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Bodyline and 1977 Ashes Now Available   General

Started 30-Dec by MindenCricket (dagbo2); 130 views.
MindenCricket (dagbo2)

And the Minden Cards keep coming ... a small thing to continue to thank the Covid lockdown for in London (silver linings etc :-/ ) is that I have plenty of time to focus on MPCC!

As you may know I am spending most of my time on a Tour Pack for Pakistan's 1954 Tour of England but this is a significant undertaking b/c of the level of detail I want to put into the cards themselves and the accompanying Tour Pack (all the 1954 County Sides, the Tour Matches, new pitch cards, etc).

So to keep myself sane I am doing "inbetweenies..." which are mainly focussed on getting as many Ashes Series sets done as possible.

Today I completed the Bodyline and 1977 sets which you can download here: 

While most people know Bodyline, the 1977 Ashes Series is a little less well known. This is the one before World Series Cricket began. Most of the best Australian and English players are there but they are all about to decamp to the Packer Circus once the 5th Test is over, including the never forgiven Tony Grieg. 


From: LeeWykes



Brilliant news.  Harold Larwood is a hero in my home county of Nottinghamshire.   My Grandfather actually went to School with 'lol' as Harold was called and spent one wonderful afternoon telling me how he watched the young Larwood playing at the local pitch in Nuncargate, wonderful memories!