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Ed (Ed_S)

From: Ed (Ed_S)


St Louis is about 600 miles from here, so yeah, you're a full day's ride away.

I work a goofy schedule - 24 hours on followed by 48 off. Whether I'd be able to go or not depends on when it would be, and if I can get the vacation time. (and getting my wife to agree to my going, too, of course!)

New Jersey is certainly reachable in a day's ride from here, though.

So we'd have 3 days - the day everyone arrives, the day with Walt, and the day everyone leaves?

That sounds about right to me.  I don't know why you think I'm in St. Louis, I'm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


Ed (Ed_S)

From: Ed (Ed_S)


Yes, I saw that in your profile. But I used St Louis as a mileage marker, since it's a known distance from here.




Here's some more mileages:

Cedar Rapids - Freehold ...1038

Cedar Rapids - Vermilion ...527 

Cedar Rapids - Pittsburgh ...696

Vermilion - Freehold ...502

Pittsburgh - Freehold ...354


I'm kinda hoping Lori will be in Ohio when I travel.  I could make Pgh. alone, or with another compatable long rider.  I'm really not trying to create a group ride.  Unless its a Reality Tour, then the size of the group doesn't matter.  The meetup will be in Freehold.  It will be there that a group ride takes place (in this scenario).   For the well being of my sister's family I will limit her offer of hospitality to those I have met in person and am comfortable with.  Understandable  That's still a passle of people.  ; )



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Ed (Ed_S)

From: Ed (Ed_S)


Perfectly understandable.

in this day and age, you never know . . .