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Fires in Oklahoma   General Discussion

Started 3/9/17 by Vinniesparents (Vinniespare1); 1772 views.

Hi  Jerry

Wondering How things are going by You. Keep seeing on TV that Oklahoma is trying to burn up along with some other near by States. Sure hope none of it is too near You and that You are safe.

John and Lil(vinniesparents)

If tomorrow never comes god Bless


From: UncleJerry


Hi John,

I will post this for everybody to see. Yes, there were some fires here last Monday. The last that I heard the total land area burned was getting very close to 2,000 square miles. That includes Texas, KLansas, and Oklahoma. I believe that there were six deaths. Three were from around here. A couple were killed while trying to move cattle. The other was a lady helping her husband. Keeled over with a heart attack. One was a truck driver who lost control and jack-knifed his rig. I don't remember the story on the other two.

I was in the library Monday afternoon. Around 5:00 I looked of the front windows. Hmmmmm. It was dark. I didn't really think about it. About 6:00 a friend of mine called. Maybe I should say sometimes she acts af she is a drama queen. <smile> She was all concerned about what would happen if we had a fire. Another friend of hers called on her other line and announced that the town was evacuating. She said that she was putting on some clothes then leaving. I called my sister to confirm the order. She was already gone. I drove a few miles south to a hilltop and stopped. I had vision and cell service. My friend called me back. She said that her hubby refused to go with her. What should she do. I told her to leave him there if he didn't want to go with her. I told her where I was.Just so we could travel in a small caravan in case she wanted.

Later I called. She had driven past me. I went to the next little town (Fort Supply and found her. Her husband was in his pickup next to her. Hmmm. We said hello then Forbt Supply evacuated us to Woodward. We sat there for a while then saw the Buffalo School bus headed back to Buffalo. We thought that if the buss could come back we wul folow it.

My SIL had some land down here. Maybe eight or ten miles out of town. It got wiped out. I am sure the fence got fried. The sad thing is that they were burned out the last fires around here. As last year. It is almost a double whanny.

That is the news for now. Have fun.


Good morning Jerry

Was good to talk to you yesterday and find out You are OK, hope all is going better every day and the fires will finally stop.

John and Lil (Vinniesparents)

If tomorrow never comes GOD BLESS


From: mtlcowgirl1


OMG, Jerry.  That is so terrible.  At least up here in Canuckistan, all we get is violent snow storms.  Like right now.  Thankfully, I live in a highrise apartment tower which is solidly built and I am safe and warm.  Take care of yourself and your family, my good friend.


From: UncleJerry



Yes, it is bad. This morning th e radio said that it was now 46% contained. That may sound worse than it really. They don't call in contained until it is cold.

Today I took my sister an early birthday present or three. On the way down I saw five semi trucks loaded with track laying tractors. I really didn't understand the use for them. On the way back I drove by slowly. They were from Department of Forestry. Three were from Tennessee, the other two were rim Georgia. I think that they had been used in fighting the fires. There were three fires involved in the burn. The last that I heard, in the total burn, was 1850 square miles involved. It would be nice if we got some rain. Shucks, right now even a snow would help. But you may keep the violent ones up there.

The plants here think that winter is over. Lots of growth started and blooms happening. Personally I think that we have at least one more cold spell before it is over Probably more than one.

Me and family are doing well.



From: mtlcowgirl1


We up here have had forest fires, but apparently not as bad as you have had.  Here, they are further up north in the timberline.

?Bless you for treating your sis.  I am sure she appreciated it.  You are a good brother.  And friend <smile>.

?Up here, we are digging out from the last (I hope) snow storm of the season.  There is a joke on Canadian television according to which we have two groundhogs to sell, towit, Whiarton Willie and Shubenachedy Sam, both of which predicted an early spring <yuk>.  How's Punxatawny Phil faring?

?No plants here are even thinking of rearing their little heads.  The birds sing occasionally, however.  Not today, though.  We are still in a Canadian deep freeze.

Keep well, my good friend.






Long walk up the stairs with the logs for the fireplace, eh?


From: mtlcowgirl1


LOL, Warren.  We do have elevators.  Unfortunately, we do not have fireplaces in my building.  I would like one, however.  We are heated electrically, though.  That will suffice.

Hi Uncle Jerry

Hope You are in town and will get this message, I think You and Johnnie Gorthy both have a Birthday tomorrow so I thought I should send You some Birthday Greetings. Hope You will both have a Great Day

 Lots of Love from John and Lil (vinniesparents)

if tomorrow never comes God Bless


From: UncleJerry



I had a good time visiting with you on the phone. I finally have a chance to check here and found this as I knew I would.

Just a note for anybody reading this. Val and I crossed texts on Easter. It is nice to know she is still around.