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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 320502 views.
LisaRae (LisaRaeAu)

From: LisaRae (LisaRaeAu)


Thank you; and thank you to all others who have sent friend requests. A few more would be helpful as since I am having some difficulties playing at present I do not always have the items people would like gifted (sorry all who aren't getting gifts from me). I also usually only manage one cycle per day.

My ID is 846455.


From: MrsFletcher


Hummm, 40 million year you say?  Why that's when I started too!  grin  Of course I'd like to send you an Invite OK?

Gentle Hugs,

Linda, Mrs Fletcher


From: katiek2


Hello Friends,

I've acquired a new friend identifying her/himself as " 2 x Squirrel", ID ending 3473.  Does anyone know who this is?  I won't be gifting this person until she/he is verified.

Thanks for your help.


tesskw (teresakw)

From: tesskw (teresakw)


Hi Katie,

I also have her as a friend...Rona is the name. She has been a friend for quite awhile.


Msg 9.1036 deleted

From: InModeration


Hello, all.

I haven't been playing for a while, but started way back when they didnt even have the mystery chamber in an update yet ... Long time ago. As my name suggests, I only play in moderation, as I have found I tend to get addicted and it affects my health. Some of you may remember me -- I played under both In Moderation and Dyka Lyandra.

BigFish was kind enough to tie my old game progress to a new code, but I lost all the friends and high scores I used to play against. I will gift when on, and try to leave a note when going to be gone for a while.

My new code is 850858.


From: katiek2


Ah, I recognize the name.  Thanks a lot, Tess.