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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 305057 views.
PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Safe back in the Tea Room I ask someone to get me some oil so I can ease myself out of this too small suit of armour.

I am still a bit offended at Cap’n Bob’s words that tea and cake has made me too fat to fit into it.

I am just rather large and always have been!

With them all sitting there with bated breath waiting on my every word, the Cap’n growls

“Now explain yourself!”

I have such a lot to say that I am silent for a moment gathering my thoughts together.

To be rudely interrupted by Roo Roo who exclaims “Oh! Get on with it. We don’t have all day!”

They all turn back to greet Charlie who has just returned smelling like a mature farmyard!


Enough is enough! I have  a successful Cunning Plan (I hope) and I just get mocked or ignored for my efforts.

Time to show them and so I casually point to the window, without saying anything.

They look out and with gasps of horror see an unfolding tide of armoured Bone Kingdom guards advancing over the moat and up towards the Castle.

The Cap’n immediately goes into “attack mode” and calls on Frosty and more dragons from between to help defeat this new foe.

NNOOOOO!!! You must not bring them here!”

“They will be in mortal danger from an ancient foe which the evil Sorcerer has called upon to defeat them!”

The Cap’n’s shoulders slump as he digests all that I am telling them  through my amulet.


We watch as a dark cloud appears over this sea of enemy soldiers.

From its centre a gigantic skull wraith appears which spews forth lightning around the troops.

And then comes a thunder like rumble which shakes the Castle to its foundations.


On looking up, the soldiers below it fall to the ground and prostrate themselves.

Their King has appeared in person!

We see the Sorcerer above on the battlements and is screaming at them

“Get up and fight. I have given you gold and riches beyond count to do this job!”

Once more: “DEATH OR OBEY!”

And this time in the vanguard of the army a shower of fire arrows is cast down in front of them which then turns white hot and boils the men inside their metal armour!

As if it was a single entity the entire field of battle is almost emptied as the Bone Kingdom army flees back into their Realm.

This leaves the remnants of our unworthy CEO’s guards behind and various unworldly looking creatures that Murk has sent to ‘assist’

I turn back to the Cap’n and grin, still well-oiled and just in my ‘smalls’

“Now it is safe for you and YOUR army!

I sip a well-deserved cup of hong cha and bite into a delicious ‘religieuse’!


From: MrsFletcher


Above a blanket of twinkling stars the Moon seems to be smiling down on the merry goings on in the Tea Rooms Family and dear Friends.  Within it's Special Dining Parlor we can find our Tea Room Ladies laughingly asking..."Did you leave room for desert?"....Knowing full well that no one would say no to one of Mrs Fletcher's special Apple Pan Dowdies!....blush....In the corner our very own Salty is tuning up his fiddle...(Yes indeed, who knew our own Salty had such a talent right?)...relaxed...Preparing for an hour or so of fine dancing and merry making.  Over in the corner one can find our very own PTG with such a worried look appearing on his face....Sigh!...Sigh!!,....Sigh!!!!...pensive..."Enough is Enough PTG!"...Captain Randy quietly shouts into His Second in Commands ear....persevere...."Quiet with your sighing and just spit it out OK?!"   No dear Special Room Folk, we won't be listening in on their private conversation between those two...Instead we will spy a wee bit on Pup to see what she's up to snicking outside into the Tea Rooms Private Gardens.....There we find Her with her one arm spread as far as it can go around Snows neck while fondly patting a long suffering Frost on His nose.  Poor Frost.   Inside Charlie all cleaned up and looking quite Spiffy too is asking Opal if She can obtain any left overs for Her Critters know that our Tea Room Ladies always saved special food items always just for them....smile_cathear_no_evil 


From: Randytb


I am about to give the order to the Dragons to attack when I hear PTG scream through the Amulet NO WAIT  ....AN ANCIENT FOE???


The one and only thing that can defeat /kill a Pern Dragon is +++++++ OMG NO IT CAN NOT BE ,, BUT HOW,,,, THAT CAN NOT BE USED OUTSIDE OF PERN????????


They wanted all the power yet were always fighting over who was to lead them ,, alone there were nothing special , but as a unit the could cause trouble.

Many potions ,,, spells,, incarnations were tried and failed with disasterly results to them of course.

