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Spoiler: Complete Character Progression   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 8/11/18 by whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54); 66865 views.
Crystal;P (12earth45)

From: Crystal;P (12earth45)


Thanks so much for this, and all the archiving! As one on L86, nice to see all the changes the game went through.blush


From: BJApple


And huge thank you!  When I started playing MC (3/2015), I had played word games, card games, etc. I never dreamed I would find such a wonderful world and that the game would evolve.  Never thought to make notes...or take screenshots...or look for a forum.  I'm at L86  now and really appreciate the "history lesson".

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Level 27

Anabel and the Knight leave the Castle Gates for the Forbidden Tower, Anabel worries about not being able to see what’s happening outside.  Sure enough, Oberon King of Elves, along with his elf minions, appears at the Castle Gates.

Level 28

Oberon is searching for the Mystery Chamber to make a last wish to save his land and people.  But the last wish has been spent and the Mystery Chamber can’t keep bad luck from the elfish forest.  The elves’ only hope resides in the Artifact of the Past.  Meanwhile, Oeland wonders what Oberon wants with the Mystery Chamber.  He vows never to let Oberon get his hands on the Artifact of Nature.  The Artifact has been in the safekeeping of the werewolf clan for many generations.  Anyway, Oeland couldn’t give Oberon the Artifact even if he wanted to…the Artifact was lost by the Silvermane Clan many years ago.  But all Oberon sees is that Oeland doesn’t want to part with the Artifact.  Oberon has the power to read minds and attempts to read Oeland’s mind to find out where the Artifact is.  But it doesn’t work, so Oberon finds a different way.  Oberon doesn’t believe his own spies who say Oeland doesn’t have the Artifact.

Level 29

Oberon will make Oeland pay the price for not parting with the Artifact by kidnapping his son, the Iron Knight.  Oberon is sure Oeland will exchange his son for the Artifact.  Oeland is livid Oberon kidnapped his son and, try as he might, Oberon’s magic is too strong to penetrate and Oeland can’t find where Oberon is hiding his son.  Unable to locate his son, Oeland decided finding the Artifact may be the answer.  But it’s complicated because the Artifact lies outside the clan’s lands.  For a long time, Oeland was Keeper of the Artifact with the ability to summon it at any time and distance.  Oeland successfully performs the Rite of Summoning and the Artifact appears somewhere near.    

The Unicorn appears in Throne Hall and introduces itself as a sacred creature, the Artifact of Nature, the guardian of balance in the world.  He’s very tired after his long journey between the worlds but wants you to present gifts to Oeland.  Keeping the balance is an important and serious mission, but can be boring.  Meanwhile, Anabel is sure Oberon had something to do with the Knight’s disappearance.  She performs a ritual and finds out he’s alive, but not where he is.  She tries to use her influence with the vampire clans to threaten Oberon, but the council won’t oppose him.  He’s too strong.  Fearing Oberon will be angry with her, Anabel wants protection.

In hopes of influencing the Unicorn’s opinion of him, Oberon decides to free the Knight.  He knows his people won’t be able to survive without the Artifact and Oberon must convince him of his sincerity.

The Unicorn doubts things are as gloomy as the King of Elves paints it.  Whoever attacked the forest might be trying to survive in the changing world, but the Unicorn must find out how true Oberon’s stories are.  He’s convinced Oberon isn’t breaking the balance, but could Oeland have started the fight for the land?  Maybe dark forces are trying to survive under his oppression.  While Oberon didn’t unleash the war, he still claims the dark forces have evil intentions.  But isn’t that normal for dark forces?  The Unicorn sees the dark forces are evil, but the power balance is still fine so his interference isn’t required.  Oberon says evil forces are a manifestation of the Original Chaos Spirit, but the Unicorn believes Oberon brings more chaos when he’s here in the castle!  The Unicorn decides to meet you halfway.  The Unicorn disappears from Throne Hall and Anabel and the Knight are back together in the Forbidden Tower.

