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Halloween Event and Golden Keys   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Oct-26 by Lisadengel; 1241 views.
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From: Lisadengel


Thank you SO much!  That info was incredibly helpful!!!!!



From: Honeyphan


I just want to add - there is a way of getting all the ghosts in one season (I did it, with all 3 of the events) - it involves paying attention to which rooms certain ghosts appear in and watching what route they take - as they almost always appear on a certain track - meaning what room they show up in next. Once you figure out the path, you can be selective on what ghosts to capture, knowing if the one you want is in the room or not. :)

So definitely collect as many ghost traps as you can get, if that is of interest to you (to catch all the ghosties) - and put them on your wish list for friends to give. :)

ETA: Also want to say - be sure and build up to then keep at least 20 of the ghost traps (or any item) - the game drops more frequently when you have at least 20. :)

Also, it might be too late in the season to accumulate enough ghost traps to get all the ghosts - I had about a hundred when I started - had put the item on my wish list months before the fall event started, at the great advice of friends here.

With that said - go ahead and put holiday wand on your wish list and start building them up - you will need them to catch the spirits for your album in the Christmas event, which starts only a couple of weeks after the fall one ends. :)

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