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Midnight Castle doesn't likemy new computer   Technical Issues

Started Oct-19 by BrenHawk; 1789 views.

From: BrenHawk


A few weeks ago I got a new computer. After going through the fun and games of restoring everything from my backup file, I found that I no longer had any of my BFG programs. So I installed Games Manager and fortunately they had all the games I had previously purchased available for re-installation. The first thing I did, of course, was install Midnight Castle. Of course, it started me off with a new game. After getting through some of basics (it was weird being back at Level 1) I quit the game and located the files in RoamingApp and replaced them with my backup copies. Now when I try to start the game, the opening screen just keeps cycling through "Checking Cloud" and two other messages for several minutes, then shuts down.

I tried BFG Tech help, gave them my old and new Friend Codes, and they said they would transfer everything (with the usual warning about things they couldn't restore). MC still won't start up. Tech help suggested restarting my computer, then uninstalling and reinstalling MC. Still doesn't work. It keeps showing the new Game ID I had first gotten, so it's not trying to start up yet another new game. Last suggestion I got from BFG Tech was that my bandwidth might be too low - I'm using AT&T Fiber with 1000mps (the reason I got the new computer) and the desktop is plugged directly into the network. I don't have any trouble running my other MC game on my laptop with wifi, so I don't see what my bandwidth has to do with it.

Any suggestions?


From: Mara1022


Hi BrenHawk,

First, a disclosure, I'm not an IT person. 

I'm assuming you're using Windows.  If not - ignore everything after this period.

What I would suggest to you is try creating a new "user" in windows on your computer, and then give that user access to all files;  then switch to that user.  You should see the BFG Manager and MC should be there waiting for you on the Windows desktop.  But, it won't know you since you are a new user.  Start a MC game to create a new MC ID and then contact EG to restore your game that just crashed (like everyone else).  Give them your original game ID and your "new user" MC game ID.  Have them restore it there, so when you launch the game from there you have a clean restore from your original game.

If that all works then you could just ignore the game you have on your primary user (or  the default user or "administrator"? I think).  You can probably uninstall the MC game but don't uninstall the BF Game Manager because your other "user" is accessing it to play MC.

Let me know if this works.  From my experience as an intense user of computers since 1984 (work and play) all self taught, and my logical mind and insane head for details, this makes sense to me.

The only drawback I can see is that you'll have to remember to switch to the other user whenever you want to play MC.

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From: BrenHawk


Yes, I am using Windows.

I have several users already. "brenh" is the one that apparently is currently used by MC. "Brendan" apparently has files from my old computer, including the MC data from the last time I played there. (There are also "default" and "Public" users, which only have a few files on them.) How do I create a new user and then switch to it?

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From: BrenHawk


Well, BF technical nonhelp has given up on me. Their final suggestion was that I start a new game on another device, and them have them transfer what they can of my old game as Brendan 113683 onto that game. Except that I'm already playing a second game on my laptop as Hawk 724736, which I really don't want to lose by trying to install a second game there.

So I guess I'm going to have to just give up on trying to play MC on my desktop, since every time I try to uninstall it and then install a new game it insists on trying to use my "new" ID of 915103, and then not open up the game.

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


Write to elephant games for help.  Uninstalling the game will not erase your user id. The user id is saved in a separate file from the game. Somewhere on these forum pages is the information on how to erase your game id and the e-mail address for Elephant Games.


From: AllanaX7


Hi Bren

I'm new at this Forum but I think I can help you if you still want to try. I have lots of players that sometimes I have to transfer when I change computer or another hard disk. Let's do it slowly. It's a simple procedure but you can't lose any detail. The text is long because I am trying to explain it very careful.

But first, I suggest not to play your game right now until this fix update be released. I hope you had not been affected and had your game returned to level 1, when you tried to use the backup of your old computer and the game shut down. 

Anyway, let me review your situation:

You have an old ID (113683) and the backup files of the old player Brendan, correct?

You got a new computer and you installed Midnight Castle. When the installation was completed you double-clicked the game icon and it took you direct to Level 1 with a new ID player (ID 915103).

Then you played a little, quit the game and decided to replace those files in AppData/Roaming with the ones of your backup. Unfortunately it didn't work. You were there looking at the opening screen, getting a "Checking cloud" message before the game shuts down. 

Well, for start you have to be sure that those backup files you have are: 

- a folder named content, with a lot of files .pck in it

- a file named logfile.txt 

- a file named save.db

- a file named settings.json

All these files must be inside the folder Midnight Castle and this folder has to be inside another folder named Elephant Games. The backup of your game starts at Elephant Games folder. That's what you have to backup on your pendrive. 

