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PC Friends   Friends

Started 4/17/18 by TinyFaerie; 567591 views.
LisaRae (LisaRaeAu)

From: LisaRae (LisaRaeAu)


Thank you both; and yes, I had a friend named Robert. I was level 57 or so.


From: Annemaree1


You can feed the pets and get items the same as your other pets.  You can't feed you pets while you are in the private rooms

There are 3 HOS (hidden object scenes) in each friends private room.  They can be done once a day.

If you are referring to the social  room and the items on the top right of the person, they are that persons requests and you can gift 5 of them at a time 3 times per day (total of 15 gifts)  These gifts will give you postcards and they will be needed for Trina's quests


From: Annemaree1


Hey Lisa, AKA New

As soon as you get to level 13 please open you private room to the Christmas 2 room.  There you will receive many gifts and be able to play restricted event HOS games which will earn you alot more money and extra items.

Friends will also be able to send you gifts via your santa sack


From: katiek2


Does anyone recognize *Stardust", ID ending 6493?

This player has shown up in my Friends List, with note saying New ID.  I've checked against my spreadsheet and cannot determine which friend this was.

If you are *Stardust", please let me know, as I will not gift you until I know who you were.  

Whoever you are, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a very Happy New Year.


LisaRae (LisaRaeAu)

From: LisaRae (LisaRaeAu)


Certainly, but my current progress would indicate I probably won't get there during this year's event. Please save me for next year! :)

Msg 9.972 deleted



Good explanation Robert.angel  MERRY CHRISTMAS



From: misstracy22



I book marked it, for later ref.

Happy And peaceful Christmas to you and your family.

Tracy ribbonstar2snowman


From: MoTom61


Right you are, Annemaree!  Especially during the Halloween event where a lot of my friends change rooms in a 24 hr period.  This gives the opportunity to get 1,000 in gold per room.  Of course, it doesn’t do much for regular inventory (Banner Of Loyalty, for example) but, like you said, it comes in handy for pet crafting.  

Dudette (Dudette1st)

From: Dudette (Dudette1st)


Merry Christmas DeeDee! 

It's Dudette. I'm not website savvy about where to post, but i saw you and a reply button and just wanted to send my salutations and thank u for all the help and support you given over the past few months. Halloween was a blast and i only wish i had more time for this Christmas event. So far behind!! I'm trying to get on here every 8 hours but failing miserably. Please forgive and have a wonderful holiday season!


Ps: to all of my friends who are also reading this, thanks millions!! You know who you are! Happy Holidays to everyone!!