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World Cup 2019 - ODI Player Cards!   General

Started 11-Jan by MindenCricket (dagbo2); 89 views.
MindenCricket (dagbo2)

Greetings all - I've just posted the very first official ODI set of Minden Advanced Player cards.


This set contains all players who took part in the 2019 World Cup and the cards are based on their statistics from the tournament. They will work with the existing Minden 5th Edition rules without any need to modify the main rules. I have tweaked two small rules to ensure the Powerplay and "snatching extra runs" is more consistent with one day cricket, but other than that the Cards and the existing rules are good to go.

As this is the first time I've produced One Day cards I have released these for free for the time being, as I want to get more people playing with them to road test them properly.

I eventually plan to release ODI Career Cards and also other series.

Enjoy all!