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Riding Safety   Beginners & Safety w/TEvo

Started 1/20/18 by StevoLegal; 217 views.

From: StevoLegal


I'm sure many of you have seen this article but, I thought I would post it here. 

As a motorcycle rider and an attorney that represents injured bikers, I see the "left-hand turn" scenario as one of the most common and unfortunate ways riders get injured.  Most states have motor vehicle codes same or similar to California (where I practice).  These hold drivers intending to turn left across oncoming traffic responsible to yield the right of way and not initiate or continue making the turn until it is safe to do so.  Here is a discussion of the topic on one of my blogs:

This article might also be helpful in understanding how lawyers and accident reconstruction experts analyze these cases and what type of photographic and other evidence is used at the scene of a motorcycle accident: Accident Reconstruction of a Motorcycle Collision Case

Keep up the great work educating us on motorcycle safety issues!