.

Don't hit the II in lower left corner to pause the game.

Hit only the Firefox icon - one time - and then without clicking put your mouse on it again. A small window should appear above it, showing the HOS as you just left it. You then move your mouse to that window (not clicking) so the whole thing enlarges. If you accidentally move your mouse off the small window, you can put it back and it will appear again.

Once my phone charges, I'll take some pics to show what I mean (screenshots don't work because when I try, that small window disappears).

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