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Living the Good Life in Delphi: Ghosts, Pets and Magic Reside Within   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 6/19/18 by mdpetdoc; 278205 views.
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From: mdpetdoc


While Becki was cleaning up after the morning coffee rush, she read Jenny Wren's history. She smiled to herself as she thought we ghosts can help with this. She summoned Annaleise and a ghost player. The three of them called for Jenny Wren's ghost to join them. In seconds Jenny's ghost was happily flitting around the Tea Room. She and Annaleise headed off for mischief or maybe to update Jenny's wardrobe. No one but the ghosts knew Jenny's ghost was present in Delphi. 

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As I slept I had one last dream; I saw Grim being spirited from the hospital by a dragon and being met by the Cap and PTG. I saw them take her through the tunnel to the other realm and that tea room saying something about a secret hideaway and that was where my dream ended and I woke calling her name. Knowing something wasn't right, I got up quickly and missed the note left by Tinkerbell. As I was looking for the amulet that I had forgotten that I was wearing, Cash and Wickerbat came running in.
"Grim is gone!" they said together. "She has been kidnapped by the Captain, PTG and Frost."
That sealed it for me, my dream had been prophetic. My hand landed on my amulet and I automatically turned it on. "Doc Poppet, if you can hear this, we have a problem. Grim is gone, taken by the Captain, PTG and Frost. I will meet you at the tea room in a few minutes."
With that, I made sure that I was presentable, picked up all 3 animals and teleported to the tea room.
We materialized in the middle of the tea room and startled the others. Spotting Doc Poppet, we joined her at her table. “Sorry to bother you, but did you get my message? Grim is gone, I dreamed it and Cash and Wickerbat witnessed it.” We each told our view of the story.

From: mdpetdoc


I listen to Ame, Cash and Wickerbat carefully. I explain to Ame that her dream is partially correct. Frost did not remove Grim. He removed the mechanized replica that I had been testing to determine the source of the whirring sound. 

Just before I left the copies of the history in the Tea Room, I had left ***Tori*** and Grim in the sealed secret library. ***Tori*** wanted to visit some of her ghost friends and get some new books from Anna. As you know, only the ghosts, Anna, Pixiu, Charlie, Breeze, you and I can access the Sealed Secret Library. I have told the Pixiu not to allow entrance to ANYONE else including Sebastien. I have told ***Tori*** she will need to remain in the Secret Library until Grim awakens and decides where she would like to reside.

I remind Ame that Breeze placed a forgetfulness spell on the Sealed areas of the Castle so only those of us listed above to whom she gave charmed bracelets even remember it exists.

I then told a disheartened Cash and Wickerbat they would not be able to visit for fear of disclosing Grim's whereabouts. 

Ame and I then discussed the history of Jenny Wren's demise. After much discussion, we decided that Murk's trick isn't really his trick but a secret he has concealed very well. Since Jenny's heart was crushed, we suspect that if she goes into human form it will not take much for her heart to stop. This could include physical trauma or stress but could be heartbreak as well. Oh my. We suspect the same thing would not be true if she went into an animal form or maybe even an animal form that became human. I'm afraid we're going to find out if this hypothesis is true since PTG took her straight from soul to human form.

We are unaware that the ghosts had called forth Jenny's ghost earlier. 

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From: mdpetdoc


I have asked Charlie to talk to Klothilde about getting all the hoofed animals feet trimmed. Many are overdue. I suspect some will not be cooperative. 

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Was glad to hear the truth about Grim and reminded Wickerbat and Cash that they could live with me. Come to think about it, those 2 have practically become my pets, though I prefer furry children.

Jenny Wren was another issue but after reading the material and talking about it, we came to the only logical conclusion that we could.

As I hadn’t eaten yet, once I could relax and Doc had to get back to caring for the sick and injured, I got my coffee and breakfast.

After breakfast, I popped over to the library, there were some herbs that I wanted to look up and needed to find the right book before heading out to forage for some wild plant foods.

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


Greetings to 

Antio Gia Tora,

Tinker Belle and Luna from the paradisical isle of Capri, where I had to stop to pick up my darling parrot Sijui, whom I left to winter there, while I go skiing on the pole to help feeding the reindeers.

I expect to get a steamer to take me to Delphi in the next weeks to see if I can help with the Wren's miserable non-state. I never thought tht she would be heartless!

See you all very soon, ta ta

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


Well, Klothilde has a couple of centuries experience with unruly children and animals.

Before she came to my grandmother's household she had an affair with a lion tamer from a worldfamous circus. I certainly always stay out of the way of her whip. She learned to use it while she was living in the Argentines with a renowned gaucho.

So please doc do not worry about that.  However it would be nice to find a piano tuner, my instrument is always out of intervals after a change of hemisphere.

Ta ta

kat (vabreeze)

From: kat (vabreeze)


Sebastien dismounted from Pixiu in front of the cavern.   He unloaded the scrolls he had borrowed from the Muses on Mount Parnassus. He was continuing the work breeze had started by transcribing the documents into the laptop and then translating the documents in to English. He found that keeping his mind busy helped him get through the nights.  Although Pixiu was wise and a very good conversationalist and the animals were his constant companions, he felt alone.  He began to enter the cavern, only to be stopped by Pixiu’s mate.

“I am sorry Master Sebastien, but you cannot enter.”

Sebastien was surprised.  He looked at the Pixiu, who now had an ashamed expression.  He then turned to the other Pixiu, who now also had the same expression.

He was not angry at the Pixiu.  Obviously, someone had asked them to keep him out.  Of course, he could dematerialize and enter and the Pixiu would be unable to stop him.  But the Pixiu was ancient and wise creatures.  They were not pets, they were protectors and equal to himself.   The only reason they called him Master was out of respect and because he was their leader, not their owner.   The respect was mutual on Sebastien’s part.

He bowed towards them.    “Tian Lu.  Bi Xie,” he said, using their formal names.  “I am not angry with you.  If you do not want me to enter, so be it.”

“But I need access to my possessions and the laptop from my room. Also, I need access to the library. So I think it is about time I have a conversation with a certain group of ladies.  So if you do not mind, please take me to the Tea Room. 

Dear Ms Di - Anti,

If you would like to have alternate transportation to the extremely beautiful land of Delphi, Luna and I would be at a moments call.  

At any event, looking forward to meeting you and all.

Antio Gia Tora

Tinker Belle and Luna :)

Di (amina046)

From: Di (amina046)


That is very generous of you but with summerly thunderstorms and all I do not trust flying carpets, especially as we had a lots of moths recently. Axelrod will drive my car to Greece, but the roads through the Balcans are terrrrrible, and he always either breaks an axle or a rod.

Looking backward and forward to see you all soon