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Safe to play or not   Welcome!

Started 10/17/21 by Tennco (carlyMC); 31682 views.

From: 1isalone


Thank you for responding. I woke up this morning with a response from Elephant Games. I have realized how big that spreadsheet will be wink. I wonder if anyone compiled a list of avatars, items or achievement names we get in the game? I think some game items could be construed from the Quest list but my copy is from the old BF forum.

I know it will take me some time to compile so it will be worth the work. Thanks for the tips as I have not thought of asking for the extra to create pets. I guess I could go ahead and do the intro where we do the wagon HOS so it will open up to get to a level to play the upcoming Halloween Event.

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From: Tannie2018


I was wondering if people are still losing games. So sorry to all who have lost them. I've lost mine X3 and was really hoping no more, but I guess so long as we play before the event, we run the risk of losing our games.


From: LvlSlgr


On Oct. 20 PapaDon71 reported that he had lost his game for the second time the day before. The link below will take you to his post.

So it sounds like if we play we're still taking a chance. According to some other posts in the forum Elephant Games will include the "fix" with the next update which will be for the Fall Event sometime near Halloween.

LvlSlgr, I've been reading all the posts of everyone affected by the last Update (including my own game) and I'm very confused.  

I could be wrong, but I view EG's including a fix with the Fall event is a fix for the non-working avatar frames.  I thought they said they would remove the frames and go back to using avatars.  But they didn't say anything about fixing the 'bad save' issue that's caused  so many of our games to revert back to Level 1.

I don't believe those two issues are related.  I think they are two very distinct problems.  Players losing their games has been happening for years, but the game seems to be getting more and more unstable.  And I'm concerned because the devs just say they can't do anything about that.  So every time we open the game, we risk losing it and all the devs can do is reconstruct our game the best they can.

We don't know if it's a 'save' issue within the game's programming or a server issue with BF.  That just seems unacceptable to me.


From: Honeyphan


I echo Tannie2018's thoughts -

I am so sorry so many of you, so many of my friends, have lost their games! And I hope that all of you get them back or get them restored very soon. It's strange that something like this happened same time last year, (but not to this massive degree), but if I recall correctly many couldn't get the fall update or their games were lost when they tried... (I might have that last part wrong ...)


From: Honeyphan


I could be wrong, whitebutterfly54 - but I think the update also includes the fix for the game progression - there was a problem with the new content, where players would get to a certain area of gameplay, and lose their games (or maybe it was just a crash and they could log back in?)...

I don't know, because I'm not at that level yet, so didn't run into that specific problem. Only the social area one  - and I think the fix will include making that more stable (I hope).

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From: LvlSlgr


I took that from a couple of messages that others have posted here.

Mara1022 lost her game and received the following from EG -

Unfortunately, the problem has not yet been fixed. At the moment we are
actively working on it and will do our best to fix everything in the
next update, which is scheduled to be released closer to Halloween.
It's also really hard to tell whether it will happen again or not. The
guarantee I can definitely give you is, if something happens to your
game, we'll do everything we can to help you again.

There was another one from Robert (amf368) but I can't find that one now because the Search function isn't working correctly and will not show anything posted after Sept. 12. I just happened to have the one from Mara1022 bookmarked.

Oh, thank you so much.  With everything I've read, I think I missed that one.  Well, that makes me feel a little better.  Still, I went into the game a little while ago and it was still not acting right.  I was the only one showing on the HOS scoreboard, the game stopped working and had to use Task Manager to close it down.  Went back in and everything still there, but the game was jerky.  I left and won't go back for now.  Losing my game really unnerved me and I sure hope they find the reason for it happening.

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


I'm just wondering... who is going to take the chance with the new Fall update? I mean, there are some that haven't been affected, no matter the level they are on. Others same, any level. keep losing everything. I am seeing players on level 111 on both ios and PC. I, for one will not be jumping on this asap!