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Open Source Advanced Card - At Last!   Open Source Minden

Started 26/3/16 by MindenCricket (dagbo2); 1902 views.
MindenCricket (dagbo2)

At last - the open source project gets under way

Well all, it's been a very long time coming - Christmas came. Christmas went. I returned to work and got busy and now it's almost April! Life, eh!

But ... good news! I am now ready to share all of the behind the scenes files that are used to create Advanced Player Cards for Minden Playing Card Cricket. Gary Graber, the creator of MPCC, has very graciously given his permission to share so here's how I would like to do it.

I want to do this in two stages. 

  • Stage 1 - get the files I use into a reasonable shape to post on mindencricket.com for anyone to download and use. I want to do this by creating an online working group. Read below for more info.
  • Stage 2 - get those files uploaded! <-- they can be found here.

That's pretty much it. 

I'll be honest, the files are in pretty, er, rough shape. They were never intended to be shared, so they may take some deciphering. They consist of a huge Excel file that I use to dump raw data into and then tweak to create the player cards, a Word document that goes some way to explaining how I actually create the cards, and Gary's original formulas for the cards. The original formulas that Gary shared with me when I first started working on the 5th edition were two very old typewritten A4 sheets of paper with some notes and formulas. He also sent me a reasonably long email explaining his thinking. By the time the 5th edition rolled around, it had been a good 10+ years since he'd worked on Minden but his memory of the how and the why were pretty sound.

And, while the cards are statistically accurate, Gary adds a whimsical quality to the cards in an effort to add a little personality to the players. This is a judgement call and it takes a bit of work to actually make each card represent the player. Almost every card I created, I had to go onto Cricinfo and read about the player to make sure I was getting something of their personality into each card. Whether I succeeded or not is debatable ;-) such is the joy of game design!

Anyway, onward...

I would now like to create a working group of those interested in helping with getting the various documents I have in shape. If you want to be involved let me know asap and I will contact you with more details. 

Once we get the docs in shape, we can then share them with the wider world.

While Gary and I have no plans to offer the game itself in a digital form - we still think it works very well in its analogue format - we are both happy to start to open up the card formulas in an effort to let the hundreds of gamers out there who have bought the game get access to more and more cards.

Let me know if you are interested.


A little PS for those interested into why I am taking this approach:

For those who know me via these boards and via emails, you know I do my best to respond to questions and requests but since the heady days of 4-5 years ago when we first launched the 5th Edition of MPCC my life has become ridiculously busy. I now run a company of about 40 people and spend about 50% of my time travelling. It's so busy that I rarely get any time to game anymore, and even less time to undertake the task of updating the annual cards or creating new ones. Hopefully this approach will alleviate people's frustrations and allow more people to enjoy Gary's great game.

A little PPS for those wondering about the Twenty20 version of Minden:

Well, the good news is Gary is starting the Twenty20 version this year. He is already playing around with some of the basic game design with a view to it being a lead in to the bigger board game. While no timeline is set for publishing it, I'm hopeful it will be sometime in the next year ... or five :-)


From: LeeWykes



Very happy to help with this.



MindenCricket (dagbo2)

Thanks Lee. Will send files to you tomorrow.





From: wdr99


I'd definitely help.


Msg 117.5 deleted

I will definitely help.




Stefano (koufax75)

From: Stefano (koufax75)


I would like to receive these files, too. And finally I can prepare the Cricinfo Greatest Teams Part II...


From: john2412


I am pretty much like yourself as regards work and time but would be very happy to assist as time allows, fully appreciating your time constraints but would be great to have people able to create teams and players themselves and have readily available for the fans of the game at last. And cant wait for the 20/20 version !!