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My game is gone!!! HELP!!   Technical Issues

Started 10/12/21 by Mara1022; 2037 views.

From: 1isalone


How do you reach out to Elephant games?

I lost my game today but thankfully have a backup of the Midnight Castle file from 4/21/21. I had not played much since April until last week so have not lost too much. This back up process was explained on the old Big Fish forum and has saved my bacon through 5 lost computers.

Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)

From: Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)


Is your game back to Level 1 or are you experiencing a different issue? 

Unfortunately you're not the only player experiencing issues with this last update. Elephant Games is aware of these problems and are working on a fix. They hope to have one by Halloween.  You'll find the discussions here:

updates ( starting with msg 24

New Update on 10/4 (

If I were you I would contact both Elephant Games and Big Fish Games, you'll find how to contact them here (starting with Msg 14):

Welcome!!! Get your FAQs answered HERE! [midnightcastle 312.1] (

Just to let you know that your back up of your game may not work with this particular issue.............