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datsalotta Excel spreadsheet to inventory your items   Technical Issues

Started Oct-25 by chilpep; 5060 views.

From: oiuoiu321


WOW datsalotta, so much work went into that.  Thanks so much for sharing! 

I haven't lost my game, but am afraid to play mine.  I hope to use your spreadsheet for peace of mind in case I lose it.


From: alliebdive


thank u so miuch datsalotta.  A lot of work!  Do you know if the Elephant devs are happy to take round numbers as per the spreadsheet for inventory.  I have 40 pages of it and i've gone through the event items, the eggs, the created items putting them in to the letter, but the general inventory is a bit daunting to say the least.  :) Not being greedy just a bit lazy and i wondered if it was easier for them to jut have lots to set to rather default numbers?????  



From: LadyDiFL


It amazes me how much work can be put into this game!  Your spreadsheet is unbelievable!  It must have taken several days.  I appreciate you and all your diligence with this work.  WOW!!


From: lilredhood51


the spread sheet is a good idea. I don't have excel on my computer. the link is trying to open in my browser. is there a generic form that you could save it in so that those of us who do not use excel could use this? I use libre office to open exel files. but it is not recognizing this one.


From: chilpep


Can you try this one?  I saved it as an open document spreadsheet.  Not familiar with libre and could not find the correct extension (which looked like it should be xlc)  Not sure if this will work.

NOTE:  I have added carrots and ghost traps to this spreadsheet

  • Edited November 2, 2021 1:18 pm  by  chilpep

From: datsalotta



Nice to know I have helped.

yes it took a few days to complete, so the more players downloading the link / receiving it by email,  the happier it makes me that my efforts are not wasted.

thanks to chilpep volunteering to make this possible



From: datsalotta


Lil red - Microsoft offers 1st month Office365 at no charge. Could u  give this a try?

once you get the file complete, it is probably best to revise it to correctly depict your game. This list   I made is for Level 111.

I also have it in my browser, handy place for sharing



From: datsalotta


Alliebdive -

Can’t say for sure what EG expects /wants

Last time I submitted an excel spreadsheet was 2017. A daunting task, especially items, as you know. Truly I submitted best guesstimates. That was sent to BFG. They restored items the same as I submitted.

I have not had my game restored as yet from the 2021 Level 111 list sent to EG, still waiting. I figure “no news is good news” . Once restored, I can better answer your questions.

And yes, I rounded up the quantity on all items in my list.

The excel list link is available to everyone in this forum. Chilpep and myself are here pretty much daily to assist if need be. So try the link and copy inventory items from there into your spreadsheet. I already spent the time required, no sense you and others should not benefit.

please let us know if the link downloads complete

datsalotta ((*!*))



From: datsalotta


Oiuoiu -

Thanks for chiming in. I take it you downloaded the list complete?

Here’s hoping you do no need to use it.

see you round the castle


  • Edited October 28, 2021 10:01 pm  by  datsalotta

From: alliebdive


Thanks.  I am one of the lucky ones who's game has so far stayed ok.  However I have stopped most play out of fear it could happen and so the spreadsheet is a great safety net.  My computer is now over four years old too so its a good insurance for that.  I hope everything is restored soon.I lost my game a few years ago and finally EG restored a near copy for me.  It was a hideous time and I dont want that again and my great sympathies to those who are going thru it. x