Oberon is happy the Unicorn has grown well-disposed toward him.  The Unicorn’s help is essential to his people; otherwise, the hordes of the Chaos Spirit will flood the Elvyn Forests.  Finally, the Artifact believes Oberon and his people have a chance to survive.  Oberon disappears and the Griffin appears in the Castle Gates.

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Level 22

The Ring of Runes goes to the Underground Grotto and unlocks the door to the Mystery Chamber.  A laser destroys the center of the Mystery Chamber.  It is in ruins.  Someone doesn’t want you to make a wish.

The Keeper of Wishes is the only one who knows the ways in and out of the Mystery Chamber.  The Keeper of Wishes is the Keeper of the Heart of the Mystery Chamber and is very unhappy the Chamber has been ransacked.  MAP OPENS The Keeper of Wishes gives you the magic map that will help you navigate the world and find the villain who desecrated the Keeper’s home.  Feeling outrage at the destruction of her home, the Keeper of Wishes vows to restore it…the sooner, the better.  Even though a Mystery Chamber full of wishes sounds big, the Keeper of Wishes feels so lonely sometimes.  Concentrating on repairing the Mystery Chamber will take the Keeper’s mind off the solitude.   The Keeper reminds you that, although a spirit, her patience has limits.

Level 23

Lord Chamberlain admits he’s responsible for the destruction of the Heart of the Mystery Chamber, but he gets his comeuppance when Arabella, his daughter, changes him into a purple bat.  Chris the Assassin makes a shocking confession that he’s here to kill the Keeper of Wishes, albeit against his will.

Level 24

The Keeper of Wishes stresses the importance of the Heart of the Mystery Chamber.  With hard-working folks like you in this world acting as her assistant, the Heart will be fixed in no time.  Lamenting the frailty of life, the Keeper finds it difficult being out of her home for such a long period of time and hopes it will be restored soon.  She longs to restore peace to her sanctuary and asks your help with a little spiritual problem.  The Keeper of Wishes, bored to death in her seclusion, enjoys your visits.

The Heart of the Mystery Chamber lights the globes above the Keeper of Wishes, but the machine is in worse shape than expected.  Its Energy Storage must be repaired.

Level 26

Keeper of Wishes offers to help free Oeland the Silver Mane from the space between worlds.  He’s no longer captive to the witch’s curse and it takes everyone’s cooperation to finally get him back.  But the effort took a toll on the Keeper of Wishes, whose power must be restored.  The Keeper of Wishes is glad you made a good impression on this great person, but she needs help.  It seems too many tracks were left while helping Oeland and the last thing anyone wants is to be found out by the witch.  With your help the tracks were covered and the witch won’t know how Oeland escaped her trap.  What a relief!

Level 27

But the witch does suspect something, so you must set her on the wrong course.  The witch inflicted some horrible curse on the Keeper of Wishes, but the Keeper managed to defend herself.  However, you must be protected from the witch.   And, even worse, the witch somehow managed to deprive the Heart of the Chamber of magic.  That can be fixed but must be protected from future invasions by the witch.  Thank goodness for the help of the Keeper of the Castle.  The Storage Core with its concentrated magic fully restored the Heart of the Mystery Chamber, allowing the Keeper of Wishes to sleep at night, figuratively.

Something is wrong with the Heart; it seems to be losing its magic power.  The Keeper of Wishes had no idea the Heart of the Mystery Chamber could even run out of magic power.  There’s enough magic in the Mystery Chamber for only one wish.  Now the Keeper of Wishes understands why she has felt so weak.  She is the spirit of the Mystery Chamber and could lose all her power due to the Heart’s exhaustion.  Will the potions you bring to the Keeper of Wishes be enough to keep her from disappearing?  There must be something wrong with the Source of Magic responsible for the magic powers of the Mystery Chamber.  It appears someone spoiled the Source of Magic and it’s impossible to fix it from here.  The Source is very far away and the Keeper of Wishes decides to make the dangerous trip to see what’s going on there.   The Keeper of Wishes bids you goodbye and disappears from the Mystery Chamber.


