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Game Mail from Mailman   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 10/28/21 by TinyFaerie; 4479 views.

From: Energyworker


I'm sure they are there, I just went into my game after not playing for at least 3 weeks and mailman was there. Had to scroll down to the claim button as his message - apologizing for the frames not working, and say they are looking into it - is longer than the screen.


From: Honeyphan


Thanks so much Energyworker! By scroll down - you don't mean the actual gift area, do you? Is there a way to scroll through the gifts you receive that I don't know about??


From: Energyworker


I just meant to scroll down the letter the mailman brings you as his lengthy message is in the top part of the letter and the Claim Button is lower down on it.


From: Honeyphan


lol - oh, okay - thanks! :)

I used to wish (and still do) that they would add a scroll button for those of us who don't keep friends' lists on paper/in notebooks anymore - and especially for CCs - when we need one of a certain item to win that day's challenge. Now I just wish they would fix the friends' area and the game itself! lol

  • Edited November 14, 2021 4:31 pm  by  Honeyphan

From: PapaDon71


mailman delivered but wouldn't let me collect them. I guess it's just another glitch


From: Werecatqueen


I already have a boatload of diamonds tho XD I'd prefer one of the avatars from the Castle challenges that I missed

You should get that option with the next working CC. 

(Before the 'frames' mistake, the final avatar of the challenge was either brand new or player's choice of an older one.)

Many of us have played for years and already earned all the avatars, so diamonds are nice.