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2021 riding season   General Discussion

Started Aug-26 by JOHNNIEG2756; 153 views.

From: JOHNNIEG2756


Since I can’t do heat this has been the worst riding season I’ve ever had.  Hopefully when it cools down I’ll get in some miles.  I’ve taken two three day rides so far.  Getting tired of the day rides out of Minot.  But I’m riding yet so I better count my blessings  

Hi Johnnie

Glad to see You here. Thought You might like to Know that We did have a Phone Call from Uncle Jerry and He is still at the Veterans  Home at Fort Dodge Kansas. Says He is doing OK but in Bed or a Wheelchair most of the time and thinks He will be there for ever.  But did seem to be in Good Spirits. I did write to Karen in Canada to let Her know but have not had a reply from her so am a bit worried about how She is doing as She had told Me to inform Her if We heard from Uncle Jerry. 

     JOHN & Lil (vinniesparents) 

            If tomorrow never comes God Bless




From: JOHNNIEG2756


Hoping to get down to Kansas yet this summer.  Would be great to meet him. Will stay in touch if I go so I can look him up.  Miss the old gang here.  Hope both of you are doing great!!