Then one day a junior sorcerer was out in a large field waving his tiny wand and demanding rain , clouds, hail he was chanting a very old ancient spell that he knew nothing of but had read it some where on an ancient scroll he found buried in a tree that looked like the devil himself.

So like an idiot he started to read it not even saying it right but that did not stop him .

All of a sudden the sky went pitch black .... the cool summer breeze stopped,,, every animals went silent ,,,, the thunder roared like  a roar of a thousand freight trains loud enough to break your ear drums then the black clouds filled the sky and what you think was rain poured out of the clouds it looked like molten Laval and killed everything it hit.

That is when The Dragons and there riders appeared and the threat was beaten back .

This came to be know as the THREAD and The Dragons and Riders of Pern where the one and only thing that can battle and make it retreat and bring the Land back to safety but the Dragons and there riders under The Rule of The Golden Queen and her mate patrol there sky's at all times.

The Thread is the only thing that can kill a Dragon because they are magical and protected by the Gods and have been since the beginning of time.

This I know from The Golden Queen and her teachings and from reading the ancient parchments that are under her care.

She and only she and her mate know where they are.

My mind is aflame with questions about this new threat to us that seems to be increasing and now to hear and see The Bone King himself be sent back to The Bone Kingdom with his tail between his tail like a whipped puppy and by MURK???

I must talk more with PTG what did he find out ,, I need to drain his brain then I have to get back to The Main Camp with The Dragons Frost Snow Brulle and Jewel and Pup.

I am sure she is aware of this latest threat and waiting for us to return.

I call Frost == * RIDER*** do a fly over my brave one with the others and make sure all have been destroyed go as Far as the out side of The Bone Kingdom then report back ... I will be with PTG in The Tea Room and will wait till you are on your way back and will meet you in the open field ,,,, Pup you stay with us ( she pouts but stays with me ).

I am shacking with anger as Pup and I sit with PTG who is enjoying his snack.


From: MrsFletcher


Truly I am not pouting Captain...Just wondering what it would be like to confront a real true Magician or Wicked Wizard cause I've never had to before that's all.  Not that am scared...I am not....just a wee bit concerned that's all...worried...Hummmm...As a Pern  Dragon, Frost has so many amazing weapons built in..Do you think that Snow has the same exact weapons as Frost  or because She's a Female Pern Dragon will Her's be of a different type entirely......And what about The Dragon Sword Captain Randy....Thanks to you and your not holding back your numerous sword butt smacks and noggin thumps...we can hold off quite a few Human well will the sword do competing with those with magical powers?....neutral_face.....With awe and amazement on Pups face....(and an amused look on Captain Randy's...wink...)  The Sword proceeded to unsnap Itself from it's Scabbard behind Pup's back....placed itself firmly between Her hands....than to Pups astonishment...astonished..It began to move in a circular motion just as if it were a baton...It's moves grew faster and faster until it became as a Shield that would protect whoever was behind it from anything harmful be it human or magical....Chuckle..Chuckle...Did you know it could do that Captain Randy?   Let's just say that I've seen it protect your Grandpa Joe a few times while in Battle...So Yes Pup I knew it would protect you likewise....Do you think Captain if we stare,  frown and growl a little too that PTG will hurry up with His snack........!!!!  angryrage


From: Randytb


My dear worry wart ... one of the many things we love about you.

You think of others before yourself,, you truly are a dear heart and we are so lucky and blessed to have you with us and I am so blessed that through you I have a your Darling Joe and my comrade and friend with me.

Yes Snow has all the same powers and a few different ones then Frost but until she has been presented to The Golden Queen and presents her Rider *Pup* she has a limited few powers she can use.

My sword was given to me by The Golden Queen and Her Mate The Wise One and Joe his staff and sword in Pern many years ago and has many many powers ,,, I know not of them all but find out when they are needed ,,, it is a learning experience  for me every time I have to use it as My Queen said ,, you will learn as yo go brave fighter and rider to Frost just keep your faith deep in your heart and you will meet and defeat the evil as it presents it's self, but never ever take it for granted always be humble and true to your faith and the way will be clear to you.

I watch as the Sword on Pup's back does it thing (one of many it is capable to do) and watch the looks on Mrs. Fletcher and Pup awe struck faces.)

LOL nothing but nothing will make PTG drink or eat faster just because we need to talk to him it is more like he will draw it out and savor every bite and every drop untill he is ready.

