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As every mother on this planet, I am deeply concerned about the preservation of wise thoughts and wildlife in nature.

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Faces   Poems and Verses

Started Jul-2 by poetrose96; 51 views.

From: poetrose96





The thing about faces is they can say

a lot more than just words

some like the guy on right his must

be full of happy memories, he seems

at peace with himself, with some happy

thoughts of the past. 


The man in the middle seems to be mad

at the entire world and all that is around it;

heck he might even be mad at himself also

but the anger is eating him up both inside and out,

yelling at people to get the hell out of his way!


The last guy, seems to have seen it all,

by that I mean he most likely is a homeless Veteran;

he has seen things that no man should have ever seen,

that is why he has that faraway look in his eyes,

just trying to find a place to call home.

Yes, you can tell you a lot about faces,

if just you take the time to look.


Steve L Siegel

July 2, 2017