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Hello Everyone   General

Started 5/18/18 by chanchan79; 185 views.

From: chanchan79


Hi This is Channing . I have autism. I am Being EXTREMELY SEVERELY NEGLECTED the Caregiver who I am Staying with Does not have Hot Water for Batheing, The Care Giver will not take me to my medical appointments I have an appointment with the Dentist on June 7, 2018 and have no Transportation to the Dentist- The people at my Day program Which is Lifespan Get in Trouble when they Transport me to the Doctor and say that they Cannot Transport me to the Doctor,I am also being left at the Day program Lifespan until 5:00pm Monday -Friday with no Staff because the Caregiver works until 5:00pm, I also have no adequate food for Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast. I am in need of Help I need a Permanent Place to Live 7 Days a Week I have been without a Place to live since January. I need Help with Transportation to my June 7, 2018 Dentist Appointment. My mom Cannot Take Care of me anymore because she lives in a nursing home. Can someone help me I need Extreme Help I need an emergency place to live. I n eed someone to please Call me at [removed]
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From: Cstar1


Hi -

I suggest you call your city or county social services agency. There is no one here to assist you with this kind of problem.