So, this is the path of your game: AppData/Roaming/Elephant Games/Midnight Castle > and the four files I've listed above (3 files and 1 folder). Remember that AppData  is a hidden folder of Windows (C:\User\"userName"\AppData).  OK, now put this aside.

Mara1022 suggested in her post:

- to create a new user in windows on your computer, 

- to give that user access to all files; 

- and then switch to that user.

That is correct and the best thing to do when you want to have multiple players. Somehow, replacing the new files from a new ID to the older one you had backup don't work, because somewhere, deep inside Windows, the files from Midnight Castle in this user are already defined. And how can you do all these things?

1)  go to the Control Panel of your Windows (it's inside Settings) and click on User Account. Then select to "manage another account" and right below the list with all users of your computer you click on "create a new account". OK? Repeating: Control Panel > User Account > manage another account > create a new account.

2) Now you have a blank field to write the name of your user. Let's use Brendan, for example. Then, you have to choose if this user will have total access (administrator) or will be a simple user (default).

I prefer to have just one Administrator at my computer. To play Midnight Castle, you don't need to give full access to all users you have. But the choice is yours and it doesn't affect the game. So, choosing between Administrator or default user don't change anything.

3) Now that you created the account "Brendan", close all windows and logoff. It's not to turn off the computer, but to close the user you are in and switch to the user "Brendan" that you just created. I don't know which Windows you are using but you can find this option clicking the Windows button.

4) Once you logged off the previous user, you have now to login on Brendan and open the desktop. Please do not start the game yet. 

5) Next, you go to Brendan folder to locate the AppData/Roaming folder. ATTENTION: you will not find any Elephant Games folder into the AppData/Roaming. YOU MUST COPY the folder Elephant Games (and automatically all files inside it  will be copy too) and PASTE inside the folder Roaming. Remember the path I wrote before? AppData/ Roaming are folders from Windows. Repeating: double-click the folder AppData> double-click the folder Roaming and then paste the folder Elephant Games into it. If the Elephant Games folder is not placed correctly, the game will not start or you will see a brand new ID instead of the player Brendan. So far so good?

6) Okay, now you have a user Brendan and a folder Elephant Games with all the game files you want. Close all windows. 

The next thing to do is to click the icon that opens the Midnight Castle game. I believe this will put your old game back again. The BigFish screen will show up and I think you will see at the bottom-left side of Midnight Castle's opening screen your ID 113683. My fingers are crossed. 


From: BrenHawk


Okay, I'm going to try this and see if it works. Before I do so, I have one question: Once I've done this, am I going to have to change users every time I want to play Midnight Castle? I have re-installed a bunch of my old BF games and started playing one which has set up a roaming app under Elephant Games using my current user. What would happen when I try to start a new game; will it open the game files under whatever user I am currently on?


From: LvlSlgr


This is just my opinion ... There's no need to create a new user for Brendan.

With the new PC you have already installed the MC game but it has a different/new game ID. Just make a copy of the entire Elephant Games folder on the old PC. Then return to the new PC and rename the existing Elephant Games folder to something else ... maybe add today's date at the end. After doing that then load the copied Elephant Games folder (from the old PC) into the new PC in the Roaming folder. Close all of the folders and shut down the new PC. When you bring it back up and open Midnight Castle it should be your old game with the old game ID. 

These are the instructions Dhyani gave us in this forum about 2 years ago. Last December when I got a new laptop I followed her instructions and it worked for me without any problems.

BTW ... you are one of my oldest friends in the game and I would hate to lose you.

Good luck!


From: BrenHawk


Are you talking about the "backup file set" -  content, logfile, save, and settings - or the whole Elephant Games folder in the Programs folder? I already had the backup set saved and had copied that into the Roaming apps folder, but it didn't seem to help. Fortunately, my old PC still works, so if I need anything from it I can power it up and copy anything in it without any problem.

And thanks for your kind thoughts. I've been intermittently playing my laptop game (Hawk 724736), which is fortunately handling the October 4 update without any problems, but I'd really like to be able to play my desktop game too.


From: LvlSlgr


Yes, I copied the entire Elephant Games folder.

Actually, there are two methods recorded in this forum for moving your game to a new PC. One is by AEGram and one is by Dhyani. Click on the link below to find where Jenifer has a page with links to those two versions.

I used Dhyani's version because it was easier with just the one folder being copied. AEGram's version has you go into the Midnight Castle folder and copy specific files/folders.

Hawk is also one of my friends in the game. Good luck!