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Can't download game   Technical Issues

Started Oct-6 by Merry1043; 1365 views.

From: TinyFaerie


I moved it for you.

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From: Merry1043


I got my Alice 10  Level 80game back without lots of stuff but after playing for 10 minutes it crashed again and took me back to Level 1.


From: dustyretired


I  have/had Alice 10 game on both of my games, Old Dusty Roads and Old Dusty Roads2.  Sometime after update, I opened up my game and had a blank face avatar with just player as name. I checked the ID # on the paper list of my friends and saw it was you.  Yes I could see you were leveling back up and then poof you were gone. Then I saw Alice 10 back on my friends and then poof you were gone again.  I had felt so very sorry for you and the many others that had lost their games.  Then last night when I opened my level 109 game it had reverted to lev 1.  Played to lev 6 and friends option became available and when I opened it all my friends were there.  Like you and others, had lost all inventory.   Very sorry to hear it keeps crashing and taking you back again to lev 1.  I am afraid now to open my #2 game that is at lev 79.  Good luck with your games

We can only hope for BF to resolve the problems for everyone.

So sorry you got bitten by the bug too. I'm not opening my game at this time but I'm afraid that you won't be the only friend I will have lost. I had already lost 1 the morning of the 5th and know of a few more from reading the forum.

Good luck to you!!


From: LvlSlgr


I've been able to play so far without any problems. I'm at Level 108 (still working on content from previous update) but haven't done anything toward leveling up since this all started. Now I'm reading about those who didn't have the problem in the beginning but now it's happened to them. Scary!

I took my wishlist down and I don't plan on playing anymore until this is resolved. I added "being safe" to my game name so hopefully others will know why I don't have a wishlist. If anyone deletes me as a friend I can always get more when this is over.


From: Merry1043


I lost my game Alice10 but I still have my game Merry Level 106 or 107 but I am afraid to play it right now. Afraid to gift.  I did get my Alice 10 game back without lost of the stuff but it crashed again after 10 minutes back to Level 1

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From: Merry1043


I also tried using my backup of game and put in MC folder but it still took me back to level 1


From: AEGram


Merry1043 said:

I also tried using my backup of game and put in MC folder but it still took me back to level 1

Unfortunately, making copies of your items in your Elephant Games\Midnight Castle folder isn't sufficient when the problem is with THEIR servers.

Your back up data doesn't include your game "data" ..... like achievements, coinage, pets, pet food, diamonds, shards, inventory, private room info, event album......all of that information is housed on their servers.......If your game is wiped from their servers somehow, they have no way of "restoring" it because the information is literally gone.

Such a poor excuse for a way to do business!!!! Every responsible company should make periodic backups of client data and material so they can retrieve it from those backup servers in an event such as this. To not do so is unconscionable.

Those who lose their games are getting them "rebuilt" by the EG or BF technicians.....but since they probably don't know much about the workings of the game itself, they don't know the importance of certain aspects/information....they only know how to copy such and such over to the ID and add a quantity. As a result, those "rebuilt" game IDs have a skeleton quantity of everything and a mere pittance compared to what you had that you lost.


From: datsalotta


AEGram -

I have been bitten by the nasty bug. Just sent a plea for help to

Hope that's the right thing to do.

Don't know how long it takes to receive a reply

Waiting, datsalotta (was level 111)

eta - still have all my friends as far as I can tell

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