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Where is everybody?   General Discussion

Started 6/1/19 by mtlcowgirl1; 8063 views.

From: UncleJerry


I am not sure what a VSO is but I have an idea.
the first one I tried to work with made me feel as a third class citizen. Well maybe a second class. I had to drive 35 miles then try to find him. I gave up on him after two visits. .

Let me explain a bit o the problem. When you get to Nowhere, OK go about 150 miles NW. That will give you a clue. He told me I had to call Amarillo, TX, my home area. It was the closes to me, Only 180 miles. I think that a wee silly. I found a contact North of me in Kansas. They said that if I had a Kansas address I could go to Dodge City. Only 75 miles from me. My brother lives there and is letting me "live" with him. I am very uneducated about things. Anyway the VSO go me signed up for medical.
We talked a bit about disability. Two or tree months later I had some questions so I made a journey up to his local monthly office (35 miles from home). So welcome to #3. then there was #4. I started making the monthly trip. Last time guess what. #5 came with #4. #3 did get a claim in for disability. A month or so later VA asked for proof that I was in Vietnam. He had to explain to VA that the VSM I had on my 216 was a Vietnam Service Medal. Duh!

I could write more but you may feel my frustrations about things or not Enough for now



From: mtlcowgirl1


LOL.  My dad used to say the same thing about weddings and funerals.  Whatever you decide, you are sure to have a good time in good company.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi Jerry

Sorry We missed Your call We were out Christmas Shopping, Heather & Her Husband are coming for Thanksgiving so we want to send their Christmas presents along home with them instead of Spending Money on Postage. Hope You have a Great Thanksgiving, guess We will be having a Snow Storm here over Thanksgiving

           John and LIL (Vinniesparents)     If tomorrow never comes GOD BLESS