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transmission shifting noise   Member Intros w/Uncle Jerry

Started 5/7/17 by Chuck (Troubadour47); 241 views.

Hello everyone. This is Troubadour47 and I'm new to this sort of thing. It's great

to find a place at last where I can share info with others regarding our common

interest, motorcycles and riding.


From: UncleJerry



Welcome to the forum. Grab and pull up a keyboard. Just join right in. I must say it is rather quiet in here not. but maybe we can do something about it.

Psst: It might help is you told us something about you. Maybe where you live. Even a state would help. How much have you ridden. What is your bike.


Chuck (Troubadour47)

From: Chuck (Troubadour47)


I'm a retired maintenance mechanic specializing in plumbing, heating and electrical work. I lived outside the Albany/Troy, N.Y. area in the mountains most all my life. After retirement I moved to upper N.Y.S. just west of Plattsburgh, N.Y. near Lake Champlain. I've ridden since I was about 20 years old. My first 2 machines were BMW's with the horizontal opposed engines. Now I ride a 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan LT, 1700 cc, 6 spd. I previously owned a '07 900 cc Vulcan and wanted a little more so I traded for a '08 1600 Vulcan Classic. The one I have now is just right, with all the features I wanted and, in my opinion all the bugs out that the previous models had. Currently I'm having a bit of a problem with the hydraulic clutch which is the first and only problem I've had with it in 12,000 miles. I could use some advice on this. I've drained and bled the fluid, found some air and black sediment in the system, but I'm still having trouble. When the engine is cold I have no clutch. It won't engage. After about 5 minutes idling It's usually back to normal. I thought I'd fixed the problem, but after sitting a couple days, the problem is back. Does anyone have any experience with this model. I'd like to fix it myself if possible !


From: Dbellgraph


I can't help you with that problem. But there are Vulcan forums on the internet. Search for them, someone there might be able to help you. Dennis