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Ready for The Special Room (latest)   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/18/18 by PTG (anotherPTG); 245484 views.

From: Randytb


As PTG and I were trying to figure out a plan and keep everyone safe while we come with a plan of attack .

You know I depend on you when I am not here right PTG? and yes I do go off when you or anybody takes off alone.

But I am responsible for all of you and to make sure you are all safe and happy so can you stop being a stubborn block and let me know if you have ideas or want to check something or do a quest?

I hold up a finger before he cane speak and point to the Amulet>>>> we both hear Charlie and both smile as she sounds sleepy as hell and almost human not saying she is not but man what a temper and a mouth that would shame a sailor  but we all love her and she is so loved and needed by the critters.

We both look at eatch other and both say at the same time,,, PERFECT



From: Randytb


What a great idea and it is perfect and gives us more time to know exactly what we up against but i will tell you this ,, I know The White Orge and we have crossed paths once before .

I can not explain how vicious and crazy he is ,, he once killed one of his own and ripped his head off and kicked his body to his Hounds and they like savages ripped that body to shreds,, and why ? all because he failed in stopping us.

So he would do anything and join anyone to get to me and anyone around me for revenge.

That is one reason I go off when I hear one of you go any where out side of our area alone safety in numbers first and foremost and second this is all new to you all and you not being military it could cost you your life.

I held out my hand and as we shook I ask him did you know Charlie sent Ghost with you??

He looked at me ,,, are you kidding me Cap'n Bob he is a ghost pup so how in >> oh never mind stupid answer to a stupid question.

Okay go get some sleep and we meet back here at 7 am .


She was at my side before I could say another word, so I just threw my arm around her shoulder and laughed come on you silly Pup.

Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325)

Opel? Are you still awake?

Of course, just setting the dough out to proof for tomorrow.

Oh good! Can you take a look at this? I found it in the SSEC (Super Secret Emergency Cookbook)...and instead of having the name of the person who wrote up the recipe, it has the paw-print of a mole...

Recipe for the Erasure of Unwanted Tunnels:   Use the Star of Renovation to combine the Idol for Rock Master and Lord of Water. Fuel the combo with Nature Force. When ready, use it to edit the Underground Manifest. Once all is prepared, create The Roc and have it deliver the edited manifest to the tunnel for erasure.

Hmmm, definitely not the kind of recipe we need in the kitchen. We should give it to our dear Captain at breakfast. He'll know who is best qualified to hold onto that.

Sounds good to me...Good Night Opel.

Good Night Katt.


From: MrsFletcher


Hush now Dear Friends...We have to be extra quiet as we observe Pup "tip-toeing" past Captain Randy's sleeping quarters.  No, no..Shes not sneaking out against Her Captain's orders!  disappointed  Pups just going to a Favorite Place in the Tea Room where She sit quietly and ponder over Yesterdays Happenings..."Precious Kitty!...smiley_cat...I see that you still love visiting Granny Fletcher's Comfy Chair by it's every burning Fireplace don't you...Meow, Meow...Purrrrr, Purrrr..."Yes Precious, Even though Granny can't be here physically, She still cares and observes over all aspects of the Tea Room and The Ambulate Captain Randy gave Her and Grandpa Joe keeps them always in the "Know" also!!"  "Squeak,  Squeak!"  "Meow, Meow!"  smirk_cat  "Yes Precious, I do hear our Dear Friend Angel  innocent   trying to "Sneak up" on Us!"  unamused  Hummmm...I can't help but wonder Dear Friends what will now happen between Pup and Her Sparring/Training  Partner now......   


From: MrsFletcher


With a silent nod from Precious Kitty Pup assumes a crouching stance beside Granny Fletcher's I wonder which of Captain Randy's techniques of battle will Pup choose?   Wow!  astonished  It's the "Swatting Behind" one that left Pup standing at meals for some time afterward.  grin  Can hardly wait to see what comes Dear Friends.....


From: Randytb


I gave up on trying to sleep to many things going through my head,, to many questions not nearly enough answers.

I go over to my table I use as a desk grab the tea pot and craponacracker cold as ice.

Oh well I get dressed and go over to the Tea Room where I know Opel always has hot water for any one that needs coffee or tea in times they can not sleep.

I see a piping hot cup of Tea siting on my table with the pot full and hot water and sugar and cream on a saucer

Opel amazes me how does she know?

The light from the fireplace is not as bright as I need ,, oh wait that gives me an idea,,, I go outside and wait.

Here they come I wonder if I can grab on with my hands and not get it ripped off?

I wait for a Silver Globe to float by and hold my hands out to cup it,,, don;t know exactly what these things are or what they are made of but here goes.

