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FRIENDS OF LISA - 910622 - Gifting and did 2 friends change user names?   Friends

Started 6/3/22 by Lisadengel; 1496 views.

From: LvlSlgr


CARRIE, most of the event items are earned by playing the HOSs for that event. Or if your friends have extras they might be able to gift them to you if you put them on your wishlist.

What items are you trying to find?


From: CLW (CARRIE699)


Under ACHIEVEMENTS there is a cataory for Market Master with points for buying items.  I am curious as to how one buys things for that achievement.

Thanks in advance

From AEGram's MC Game Guide:

Market Master -- Purchasing items to enter ZZ, and items from HOSs count toward this achievement. (Bringing back the Airship, opening the Dice Table early, winnings from the Fortune Wheel, entering HOS before cooldown, and items purchased for friends wish lists with coins do not count toward this achievement.) However, items purchased on friends' wish list with diamonds WILL count toward the achievement.