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anyone else feel LIED To   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Dec-5 by dairrr; 2545 views.

From: dairrr


i feel lied to ...BF bigfish could do nothing to stop the spammer that cost them & us open forums...folks at elephant games & the castle had and remain having the same problem with the tournament CHEAT.. everyones been complaining about the sudden appearance of  a so called  out of no where invites themself  onto our friends list. friend..some of you even talk even talk of transferring your own games doing other things with the  game codes on your own computers.

makes no sense that  they LET the castle be out of commission for TWO months and counting won't matter to me if the fix update and winter event starts monday the 6th 2021 i will remain feeling LIED TO and i hate that i do..


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From: lilredhood51


Computers are so easy to hack. That is one of the biggest  problems that the industry faces. there are people who do this because they think that it is funny to make other people miserable because they can. Big Fish had over two hundred games on their forum. it wasn't just mc  that got bashed with spam, it was all two hundred of the game forums. five and six pages of spam all at the same time. think about the  time that it took to erase all of that. there were at the most  six people  to do all that work.

when it started to happen almost every day that was all they  spent their time doing was erasing spam. they had open forums so any one could sign up. they did not have the ability to close the forums since so many people were already members. closing them down was the choice they made. 

as far as when updates come out on games there are errors in the games. game programmers are not perfect. they make sure that the updates run smoothly before they are tested but things can go wrong  when they are down loaded. all it takes is for one byte of information to be out of sync and it will cause a problem. Some people will have the data error and others won't.

If you want to think that either big Fish or elephant are not telling you everything that is up to you. They may not have told the customers the whole story. We only saw part of what was going on and on this forum here we still only see part of the problems with the game updates. we don't know all of what goes on behind the  scenes. it doesn't mean that we are being lied to.  

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From: Hirento


No, I don't feel lied to.

I wish we had more communication from both BFG and from Elephant Games, but I do not believe that either of the companies are telling us something they know to be false regarding this current problem.


From: dairrr


i was a member of bigfish at the time of the open forums spamming.. it began with midnight castle ... then because BF had the nerve an audacity to clear the castle forums of the spam the spammer hit the forum harder,add we began complaining over the spamming, bewteen the two the spammer got the notion of destroying big fishes open forums . and SUCCEEDED..

these facts are never spoken about by most of you, that spammer succeeded at costing elephant games and the castle developer the tournaments and us that feature, and now is trying and has SUCCEEDED for the last two months at costing them and us the game itself..

that spammer is able to get onto all of our games at whim..

let not forget about what you hadn't mention in your post...while the spammer was making their way onto our Games who post here and from else where through the friend list portal an awful lot of folks were speaking toying with the games coding manipulating what they could, transferring games from one computer to another themselves.isn't that hacking MC just not viscously with malice in heart towards the game.

by the way were any of you at it able to give yourself rewards you hadn't actually earned..coins...perhaps shards..those things be just stealing from the game virtually right.. sure do hope none of you found a way to steal diamonds that be some form of legitament theft... 

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From: LvlSlgr


dairrr said:

transferring games from one computer to another themselves.isn't that hacking MC

In no way is that considered to be hacking. It's being proactive and not having to depend on BF to transfer a game where you then have a new ID number and lose all of your friends.


From: dairrr


does anyone think that the spammer thinks it's being malicious when  busy at spamming, NO,odds are they'd say something akin to .. it's fun exciting...OR  that spamming is how they earn a pay check a hefty sum of money at that...

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From: lilredhood51


After the forums were closed down I went back and looked at some of the game forums that I had been playing.  there were probably about six of the games that I had been playing that I could find forums for. all of them still had at least ten or more pages of spam as first pages. these were dated from the last few days that the forums were opened.  there were 25 posts on each page that meant that there were 150 spam messages.  on just six forums this was 900 messages in about an hour period. 

like I said in my original post there were close to 200 forums for games. that means there were 30000 spam messages sent in an hour.  On an open system were all you have to do is enter any email and password without being approved it wouldn't matter how many times you cleared out spam from someone. they could have an automated system that made up bogus emails with passwords to hack the system because they were mad at Big Fish for some reason.


From: Honeyphan


I agree, Hirento - I don't feel lied to. I DO feel that they released information that at the time was relevant, but perhaps ran into even more glitches and it didn't work out as planned. That happens all the time with me when viewers/readers ask when my next vid/chapter is coming out and I give a date, certain it will happen then. But instead life happens or problems crop up, and it doesn't. lol I guess that's why I can relate and understand, though of course my personal experience is on a much smaller level - but been there, done that.

I feel Elephant and Big Fish, like any and all businesses, will tell the public only what is necessary, like a press release. We don't need to know everything that is going on in their company - MC is a free to play game after all, which they generously gave us, and really they don't owe us anything (though those who have put money into the game, I hope for you it all works out and you either get a refund or everything you had coming!)

I still hope and anticipate the winter Event will arrive - they've started late with events before, so maybe it will happen as planned. I do know this - I'm sure they are doing their best to correct all problems, because loss of game time like this means loss of revenue (even trust from some) - and that cuts deep into their lives...

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


My dear I agree totally with you. I think that they owe us nothing in as much as it is a free game! Whoever spent some money for gems did so to feed their”addiction”. When you go to the movies you don’t ask for your money back because you did’nt like the ending!

we all have gotten great gametimes and enjoyment and will just have to wait and trust that we shall have that for Christmas! Or else the new year, instead of watching the New Years fireworks from Fiji on TV. LOL

Yes, we've been waiting a looooooooooong time for a fix and it's been stated that it would come with the Christmas Event. Well last year the event started on Dec 14th.