He can be so damn infuriating but that is My Doorknob lol

Opel refills our cups with tea and milk for Pup,,, Pup looks or should I say frowns at me ,,, milk??? what am I a baby??? I am old enough to drink tea or coffee ya know ...... Mrs Fletcher .... hush child remember who you are talking to .... now say you are sorry and drink your milk sassy young one.

Pup hangs her head and say sorry but very very low and drinks her milk

I smile and do not say a word and we wait for PTG

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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


 As I sit contentedly sipping my hong cha and savouring EVERY mouthful of my religieuse, the others gather around me waiting for me to finish and tell all that I know.

But I am just a simple civilian who is a product of the Castle and have little knowledge of these other Realms that the Cap’n knows so well.

Now I can give chapter and verse on how to sweep and clean and to also arrange the shelves in the HOS Repository, but I don’t think that is what they want to hear at the moment.

Roo Roo finally speaks:

“Oh for goodness sake, finish your cake and tell all!”

I am shocked. To eat a religieuse is a ‘heavenly’ experience!

Image result for religieuse

And someone in that kitchen of ours knows the blissful secret of making them!

That woman is too used to plain cooking and a mere slice of bread and butter would satisfy her!

I lick up the last crumbs and sip down the last of my nectar.

I dab my lips and fold my napkin neatly as I have always been taught.

I must say that the whisking way of my cup and plate is done most swiftly and efficiently.

I suspect that asking for ‘seconds’ will not be successful!

I turn to Cap’n Bob

“I had thought that I have told you all that I know through the amulet”

The Cap’n explodes:

“You! You  incompetent nincompoop! Those were jut the bare facts and a warning.

“Which by the way was essential to our survival and the dragons are extremely grateful for it!”

“But I want details! I want ALLL LLLL LLLLL  the information!”

”Dear Cap’n, you had better sit down before you expire from the stress!

“This then is just how I remember it when I saw the Bone king.

“And don’t you think that it was a Cunning Plan, even though I say so myself?”

(Modest as usual!)

“Anyway, when I told the Bone King what his Sorcerer was getting up to by colluding with our unworthy CEO, he ferreted out of me the snippet of information that I found out that his evil one had the ability to overcome our defences INCLUDING our terrible dragons.

“I also told him of the grand plan to join the two Realms together with the CEO and that the Sorcerer would depose YOU the King!

“He had promised your guards untold riches if they joined him and could guarantee protection from our dragons.

“Incandescent with rage, the King began ranting on about his turn-coat having gained access to ancient documents that HE the King had thought secure and unreachable.

“He called forth his senior officers and to his dismay found that only his supreme commanding General was still in the Kingdom

“Enraged he gave his General some tokens and told him what to do. These took the form of special fire arrows upgraded in some way and could kill on contact or destroy all around where they landed.

“The General could also generate a special Bone Kingdom fog and transmit the order DEATH OR OBEY through it in a diabolical way

“He then said that if his troops defied him, then immolate the lot and he would find some more obedient ones!

“Only the King knew what he was doing, and he was not interested in occupying our Realm.

“He certainly did not want to have anything to do with Murk and his battles

“He finally said that he had ‘plans’ for his Sorcerer and that his newfound ability to use the ancient scripts had been withdrawn

“Then he disappeared in a cloud of pulsating fog as he rushed out of the throne room with his General and leaving me prostrate on the floor.

“And THAT is all I remember, so can I have another cup of hong cha please. I am quite thirsty after all that!”


From: MrsFletcher


With a ring of milk slowly drying above Pup's mouth...(I still hate and distaste Yucky Milk!....angry...) we hear her mumbling under Her breath...."I knew that Evil Nasty Bone King was up to no Good!!....unamused...but I never dreamed that He had a  Sorcerer as well."....Hummmm.....PTG saying that for the moment it's not in the Bone King's best interest to invade the MC Realms....(could He be afraid of the Special Room Group with Captain Randy at their helm?....neutral_face...Or...could He be planing with His Sorcerer something real diabolical in the future???  Gosh darn it all...I was so looking forward to a face off with that big old Fiend and He just had to go and skedaddle it back to His Ol' Bone Kingdom like a Big Big old Scarty Cat ....Oh dear...Captain Randy is frowning at me isn't He ....pensive...  

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


Having delivered my report to Cap’n Bob I sit back in my chair to contentedly sip at a fresh cup of my special brew thoughtfully placed before me by Katzz.


