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Where is everybody?   General Discussion

Started 6/1/19 by mtlcowgirl1; 9986 views.
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From: mtlcowgirl1


I'm not looking, but if I get an offer, you never know.

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Hi Dave

don't know if this is going t work but thought you might like to see how the tree has grown. I will try and insert a picture from 2017 & 2018

                      John& Lil (Vinniesparents)


From: ne243


 That is one of the most beautiful trees I've seen. What a great tribute to Vinnie, I still put my passenger pegs down for him every June.

 Thanks for the picture, Dave

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Hi Dave

A picture From Heather's Wedding, Ryan has the Blue Shirt and Jacob has a Gray Shirt. Jacob was only about 6 when Vinnie was killed and now is all grown up and in Collage. Picture was taken in Seattle 3 years ago. Heather is a little more grown up then when She rode with You and so is Ryan.

Hope this is not boring You

         John and Lil (vinniesparents0     IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES GOD BLESS 

Hi Karen

Sorry to see how few people have responded to You on the Forum, I guess everyone really is just on Facebook these days. 

We don't have a Facebook account and don't intend to get One but everyone to their Own Choice I guess.

    Have A good day and lot of LOVE

            JOHN & LIL (vinniesparents)  IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES GOD BLESS


From: mtlcowgirl1


Thanks for responding, guys.  I just signed up as a Facebook friend with Bill Wood today.  I am worried about Walt.  He did not respond to my motorcycle views request.  I will wait to see what Bill has to say.  I sure do hope I get this train back on track again in the forum.  But who knows.

Be well,



From: JOHNNIEG2756


Wow,  it did some growing.  Thanks for posting John/Lil.


From: JOHNNIEG2756


Thought I posted but maybe not.  Gotten out of touch I guess


From: UncleJerry



The concert was great. I had intended to go down on Wednesday but it didn't work our. I was too lazy. I got up on Thursday and headed out. Went 30 mils and stopped for gasoline. Good thing I did as I had forgotten my wallet. Drive back 30 miles a nd try it again. Don't mind the extra miles. It let the rain go away. I got there noonish. Mostly "locals" this year, One group was from Japan This was their seventh appearance. Lots of fun even if it wore me out. It was an all outdoor event. It was a block to the porta-potties. A block in another direction to the food vendors. Add together the area was three blocks by four blocks of open area.

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From: JOHNNIEG2756



What is the situation in NE regarding the farm land?  Couldn’t get over the tv coverage I saw.  We have had a bad year up here in ND.  Still got crops in the fields and a major storm is moving in. Was going to ride to KS and visit some bike museums and a former forum member but the road conditions in your state spooked me.  I’ve also been wanting to ride the Smak-Dab run from Lebanon KS to Rugby ND.  Maybe next year.  Marcus was the forum member I spoke of.  Saw him and his mom when I rode to Dodge City KS for the Cannonball run lay over.  Will try and stay in touch.