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Fires in Oklahoma   General Discussion

Started 3/9/17 by Vinniesparents (Vinniespare1); 2014 views.

From: UncleJerry


Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Wild Fire, and Tornado. Well, wild fire season got here yesterday. So far four fires have moved into one. Last count that I heard was 115,000 acres have burned. No count on buildings. One person was missing for a while but he was found unharmed. I went to a short trip for a meeting yesterday evening. I drove past where one of fires had started. I have no idea if it has anything to do with anything but I saw some people throwing some shredded truck tires off the roadway.

I just thought that I would use this thread instead of starting a new one.

Thats all for now.



From: mtlcowgirl1


Oh, Good Lord.  Stay safe.  At least up in my neck of the woods, all we get is extreme cold and snow.  We are still due for a few flakes today, which is unseasonal for this time of year.  Only 1cm though, so it won't stick.  I just want to put my winter duds away.  We are indeed slaves of Mother Nature.  She dictates everything.


From: UncleJerry


We must dance to the dance of Mom Nature. Today Today is 46° f. Wednesday she gave us 101° f. I would be happy to get some snow if the wind would slow down. The way it is blowing, the snow would end up elsewhere before it could melt and soak in. In the last couple of weeks a calm day has been 25-35 mph with gusts to 40. A windy day would be 40-45 with gusts of 60. Even if I complain some I am still happy to live here.

From: Scottski



I'd kind of like to see a few flakes down here but all we are getting is rain & wind. At least the wind is straight-line and not a twister <G>. Hope you are enjoying the day regardless of what the weather brings!


21 years passes faster than you might think, doesn't it?





From: mtlcowgirl1


You are absolutely correct about the weather.  We had an ice storm here last night.  Thankfully, I didn't need to go out.  Straight rain for the rest of the week.  The weather guessers are predicting a sunny dry weekend, though.  I hope they are right.

They made that song just because of that wind.