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Game Restored   Technical Issues

Started 10/23/21 by Merry1043; 1391 views.

From: 1isalone


Well, it is taking longer than 2 days for me but since the update is not available it doesn't really matter. I emailed my list 10/23 and was supposed to have it restored by 10/29 but nothing so far. I would be leery playing until update/fix is complete anyway.


From: 1isalone


Did you check your spam folder? I have problems with some of my emails always going to spam even when I designate the sender as not spam. I am sure they are very busy but I do not know of another email. You could send it a second time and double-check the spelling in the address. 


From: Merry1043


If they are working on it they will propbably have it done very soon. At least you have herd from them. When they fixed mine they said they would either fix it this week or the next week as the weekend was coming up. We should not play yet anyway so do not panic