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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 744591 views.

From: Satchel49


this seems to be the place to get my friend list back. I lost my progress a few days ago and BF was able to restore everything but my friends. seems to be epidemic also.  Now is not the time for this game to start its "absurdly behavior" I am in DESPERATE need of friends! I have sent several invites but being on level 69 and just beginning with the destiny keys I have also entered my own "panic mode" please help! I send gifts daily but unfortunately not to all. Limits keep me grounded! 

Screen name:  Satchel

ID#  827801

accepting all invites! thanks to all! 


From: MCDeeDee


Hi Satchel49. Am sending invites from both DeeDee and Diane(z) games. I can't gift every day but will do my best to help you out. Don't worry about returning gifts. So sorry about losing your friends.



From: jmwwv


Thanks DeeDee and Tammy. I will let you know when I hear back from BF. See you at the Castle

You're welcome, anytime.

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Have you as a friend now, no need to send gifts back! Have plenty of destiny keys to send.


From: Turbogramma


I'm only on Level 33, but I'll be happy to be a friend! Sending invite in a little while.


From: THEdella


I have had you on my friends' list for quite some time now with ID 822345.  My user name is Della if you need to send another invite.


From: Luisada


I hope you have already get your special pets back from BF. In any case, maybe you don·t remember that you can craft them by going to the Dark Portal,. There you will find the Ghostly Chest. You click on the "I" and there they are! But... to open the chest you will need  50 destiny keys, 2000 coins, 2 blue stamps, 1 green stamp and 5 white stamps... Quite expensive really and maybe you will get "only" special pet food ...

Hope that BF has already sent them to you!


From: GaviTn


thank you for replying, have trouble with keys on a newer computer. Have a good day and happy hunting, Gavi-Tn


From: jmwwv


Oh for heavens sake...this old brain had totally forgotten how I got those special pets the first time. It has been a while. Thanks so much for reminding me. Haven't heard from BF I don't need them. Thanks for sharing Luisada. 

jmwwv (playing as MarieW)