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World Cup 2019 - ODI Player Cards!   General

Started 11-Jan by MindenCricket (dagbo2); 384 views.
MindenCricket (dagbo2)

Greetings all - I've just posted the very first official ODI set of Minden Advanced Player cards.


This set contains all players who took part in the 2019 World Cup and the cards are based on their statistics from the tournament. They will work with the existing Minden 5th Edition rules without any need to modify the main rules. I have tweaked two small rules to ensure the Powerplay and "snatching extra runs" is more consistent with one day cricket, but other than that the Cards and the existing rules are good to go.

As this is the first time I've produced One Day cards I have released these for free for the time being, as I want to get more people playing with them to road test them properly.

I eventually plan to release ODI Career Cards and also other series.

Enjoy all!


From: bowley63


Hi Darren I’m loving the 2019 ODI World Cup cards I did the England Innings for the England v South Africa match , England were 0-2 after 2 overs and recovered to 272-5 thanks to Joe Root making 126 not out, although there were many of the rules I forgot, It has got me thinking about doing the 1992 World Cup cards as it was one of my favourite world cups because of the format, Can I ask what SR range you used for the  2019 , as I have a lot of A rated players , and also with the players rated F- on their DR rating I assume would have to up two levels to get an E rating Thanks for any help you can give

MindenCricket (dagbo2)

Hi Paul - Nice recovery from England and no surprise that Root was the reliable saviour!

The reason there are a lot of As is b/c the Minden Advanced Playing card SRs tend to max out at A as they are based on Avg runs per over, and / or the number of boundaries per over the player got. B/c ODI is more aggressive and those numbers tend to be higher than in Test cricket across the board you get a lot of As. However, you will notice that the number of runs a player can generate from their card even if they have the same SR rating is significantly different. Some with high batting average are As but with the potential for more runs on their card. Some will have more 4s or an FL +1 rather than  2s and a normal FL. 

So even with a lot of SR As the cards are still quite different from each other but statistically accurate and will generate the right amount of runs (at the right aggression or defensive level) as the real life player over a period of time. 

I hope that makes sense. 

Re. F-, I have tended to remove that from most of the decks I have done recently so you should assume the are all Fs. I will remove them all from the cards in due time.

I can look at the 1992 World Cup if you like. It will just go onto my rather long to do list :-)


From: bowley63


Hi Darren Thanks for your reply, I have got a copy of the Spread sheet  for card creation that you put on here a few years back , and I have input the raw data ,for the 9 teams involved and have a number of errors , so I have overwritten the ratings with what I think they should be and they look quite cool, just need to sort out the bowlers ratings and any skills they may have , With regard to the strike rate for 1992 compared to 2019 ,  and the scores being quite a bit down , I guess not having the power play and allowing far field setting for the bowling team from the beginning of the innings should be  enough to lower the team scores . I am looking to create cards for each of the World Cups, Happy to share the results with you when I have completed them Best Regards Paul