From: CzoeMC


whitebutterfly54 (redbutter54) said:

***This is the unceremonious end to Chris Arwin the Assassin and Lilian.

And...and so they are gone forever? Oh, white butterfly, you do make the story lines alive to me again. Many Thanks!

LOL I would never say never in the crazy magical world of Midnight Castle.  But for right now they're both AWOL.


From: Fallonit


All of this was wonderful to have together as a recap.  Thank you for your time, effort and willingness to present this to us all. 


Murk transforms into the Spirit of Chaos

Level 30

Murk appears in the Commercial District and introduces himself as an old blind gnome.  He assures you he’s not a demon and he used to have eyes, but a leap of faith rendered him blind.    You can’t imagine how sad it is to live in eternal darkness but, thanks to you, his dull days became a little brighter.  He’s bound to lead a miserable existence since an evil witch stole his eyes.  Thanks to you Murk has hope of getting his eyes back.  He performs a rite to find his eyes, but erred in his calculations and the rite doesn’t work.  With the help of some of the sorcerer’s charms Murk managed to preserve, he’s sure a new rite will yield positive results.  But once again, the rite fails.  That cunning witch hid his magic eyes very well. 

Level 31

Murk reveals that he destroyed the two previous Expeditions.  He may be blind but his sorcerer’s power is still with him.  Truth is it wasn’t his idea to harm the destroyed Expeditions; he is a slave to another’s will until he gets his eyes back.  His eyes will give him freedom and strength.  While it won’t be easy, the evil witch will pay for everything!  He vows to help your Expedition when he regains his eyes.  With special reagents, his sight returns.  The witch has no control over him and his strength is restored.  Murk transforms into the Spirit of Chaos.

Level 31

The Released One rids himself of the slave collar but couldn’t stay intact with his eyes stolen.  He begins feeling the surge of energy and vows the guilty ones will pay for their atrocities!  It’s a slow process, but the Spirit of Chaos is gradually regaining his powers. 

Arabella says you made an awful mistake returning Murk’s eyes.  Now she fears his revenge since the creature is much stronger than the witch.  Long ago, Arabella summoned the ancient Chaos Spirit, but his strength was so great she removed his eyes in order to control him.  For reasons of her own, she ordered Murk to get rid of the first two Expeditions.  Something horrible will surely happen now that the Spirit is free.  Arabella sent an agent to find out about Murk’s plans, but lost touch with him.  Hopefully he didn’t blab too much to the Spirit of Chaos before he died.  In order to get more reliable people from the greedy Spy Guild, palms must be greased.  It doesn’t matter though because the Guild terminated the contract, so there will be no help.  A simple plan might be the best choice. 

The Spirit of Chaos is amused the witch sent you to learn about his plans.  He claims to have no grudge against the witch for taking his eyes because his plans are more important.  The Spirit of Chaos intends to open a Portal and summon chaos from his world, forcing this world to surrender to him! 

Arabella knows the Spirit of Chaos has ominous intentions and the world is on the brink of catastrophe! 

Level 32

The Spirit of Chaos has grand plans that require the work of many elements, of which you are one.  He will be the one to benefit from your Expedition to the Source of Sorcery.  When you open the gates to the Source of Sorcery, the world will fill with magic.  The Spirit’s legions are late, but when they come, it would be better for the world to be filled with magic.  The more magic there is the more chaos can devour!

