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Katana 1100 suddenly running crappy   General Discussion

Started Sep-7 by Masx (Bobxxx); 39 views.
Masx (Bobxxx)

From: Masx (Bobxxx)


Hi. I have a Suzuki Katana 1100. The bike is a 1989 I bought it then.

I rode it several days ago and it ran great with full power. Then I took it out last night and it was running bad. Like a plug had fouled. I had not idled it at all. So can't say that's what it was. I tried revving it in 2nd to try and clear the foul. However it seems like it happened too suddenly to be a fouled plug. I'm not sure if a plug can suddenly go bad after riding it, putting it away and starting again?

It was underground parking so weather had nothing to do with it. When I first tried to crank it over I had no connection until I tried the side-stand up and down but nothing, and then finally moved my windscreen up and down with the switch and it got a connection and started.

Plugs replaced in 2017 and had no signs of anything wrong.  I limped home and it never improved.  It seems electrical but I don't know where to start looking? Could a fuse do this? Or a loose wire somewhere?

Any ideas much appreciated.