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Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 391431 views.

From: Helperbee


Thank you for responding to my post. Since I had asked my question for help, when I went onto Midnight castle I noticed I got over ten people who wanted to be my friends. I  am very overwhelmed by this since I was not expecting anything like this. I am having some problems with giving gifts to people, I am being only allowed to give five gifts per day and for some reason I am not able to give to everyone but to five specific people like John, Grayco and three other people. I do not know what the problems are nor do I know how to fix it. I think I have some technical problems but since I cannot access the Midnight Castle Forum that is on Facebook because I lack a cell phone for now, I am not able to help others. To explain my situation more clearly, when I try to click other people names on my social area I cannot flip the name files to give them anything and a lot of the of names have a red mark on them. I hope this helps people understand my situation. Oh if any wants to help me, I am in the process of collecting smiles. I think I only need 15 more smiles and I need many pocket watches so I can someday get the Spring Cat and the Yellow Bear. I am very sorry for such a long post, I am not used to talking to people.    

Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)

From: Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)


Hi, so you're actually able to gift 3 times a day (8 hour blocks).  For me in the Central Time Zone of the US my gifting times are 7pm-3am, 3am-11am and 11am-7pm (changes to an hour earlier when Daylight Savings Time ends).

For those friends whose card you can't flip over, those friends don't have a wish list at this time.  There are several reasons for this.....on a break, catching up with gifting, don't need anything but will still send gifts to others, etc.  Speaking of wish lists, if you put smiles and pocket watches on yours your friends can help.  There is also a group here on this forum called the Consortium who can help you, you'll find info here:

The red mark means that they haven't played for over a week.  However, there have been issues of it being accurate.

 Stop gifting John (he is a computer generated friend, he does send gifts at times) unless you really need the postcards you get from gifting.  Gifting is a personal thing, how you gift is up to you, all players have their own way of doing it. 

It is up to you on whether you accept friend requests.  Only take on as many as you think you can handle. Some players have a lot, some just a few and some in the middle.  Like all things in this game you play how you want.

The forum is a wonderful place to get advice.  We all play differently so you'll get many opinions.  Take what your given apply what works best for you.

Just one other thing...………….this game is a marathon not a sprint, take your time and enjoy the ride.  

Dot (aussieDot1)

From: Dot (aussieDot1)


Hi HelperBee,

I am one of those players who sent you an invite (game DotJ).  Thank you for accepting the invite.  Did you get the Stargazer Bunny?

Like Tammy 27 said, just put the smiles & the pocket watches on your wish list & myself and the other Consortium members will send them to you.  We will help you with pet components for all the pets you can craft - Spring, Fall, Winter, Anniversary Events as well as eggs & stamps for the older regular pets. 

Have you got the Butterfly?  Craft the Wreath of Spring 30 times to get it.  You do have to craft each wreath yourself but we can help with smiles & flowers if you need them. 

I have received gifts from you yesterday & today so I do not think you have a technical issue with regards to gifting.  If there is no arrow on the coloured strip that has the player's game name then that player does not have a wish list up.  So you will not be able to turn their card.  If you do have technical issues, you can seek help here on the Delphi Forum (just post in the Technical Issues folder) plus there are links so you can contact Big Fish and Elephant Games also posted in this forum. 

Have fun in your castle.  Stay safe in real life.

Dot sunglasses  earth_asia


From: Tannie2018


I sent an invite to you. If you put a spring cake on your wish list, I will gladly gift one to you. I play as Tanee


From: Helperbee


Hi,Tannie I am very sorry for not contacting you sooner. right now and for the next few months I am trying to save my game money where I can afford to level up and I try to finish the achievement for the gardener girl avatar for some other time. I just need 16 more cakes to go. I very grateful for your invite I will accept when I can.  



From: Helperbee


In answer to your question, yes, I did get the Stargazer bunny. Right now I only need 5 pocket watches, but I will try to get them from my friends private rooms. Just recently I collected all the smiles I needed for the achievement for the Gardener Girl avatar and for the last pets I needed them for. I did get the Butterfly pet awhile ago, I do not remember when. I believe you might be right about me not having technical problems, I just never had many friends before ever, so I am not used to this.



From: crownthornes


Hi Helperbee

I'm sure somebody else could explain this better than me but here goes- We can all just gift 5 friends at a time, but you can do it twice a day. I am in the uk and gift in a morning and can also gift five more different friends from about 5.30 in the afternoon. I don't gift John because he is a virtual player that the game gives you to start off with. If the friends have a red dot there could be a few reasons - no longer playing, lost game or having a break. I delete them if they have been red for 12 months. If you can't turn the friend by clicking on it means they don't have a wish list up - they are still playing but do not need gifts.

I am not on facebook but can get all the information I need from this fantastic forum.

I am sending you a friend request. If you have enough friends for now just remove my request but accept me if you want to. I play as jay uk and jay uk2

Hope this helpssmile


From: LvlSlgr


crownthornes said:

We can all just gift 5 friends at a time, but you can do it twice a day.

Actually, you are able to send 5 gifts three time a day. Based on GMT time these time periods are: midnight - 7:59 AM; 8:00 AM - 3:59 PM; 4:00 PM - 11:59 PM.

Where I live (Kentucky, USA) I'm currently in the Eastern Daylight Time zone. My gifting periods currently are 8:00 PM - 3:59 AM; 4:00 AM - 11:59 AM; noon - 8:00 PM. During the year when we're not in the daylight savings time then my time periods are all one hour earlier.

CC to Helperbee

From: anglegirl70


Hi Marcus,

I go by anglegirl70 in the game.  I will send you an invite and if you still need friends you can accept it.  If not then thats ok also.  Just put up on your wishlist what you need and I will try and send you what you can.  This game is a lot of fun.  Just take your time and enjoy it.  Stay safe and have fun.



From: Pavrona


Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and pretty much the game also.

Trina wants me to send gifts to my friends 3 times to get a postcard but I don't have 3 friends. I do have many gift boxes for friends in my stamp inventory but I don't know how to send anything. Is there anyone who could help me with this?

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