It settles in my hands wow this is cool,, not to bright not hot at all and the spinning has slowed down hummmmm that gives me another idea.

I could get the boys to make some holders of some kind with the help of the Black smith and they can be used as markers like street lights there are hundreds flying around all over the place like those.. Pigs... cookies.... dwarfs.... elves... baby reindeer....trees.. socks... but I know we do not have many more days left before they disappear so I will try one out tomorrow with my boys... Gold and Silver at the cottages and the farms and the Bronze that is more red hum now they could GOT IT ,, used as markers for DANGER AREAS  this just might work out.

I take my spinning globe inside and sit and look at it ,, okay what now oh smart one?

Whatcha goin do sit here all night and hold it while you write??

AHA got it as I spy an old bird cage,,, I slip the globe inside and WALA I gots me self a forever light.

I wonder how long it will stay bright?? will it regenerate in the sun?

Shheesh more questions but I will find out later.

I go over to the desk by the window and open the drawer and pull out a pile of papers,, I reach in my pocket and bring out my note book that I have been writing notes in since I got here.

This is book number 6 .

I pour my tea and dig into the pile of papers.

I place them all in order by date and events.

I then realize I am da Cap of idjiots  yep I need my other note books that are hidden away note books 1 through 5

I hurry back to my cottage with my bird cage light == lighting my way ... wow this is perfect I can see clearly.

I get to my hiding space and remove the note books,,, you know I say to me self I should tell one of my crew where these are just in case == you never know.

I know just the person,,, level headed ,, dependable...knows the value of the written word,,,, yep our one and only super duper reporter Angel.

I grab a large ledger and head back to the Tea Room.

I open the ledger and not book one and start to read and make notes.

July 2015==

That is the last thing I remember as I fall asleep zzzzzzzzzzz


From: Randytb


Opel wakes me up with a gentile tug and a fresh cup of tea.

Wake up sleepy head the gang will be here soon and breakfast almost ready.

Huh oh ouchie I slept wrong ,, where am I ? oh yeah I jump up almost knocking the paper laden table flying.

Hurry Opel the gang can not see this yet here can you hide these in a huge roasting pan that only you use?

6 am ok time to grab a quick shower and shave and get back here before the gang arrives.

I slip out the back door giving Miss Katt and Opel a peck on the cheeks brb.

I hit the head then shower and shave and grab fresh cloths and my watch mans hat ,,, be glad when my hair grows back.

I take a deep breath and walk back to the Tea Room looking all busy tailed and relaxed ( if they only knew what a mess I really was **

I stop by and say good morning to the critters and give Doogie and big hug and a fresh apple,, I feel a snake like thing wrap around my leg and I say well good morning Cherry hows my girl?

She trumps as I give her a juicy apple to.

Hey there my gorgeous girl how is my Blossom this AM?

I get her trunk draped around my neck and a snot kiss.

Stump is still sleeping just like a teenager loves his sleep.. and just catch Fang heading out to join Smoke and family on there morning hunt.

Do not see Charlie she must be with the cats feeding them.

I enter the Tea Room and sit at my table and wait for the others,


From: MrsFletcher


Minutes slowly march by as I steadfastly hold My crouching position in the shadows of Granny Fletcher's Chair  waiting for Angel to make Her next move....Hummmm.....unamused.....When nothing happens....sigh....My Mind Connection with Captain Randy starts to "Tingle"  letting Me know that I better "High Tail it" back to the Tea Room pronto like cause something must be "Afoot" once more.....grin    


From: SharpEye1


Just as I was ready to pounce on Pup, I see her head over to Cap's table.  Oh yeah, the all hands on deck meeting!!  So, I come out from my hiding spot and also head over to the table.  Miss Katt and Opel start bringing out a huge breakfast....all my favorites!  Scrambled eggs cooked just right, crispy bacon and perfectly browned sausages, fried potatoes with onions and peppers, and toast with butter and homemade jam!  And, there's nothing better than freshly brewed coffee.  Now that's the perfect start to good day!

Mornin' Cap.....let's eat! blush

Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325)

As everyone tucks in, I wander over to the table with more coffee and tea.

Captain Randy, Opel and I found this last night and we thought you would be the best person to hold onto it, or give it to someone for safekeeping. I was tucked into one of our cookbooks like someone was trying to hide it...

I hand him the "recipe":

Recipe for the Erasure of Unwanted Tunnels:   Use the Star of Renovation to combine the Idol for Rock Master and Lord of Water. Fuel the combo with Nature Force. When ready, use it to edit the Underground Manifest. Once all is prepared, create The Roc and have it deliver the edited manifest to the tunnel for erasure.

CC to Randytb