Ragnus Beardrune, Keeper of the Rune Garden, asks how the Spirit of Chaos got here.  It doesn’t belong in this world and could disturb the balance.  Even as Ragnus is trying to help banish the demon, the Spirit of Chaos is growing stronger.  Searching through ancient volumes, Ragnus discovers the Unicorn is the only hope.  But Oberon won’t give away the Unicorn’s whereabouts, so he’ll have to be tracked.    The demon can’t be defeated without the Unicorn.  (This went nowhere)

Both Chris Arwin and Henry the Archeologist agree to help banish the demon and are ready to face armed guests.  They make a test foray to check the surroundings when Chris begins to mistrust his powers.  Memories return and all Chris wants to do is escape with a fair lady, preferably Valeria.  Chris and Henry tried to attack the target, but they failed.  Chris blames himself for the failure because his mind is always on Valeria.

Level 33

Arabella wants to do what she can to banish the demon.  Back before the Chamberlain felt her power, he offered to teach her.  Arabella had to give away part of her soul to fulfill her power.  At some point, the pupil surpasses the teacher, and the shared knowledge should be enough to defeat the Spirit of Chaos.  Arabella finds out the Spirit of Chaos draws magic power from his own dimension and was able to weaken him.    

Anabel is beside herself with worry about the Spirit of Chaos interfering more and more.  She doesn’t want to involve the Knight for fear he would attack the demon and get killed.  As long as the Spirit of Chaos is here, she’ll be buried in problems.

Valeria wants to help too, but her powers are limited.  So she makes a contribution to the Guild and begins taking assassin lessons from Chris.    

Level 34

Anabel manages to sever the link between the Spirit of Chaos and his dimension.  Then with the help of the Wise Dragon, she creates a magic trap to prevent the Spirit of Chaos from escaping justice.  The Spirit, deprived of all earthly power, vows these dragons will know his fury.  Incredulous it was Anabel’s plan, the Spirit wonders how he could have been so wrong.  Spirit of Chaos explodes and disappears from the Commercial District.

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The poor little Griffin didn't have very much to do at all.  Near the end of Level 29, Oberon disappears from the Castle Gates and the Griffin appears.  His description says "This griffin won't let anyone fly him yet."  But once you get the final piece to the Griffin's Horn, it sounds at the Castle Gates and the Griffin flies away to Cloud City.  Cloud Pier opens and you can see in the pics right above Rudoguil's head the Griffin Stall both before and after his arrival.

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Level 25

The Stone Fairy in Ancient Park was flying to a flower holiday when she was suddenly petrified.  The Fairy is very weak and wants to know what happened.  There should be at least a tiny drop of magic but it feels like magic is gone all over the world.  Why would anyone petrify a fairy?  With your help, she tries to perform a fairy ritual.  But she’s been petrified so long, she forgot how to make magic and perform rituals.  It’s over and the Fairy is worn out. 

Level 28

Strange creatures (Oberon, King of Elves and his spies) are wandering around and the Stone Fairy is worried.  It turns out these creatures don’t only inhabit Ancient Park and the Stone Fairy wonders what they want and who they serve.  She also feels someone’s invisible presence.  Since the Source of Sorcery is getting weaker, supernatural forces are making their way into the world.  The Fairy temporarily manages to distract the ghosts, but the fabric of the world is getting weaker without the Source of Sorcery.  She doesn’t like what’s going on.    

Level 31

The Fairy is aware of the upcoming Expedition and wants to help.  She’s heard the Expedition procurement leaves much to be desired and gives you a few things for the leader of the Expedition.  She so wants to fly like the other fairies and wonders if she’ll be made of stone forever.  She’s so sad and you do your best to lift her spirits.  The Fairy recalls another ritual that may help dissolve the spell and it seems to work.  Her hand becomes less stony. 

Level 36

Jeronimo, heartsick over Chris and Valeria, wanders into Ancient Park just to be close to Valeria.  While there he meets the poor petrified Stone Fairy.  He spoke to every merchant he knows in the hopes of finding help for the Stone Fairy.  Touched by her suffering, Jeronimo finds it odd that anyone could be in more pain than him.  The Stone Fairy noticed the innkeeper’s ghost around a lot lately and wonders what he’s looking for.  The Stone Fairy comes to realize Jeronimo is wrapped in sadness because his spirit loves Valeria, but she’s busy with Chris.  He can’t rescue himself but the Stone Fairy vows to cheer him up.  Jeronimo promised to find a sorcerer to rescue the Fairy, but while he has a very kind heart, the Fairy doubts anyone can help.  Stone Fairy transforms into Lost Fairy.

