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New games to play?   Welcome!

Started 8/7/21 by SedonaSueB; 111872 views.

Hi Cookie,  

Send me an invite.  We have been friends in ART and MC for years now.  Always good to be with friends.

Merry, I found an invite from you at a different level from the one I invited.

Whitebutterfly, you show up as Libby in my games.

Vixyish,  I have accepted a Vixy, not sure if it is you or not.

I will be away all of the coming week from Monday on and unable to access games.

See, I can't tell what name friends see.  I have whitebutterfly54 showing, but Libby on the avatar.  I'm so confused.

When I invited "Merry", the only one that showed up was Level 1.  And that player never accepted the invite.  That's why I asked our Merry to invite me.  That worked and she found me.  I accepted Vixy too.

Cookie (GulfGuppy)

From: Cookie (GulfGuppy)


Oh my goodness AnnaDownes! You are the reason I play MC through your invite as an ART friend!

I will invite all of you here when I go back in the game.

As you all have mentioned, when you accept a friend in one game, the friendship carries over to all G5 games. The only other one I concentrate on (second to Hidden City) is Secret Society. Luckily most gifts don't come out of your inventory.

Edited to add: I am TopCat


From: Honeyphan


Sorry, I somehow forgot you mentioning that... as you said, there's so much to learn and know- added to that Panic Room's how-to in the learning curves, which is 3 times more massive and mind-blowing. lol

And yeah - I have it pegged that if I do at least 5 a day, I should make it. :) - I cram and do regular ones afternoon and night, building up my hourglasses - also am getting them from the little guys you click on, at times, and the daily bonus sometimes has them - but anyway, I accumulate, and then in the morning I usually have over a hundred - closer to 130 - so I just play the event HOS until they are used up and rinse and repeat. 

I earned 10% today. :)

With this method, it's a slow but steady progress and I won't drive myself crazy trying to get the grand prize - lol

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Cookie (GulfGuppy)

From: Cookie (GulfGuppy)


Sorry I missed your post about Wiki...I just saw Hidden City and jumped right in the conversation. I'm glad to see several MC friends playing it.

I try to play relaxed but I just get sucked in LOL. Was lucky enough to come in second in one of the Detective ranks. Other than that I only have two of those extra daily bonuses from completing part of the events. And I'm constantly buying those pointers to help complete the event rooms.

LOL, the rooms I struggle with the most are the comparing one side to the other.  For some reason, I'm just terrible at that.  I never have many helpful things, like the magnifying class or timers or all those other things.  I just play what I can.  I only made 5 stars once.  And I was really working hard on that one.  But I don't want to play that hard, so I usually don't even try anymore.  If there's a new statue, or an update to an existing statue, I play for that.  But I just can't reach master level to get the avatars, etc.

It's really great to see so many MC friends playing the same G5 games as I am.  Since I now have so many games to play I have to limit my playing time.

On another note, I am trying to cope with "Eau de Tom Cat" in the house.  I have been adopted by a stray tom cat, who, since his little operation on Thursday, has to stay inside the house for 7 days.  So I am stuck with the lingering odour for the next week.  I am assured that the smell will fade in time, but it is hard to live with.   He has been somebody's pet at some stage of his life as he is very friendly and loving.  I may not end up going away if the cat sitter cannot live with the smell for a while.  We have a state of "armed neutrality" between Thomas (that's what he said his name was and he refuses to have it changed) and Myrtle, my senior 13yr old cat.  He is also an accomplished housebreaker, having broken into the house one and out of it twice.


From: danijelica


Is there any fan site or forum for SHerlock too? I just started to play it. I don't like it as much as MC, actually ART was my most favorite game as is it was a good mixture of HOS and variety of puzzles (and I also loved changing the look of my whole city), MC second one. But since MC is not safe these days, I guess I will give it a try.

Also, if there is any even, at which level it will start? I made it to level 6 so far today.

If any of you playing Sherlock need friends, my ID there is Fantaghiro7777. but I need to admit so far I don't understand too much about the game:(

Hi Danijelica,  We were/are friends in both ART and MC.   Will send you an invite to Sherlock, which I have just started playing this week.  Will be away all this coming week but will invite you today (my Sunday)   I play as Trixie Belle.  Was Bondi Girl in ART


From: Honeyphan


Hey danijelica! :)

I don't know about any fan bases or forums for Sherlock, but I can tell you what I know, if it will help you...

On the screen you see an old-fashioned library - to the left is the event book - with the current event (if you are at the level for that - it's pretty low) - and you will need tokens of some kind (you can earn through playing the regular books/stories/games) to enter. As part of your reward, you will get knives of some sort to open the event gifts you collect all throughout screen - (you need to move the screen to the left to see entire room.) These gifts are currently wrapped in black paper with Halloween decorations on them- they go into a sack toward the front. Open the sack, and it will show how many knives you have collected (through playing the games) in the upper left corner (I think it's the left) - you need 12 of them for every sack.

You want to open these sacks to get all sorts of goodies - but be sure and always have 5 for when Watson (or Sherlock) comes on with his daily challenge of "open 5" (to get more energy and coin that way.) :) Also, there is a totem next to the sack - when it glows/sparkles - click on it to get lots of goodies.

Now- you might not yet be at a level that you can see the event things - but it is pretty low, if I remember right - and if you don't see it yet, you should be able to access it soon. You'll know when you get there - the characters all change into costume - the entire place is decorated with pumpkins, etc, - and you will see the event book on the pedestal at the left of screen. :)

And now, on to the regular part of game...

Each column is a beloved classic tale. There are 3 scenes in each that you can slowly unlock as you get enough coin. With each scene, you choose if you want to play a HOS (hidden object scene) or a Match 3 (which thankfully are not timed but are registered by moves allowed)...

In each case - each tale - Moriarty has done some sort of evil in that book, messing things up in the story, and Sherlock or Watson or Lucy (sometimes all three take turns) must unravel and fix things, putting them to right.

You will see artifacts lined up on the counter - if they are sparkling, you want to click on them - they are like part of the daily bonus - they give energy, coin, items, tools - and are very helpful. Some of them sparkle sooner than 24 hours - just keep an eye out, and when you see one sparkle, click on it. :)

Besides the event gifts, there are three daily gifts that come in a balloon shape, a cylinder, and a suitcase - click on them to get energy and coin.

As for wish lists - in the collections area - items that can be given by friends have a tiny green cross in the field or sometimes the icon of people - all those can be put on your list. If it doesn't have a green cross, it isn't one that's available to gift. If it does, click on the green cross to add it to your list (or the person icon if it's a collectible).

To gift, click "friends" - you will see two tabs - gift and collections - when the gift tab is open, you can use those items shown there to gift. I prefer just clicking on an item in a friend's wish list, if they have one up, as that is also allowed. Once you have given the free gift (it does not come out of your inventory) - the tab pops in and the collections tab next to it pops out - you can also give from that too if you have those items to gift. But do keep in mind, that does come out of your inventory.

I think I covered everything I had questions on, when I first started, and hope I was of some help to you...

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. :)

I will add you to my friends when I log onto Sherlock tomorrow.


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