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Things and all that   General Discussion

Started 3/31/18 by Ain't I A Stinker? (bugser); 511 views.

LOL....By the way, I sent you a friend request on facebook since I'm also friends with that young lady from Hawaii. 


From: UncleJerry


I have been off line for a week so so. No excuse just lazy. I did remember your birthday about a week or so ago. Are you still going on 12 or is it 13 now? Anyway Happy (belated) Birthday. I see it is Victoria Day up in Northland. So do whatever it is that you do on her Day.

From: mtlcowgirl1


Thanks for the wishes, my good friend.  Yep, still going on 12.  My back occasionally tells me otherwise, but whatever.  Victoria Day is basically just a day off here.  Some cities have fireworks, but we didn't.  Fas as I know anyway.  I go to bed very early.  When Mack was with me, every day was fireworks day <wink>.