Level 36

Free at last, the Fairy can feel her wings fluttering behind her back.  Overwhelmed with thankfulness for all that Jeronimo has done, the Fairy must find a way to thank the innkeeper.  He always seems gloomy and worried. 

Level 37

The Fairy heard the news of Jeronimo’s confession to murdering gnomes.  She strongly disapproves of what Jeronimo did, but is sure he’s no cold-blooded murderer.  He was fueled by his unrequited love for Valeria and hoped the murders would be blamed on Chris.  The Fairy worries about Jeronimo; he must be rescued from himself.  The Fairy manages to send Jeronimo a message in Cloud City Prison that there are people willing to help him.  But first, Jeronimo must get his body back!  The water from the Elvish Pond would do the trick.  But there is a war under way in the forest (between the elves and werewolves) so getting into the forest, finding the pond and getting out alive won’t be easy.  Henry the Archeologist tries to arrange a truce in the forest since many creatures are willing to help.  But the truce failed.  The Fairy never liked those werewolves!  They smell like wet dog. 

Level 39

The Fairy, unable to speak to Jeronimo, is very worried about him being completely alone in prison.  Those wild gnomes are demanding revenge and the hardest part is that Ragnus promised to punish Jeronimo.  While she understands their anger, the Fairy’s heart is with Jeronimo and she must figure out a way to save the kind innkeeper.  The King of Elves is kind and just, so the Fairy hopes for some advice from King Oberon.  Hopefully he’ll find time to talk despite the werewolf attack in his forest.  She can’t go empty-handed and asks your help in finding gifts for Oberon. 

Level 42

The Lost Fairy manages to arrange a meeting with the elf king, Oberon, but he has his mind on the Elf war in the forest and can’t be bothered with humans.  Someone needs to convince him that a human life is important.  It wasn’t easy, but the Fairy managed to get Oberon to understand the power of a single human soul.  This is a matter of life and death for Jeronimo.  King Oberon had a vision of the future so he agrees to give the Fairy water from the Pond of Life.  The Fairy is a little worried what King Oberon will ask in return.  You bring the water to Jeronimo in Cloud City Prison and one sip transforms him from a ghost to a young man.  However, the effect is temporary so the Fairy works on making it permanent.  She suspects King Oberon knew the effect from the water wouldn’t last but had to promise him not only her help in the future, but that of Jeronimo too.  She had no other choice but worries how bad a deal she made.  Still she’s happy Jeronimo is young again! 

Level 47

King Oberon is ready to collect from his debtors for the water from the Pond of Life.  The Fairy will do her best but hopes Oberon doesn’t ask her to do anything cruel.  Jeronimo has a sneaking suspicion nothing good is going to come of this, but he knows he owes Oberon a great deal.  Oberon’s diabolical plan is for Jeronimo and the Fairy to poison the werewolves’ wells.  The werewolves won’t even notice them, and if Jeronimo and the Fairy act fast, King Oeland won’t have time to raid the forest and the Elvyn people will be safe.  (The elf Ilreth brought Oberon news of the impending werewolf raid.)  The Fairy can’t believe the terrible task Oberon has requested.  It’s hard to get to Oeland’s land and Oberon wants them to poison the spring in the werewolf capital.  It seems everyone knows Jeronimo and the Fairy are spies and the Fairy is feeling low about doing something so awful. 

Level 48

How kind of Jeronimo to offer to do the deed himself.  Jeronimo owes the Fairy, so he must be the only one with dirty hands.  But a good deed for Oberon is an evil one for Oeland’s people.  The Fairy never felt so terrible so Jeronimo tells her only Oeland’s evil soldiers will suffer.  But the Fairy knows that isn
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