And spit out the offending mouthful.

They all look at me horrified!

What has happened?

UGH! Are you trying to poison me?”

They look to see a little wriggly object in the pool of tea I have just disgorged with horror on their faces.

Katzz is almost in tears as she looks into the cup and sees more of them ‘swimming’ on the surface of the liquid.

What is more astonishing is the fact that in the centre is a platform of thin white plaster floating around which the wriggly things are trying to scrabble onto before they expire!

She explodes:

“Well that is NOT from my clean kitchen or our automated washing up system!

“I delivered you with the perfect cup of tea, so there”

She stood back still in tears believing it could still be her fault.

I looked up to the ceiling and noticed several gaps in the plaster.

That is where it came from.

That is just not good enough!

I do NOT want to eat in the kitchen or elsewhere. THIS is my Tea Room!

Something has to be done, and quickly!

As 2ic I have certain privileges and one of them is ordering the others around in the absence of the Cap’n!

As he is intent on departing almost immediately with Pup and the dragons, I can put these idle Musketeers to good use!

I announce:

“We are going to decorate the Tea Room!

“Look at it! It is a disgrace since it was last done. There are holes and bits of paper and string all over the room from the recent Events and parties.

“The Cap’n has never been very good at clearing up messes – only making them!

“We will all chip in with both ideas and Hands-on experiences

“As 3ic you Roo Roo will oversee the painting and decorating

“I think two coats after the primer and undercoat will suffice, so you have a lot to do!

“Opel and Katzz can you lay out sheets, so we don’t get her paint on the furniture and floors

“Charlie we want a co-ordinated colour scheme from you so Roo does not use her own somewhat unusual ideas of what colours will match!”

“I will be control of Cap’n Bob’s credit card for buying the materials. I think that I know someone who can give us good prices!

“As for that dreadful ceiling, Charlie can you ask the elves what we can do about it?

“I will pay them well for a solution as I don’t want any more surprises!”

I sit back quite exhausted and wait for a replacement cup of soothing clean hong cha.


From: MrsFletcher


A soft chuckling could be heard from a far cozy corner of the Special Rooms Group Tea Room Parlor as Mrs Fletcher over hears PTG's grumpy comments.....angry...."Here that Old Girl....Hummmm.....seems your about to be renovated one more time."....blush....But we've come a long way from  our very beginning here in the Castle haven't we my Friend?   The Tea Room seemed to glow a little brighter within its core as if it also could  remember It's humble start so long ago.....Sigh....Perhaps it's time for a wee bit of a "Face Lift" but please "Not Too Modern" a one OK?  And next time Tea Room....How about a spider or two dropped into PTG's Tea Cup.....Tee..Hee...Hee.....wink


From: Randytb


I am in the open field attending to Frost and Snow ,,,, I rub then down with there special oil that keeps there skin soft and smooth yet protects the from drastic drops in temperatures as the soar in the sky's.

I make sure I get every nook and crannies and they make sure I do not miss a one.

I am almost done Snow when I hear the commotion going on in the Tea Room,,,, #$%^&*()(*&^% what the %*&^% is PTG screaming at now ,,, wait no that was Miss Katt ROT ROUH what did he do now?

I stand and listen aha now I understand PTG on a roll lol god forbid his precious brew should get spoiled lol.

I listen to every word and hear Frost and Snow snicker along with me until I hear MY CREDIT CARD ?????

Oh HELL NO I just got it payed up and it almost broke me .

I am about to go set him straight on that subject when I hear him tell Roo Roo she would be in charge of the painting OOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGG now this is worth the price lone lol,,, I will let him try and get away with *** HIS CUNNING PLAN***** AND SEE WHAT HE COMES UP WITH THE TEA ROOM DOES NEED A PICK ME UP and I do have the final say so I will let the kids play while I am away with Pup and the Dragons.

I go back to my job okay brulle your up big boy.

I call Pup ** CAP HERE *** pack a small bag and meet me in the open field and do not take to long.

I have to give her time to pack and say good bye to her Granny and everyone else.

I have time to finish Brulle and Jewel and Pup comes a running.

All set youngun her eyes glow and her smile is from ear to ear so yep guess she is.

She goes to Snow and bends her head and say hello my beauty ,, Snow rubs her nose on Pups head and say * Mistress*


Cap out=== with that we are off to the main camp.

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