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Motorcycle Safety   General Discussion

Started Nov-22 by Jim (JIM5627); 235 views.
Jim (JIM5627)

From: Jim (JIM5627)


Thank you. I'm looking forward to your comments.


From: mtlcowgirl1


Thanks for sticking around, Scott.  A few new folks, so the place should hold up.


From: Scottski


I'm afraid I have let this go unanswered for longer than I had planned. I will try to express my thoughts coherently, but sometimes my dyslexia leads to wildly inaccurate spellings.
What would "motorcycle friendly" roads look like? They would be properly paved without pot- holes or major irregularities. They should have a clear field of vision at every intersection in all directions. Intersections should be limited and preferable include merge lanes for incoming traffic. Roundabouts seem to be all the rage in road development recently, and I think they are a good thing for a rider since they reduce the probability of being rear-ended or broad-sided by automobiles. Motorcycle friendly roads should not be uniformly straight - curves and elevation changes that most car drivers will not care about make a road fun to ride. This is not a safety issue, it is a fun-factor necessary for a road to be "motorcycle friendly".
From a purely safety-oriented point of view, if a road is safe for an automobile it should be safe for a motorcyclist if the cyclist is competent. There are very few single-vehicle motorcycle accidents that do not include alcohol, excessive speed or bad weather. Most motorcycle crashes that I am aware of were caused either by a rider getting in over his head ( such as my broken leg in 2001 ) or by collisions with other vehicles. I remember too well learning that one good friend was killed on his bike purely due to the negligence of an automobile driver who turned before he could clearly see oncoming traffic. I remember learning that a promising young man was killed at an intersection where the stop sign was obscured by vegetation so he did not stop.
Visibility is the biggest key to being safe from other drivers on the road in my opinion. That means reflective clothing, or extra lights, or whatever else we may do to stand out from the clutter that most drivers ignore. But most of all it means training every automobile driver to be more observant and less careless behind the wheel. Driver education seems ( at least in my area ) to be minimal. Serious driver training that is mandatory for all new drivers is an issue I could get behind, and I generally despise the notion of government mandates of any type.
In summary, the best roads for motorcycling are well-maintained roads with good visibility at all intersections. My idea of a really "motorcycle friendly" road is a stretch of good, clean, well-paved tarmac with lots of curves ( including a few that might just scare you now and then ) with minimal traffic and no ticket-writing police officers.  Preferably that stretch has a good rest stop at one or both ends with gasoline, bathrooms, cold beverages and hot food - not necessarily in that order. 
Now I want to make a trip to Deal's Gap again <BWSEG!!>