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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 427379 views.
Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)

From: Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)


Welcome to the forum!  If you click on the following it will send you to the MC Game Guide.  There you'll find the Section regarding Friends (starting with Msg 18):

This guide is a fountain of information, thanks to a player AEGram who keeps it up to date. 
The pink boxes are used during the Christmas Event. You'll put them under the tree (Christmas Room 1) or in Santa's Bag (Christmas Room 2) in your friends Private Rooms.

As a new player I can give you one piece of advice, this game is a marathon not a sprint.  So don't be in a rush, enjoy the ride.  Once again welcome to the Castle...………….

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Welcome to the game and the forum!

I will send you an invite (nvrsdiwsgd) If you don't need any more friends, no worries. But it's always good to have friends for this game!

Have fun and enjoy playing! Many people here are very helpful.

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


you get a postcard each time you send a friend a gift. There is a arrow at the right middle edge of a friends card(do not confuse with delete basket a bottom right edge), click that arrow and the card will turn over and you will see a list of things that friends needs(there wishlst). Each time you send a friend a item on  there wishlist you get a postcard. If there is not arrow they do not have a list. You can send each friend a gift ounce a day and. you can gift 5 friends every 8 hours and 15 total a day. The game divides the day into 8 hour increments for gifting. 

If you need more Friends send me an invite, I have two game's on Pc Robert-689618 and Robert2-689507. 


From: Honeyphan


Welcome Pavron! :)

If you still need friends, I will send you an invite next time I'm on. I go as Honey there....


From: Pavrona


I did get friends, thank you all for answering or sending invites! I figured out the postcards and gifting thanks to Robert's and Tammy27's help (above). Everybody has been so kind and helpful here! It is very much appreciated.


From: Susanna502MC


FYI. I am still playing, but I will be changing the IDs on my PC games (Ginger Sue and Navy Blue) in the next few weeks. My laptop has been grumpy lately and is really ancient so I have decided to retire it and get a new pc. Just ordered from Best Buy and should be ready to pickup the end of next week. Once I get it, I will clear my wishlists and go through everything to transfer my games. Keep your fingers crossed that there will be no major glitches.

My two Android games are are break at the moment.


From: Gadget23Mom


Thank you.  I will do so.  I didn't realize that when you buy a new computer, not much stays with it unless you back up your files, hence I have my game , but friends list is gone.  Thank you again.


From: Gadget23Mom


I am new as well, and will be adding you to my friends list  My ID is 868463.


From: Gadget23Mom


Hi there,

I just bought a new PC, however just a heads up.  If you have a flash drive , find your MC folder and back the entire folder up.  Then transfer it to the new PC.  I wished I had.  Big Fish games was able to restore my game, but I lost everyone in my friends list.  I have to laugh because I've been thru this scenario before.  My game ID looks like I'm a newbie, but I'm at level 98, and have played the game since it's inception many moons ago.  If you wish, you can friend me.  User ID is 868462