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Midnight Castle doesn't likemy new computer   Technical Issues

Started 10/19/21 by BrenHawk; 1862 views.

From: BrenHawk


When I started up the game to test it I got a small update (about 15 items, if I recall). I had read about all the problems people were having, so all I did was check to be sure I hadn't lost anything, and that I seemed to have gotten the ability to advance beyond the pre-10/04 stopping point (but didn't try to do anything).

On my laptop game I haven't had any problems with the 10/04 update. I've been playing on the laptop every two or three days, and advanced to the lext level without any problems. I guess I've just been lucky.


From: AllanaX7


That's awesome, Bren!! I'm very happy for you. 

OMG, that's great!

Now that you've already updated your game save this current Elephant Games folder - because the one from your old PC got out of date. Be careful not to switch the game backup from PC with the other in your laptop (724736). I use to create a folder with the number ID and under it the EG folder.

And then wait for next update of the game. Today I read another post of someone restarting at Level 1. It is scary. In this case, the Elephant Games folder backup won't help you. There will be no alternative way to recover the game unless you ask Elephant Games or Big Fish to restore your player.

Have fun when the Fall Event starts!


From: BrenHawk


That reminds me that I need to set up a proper backup on my laptop. There's no chance of getting the two confused, because the PC backup is on an external hard drive along with the rest of my backups, while my laptop back up is on an SD card plugged into the laptop.


From: LvlSlgr


Good idea!


From: AllanaX7



Keep them updated for each event or before you download the game update. thumbsup