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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 111387 views.

I don't know about the cat either.  I'm going in to check the diary pages.  But I skip around a lot.  I don't stick to one scene until a collection can be completed.  I just go to the end of the list and go after that item.  This is really puzzling.

LadyDi, just take your time.  I started this game because I just loved the graphics.  No pressure to finish anything.  I just play until energy runs out, then I go about my day.  I actually have almost no helpful tools.  If I get one or two, I usually use them quickly.  About the only thing I have is coins to open new areas.

Not a cat person myself, but I just have to find Faustus.  It's just such a mystery.  LOL

Okay, that's really weird.  Here's my diary page with Faustus on it, which is 55, 56:

Maybe I didn't know to feed him and he disappeared.  Or maybe he was there and I just don't remember seeing him.fearful

OK, here are my stats for Beauty:

Belle's Home ---- level lll ---- 8%

Castle Hall ---- level l ---- 16%

Winter Garden ---- level l ---- 16%

So maybe I should try to catch up to your progress there and see what happens!


From: Honeyphan


No- you would have known to feed him because this huge instruction box comes up when he first came on the scene, telling you to find food in the book worlds for him - and once you do, another huge box comes up telling you it's time to feed him. lol And I guess that bell zoomed up to the top of the page, since I have it and you guys don't yet...

Also, you would have known he's there because of the purring - it's constant after he's fed.

okay - now he's on the stairs (he moves around a lot lol) - one thing else I noticed - the cat tree only shows when he is in it - in looking at the window now that he is on the stairs, all that is there is a gift.

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From: Cyberfox277


No such luck, I've just tried it, everything disappears and it shows game paused, it's OK, I'll live smiley Thanks for the hint though. And I think I have to take that back comment about the graphics, Alice in Wonderland looks better relaxed


From: Honeyphan


That happens when you pause the game itself - you see the map with a big "play" sign in the middle.

Don't hit the II in lower left corner to pause the game.

Hit only the Firefox icon - one time - and then without clicking put your mouse on it again. A small window should appear above it, showing the HOS as you just left it. You then move your mouse to that window (not clicking) so the whole thing enlarges. If you accidentally move your mouse off the small window, you can put it back and it will appear again.

Once my phone charges, I'll take some pics to show what I mean (screenshots don't work because when I try, that small window disappears).

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From: Honeyphan


Okay, as promised, here it is with pics... I am using Hidden City, because that's what is open right now...

1st you click on the firefox icon - when you do the game will seemingly disappear and show whatever else was behind it (in this case it was my Steam page) -

After you have clicked on the Firefox icon, move your mouse away from it and bring it back again - but this time do NOT click. (Or you will get that game page with the pause).

You should get something that looks like this - notice my mouse is on the Firefox icon and there is a mini picture of the HOS above it:

Then you need to move your mouse up from the firefox icon to that mini window - note on pic below my mouse (the white arrow) is now on that mini window showing the HOS - when that happens, it brings up the paused HOS so I can study it... You don't have to keep your hand on your mouse while this is like this - I often give my hand a break and cross my arms on my desk, leaning into the screen (not sure how good that is for the eyes though! lol) - as long as the white arrow stays on the mini screen, it will show the HOS enlarged. If you accidentally knock it out of place, you can always bring it back again- just don't click or you'll get the pause screen.

And here it is- full view - of how the HOS looks on pause.

When you have studied it enough, just either click where the mouse is so the pause game screen comes up and hit play, or hit the firefox icon to bring the game back - either way works. You can go back and forth as many times as you need to, (but always remember to click the Firefox icon to pause the game, not the game itself) - and it only takes a few seconds to do it - to pause game and bring up window.

Hope this helps! :)

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No probs, will accept you to my games if I see an invite from you.  What name should I look out for as many have different game names to forum names.  I just play when I can these days, so many games, so little time..  I try to get in once a day but sometimes I just can't.

OK, so I took my levels up to where yours are in Beauty (and Aladdin) and still no kitty!

I'm wondering if maybe you have the elusive purr-baby because you started playing a fairly good while before some of us.

So I wrote to G5 and asked them where the cat might be and they replied asking for a screen shot! LOL Of a missing cat?


From: LvlSlgr


Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1) said:

So I wrote to G5 and asked them where the cat might be and they replied asking for a screen shot! LOL Of a missing cat?

Really?? That's priceless! Maybe it's the Cheshire Cat and you need to catch it at the right time. 

See the source image