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anyone else feel LIED To   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Dec-5 by dairrr; 2541 views.

From: Honeyphan


I agree, Hirento - I don't feel lied to. I DO feel that they released information that at the time was relevant, but perhaps ran into even more glitches and it didn't work out as planned. That happens all the time with me when viewers/readers ask when my next vid/chapter is coming out and I give a date, certain it will happen then. But instead life happens or problems crop up, and it doesn't. lol I guess that's why I can relate and understand, though of course my personal experience is on a much smaller level - but been there, done that.

I feel Elephant and Big Fish, like any and all businesses, will tell the public only what is necessary, like a press release. We don't need to know everything that is going on in their company - MC is a free to play game after all, which they generously gave us, and really they don't owe us anything (though those who have put money into the game, I hope for you it all works out and you either get a refund or everything you had coming!)

I still hope and anticipate the winter Event will arrive - they've started late with events before, so maybe it will happen as planned. I do know this - I'm sure they are doing their best to correct all problems, because loss of game time like this means loss of revenue (even trust from some) - and that cuts deep into their lives...

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


My dear I agree totally with you. I think that they owe us nothing in as much as it is a free game! Whoever spent some money for gems did so to feed their”addiction”. When you go to the movies you don’t ask for your money back because you did’nt like the ending!

we all have gotten great gametimes and enjoyment and will just have to wait and trust that we shall have that for Christmas! Or else the new year, instead of watching the New Years fireworks from Fiji on TV. LOL

Yes, we've been waiting a looooooooooong time for a fix and it's been stated that it would come with the Christmas Event. Well last year the event started on Dec 14th.

My sentiments exactly. It's a free game, so I don't feel I can demand too much. I've purchased gems & coins before, mostly because I don't want to get too bored, but also to support Big Fish and let them know that MC is valued; if they're making money off a game, they'll put more effort into keeping their players happy. 

So I'm curious...  what kind of videos/chapters do you make?

 - OQ


From: Honeyphan


Hey OQ! :)

One of my hobbies is to make Youtube videos - with favorite songs/music and favorite fandoms - here is my channel if you want to take a peek:

For the stories...well, at this time I'm only writing for fun. :)

I post stories at under Angel of Mystery -145. - They are Phantom of the Opera E/C (Erik/Christine) tales, though I am known for blending classics (PotO w/ Wuthering Heights, PotO w/ Beauty and the Beast, PotO w/ A Christmas Carol, etc) - to make my own little spin. lol Here's my page there, if interested:

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Very cool!

Now I have to see Phantom of the Opera!


From: Honeyphan


Andrew Lloyd Webber's version is the best. :) Both the movie with Gerard Butler and Emmy Rossum, and the stage show with Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess (they are my faves of the stage show and the only way you can see the whole thing online since they made a DVD of the 25th anniversary production and it can be seen at various places...

The movie has become a huge favorite of mine - (partly because of the hidden plot a bunch of us believe they put in there with symbolism they used, etc, that tells a much deeper and darker story, but with a great resolution! lol)

In case you ever wondered - that is the avatar I have - of Erik (Phantom) and Christine from the movie. :)

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From: Playbelle


While I can't say that I feel lied to, I do think Big Fish could be doing a much better job at communicating with us.  In light of how major that last update glitch was (and the fact that we lost a whole seasonal event, plus didn't receive earned rewards for completing the last Castle Challenge and then so many people lost their games), I think some kind of weekly progress announcement shouldn't be too much to hope for.  The systems are in place for them to easily communicate (Mailman, their Facebook page, this forum), it would sure be nice if they would make use of those systems.

I really miss the open forums too!  I'm grateful the those who started the Delphi MC forum and to Delphi for allowing no-cost access, but I did like the Big Fish forum so much better.  Yeah, that was awful toward the end with pages of spam as "topics" every day.  What I really didn't like was that they chose Facebook as their replacement for official communication.  They could still use a Big Fish website/webpage for official announcements about their games and I really wish they'd do that, even if they don't allow replies to the announcements.

So, cheating is why the tournaments stopped?  I wondered about that.  I wish they'd re-imagine a way to make those work then.

Honestly though, I'm disgusted with the cheaters, hackers, and spammers, not Big Fish.

I hope you won't give up on MC, dairrr.  You obviously do love the game.