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Talk City Chat Forums

AdultWomenAndOlderGents [login required]
Hosted by Goddess__101
Messages: 56505 (7 posted today) Members: 348430 (258 active today)
We're like no other!! An adult forum to chat with friendly people about a variety of topics. No racism, religion, politics or explicit sexual content. Plz Read Rules Posted on Forum. 
Seniors Hideaway [login required]
Hosted by Kakes2
Messages: 9108 (13 posted today) Members: 15279 (20 active today)
A place where some of the best people meet to relax, chat, and have fun with family,long time friends and meet new ones. This is not high school seniors so, 30 and up ONLY! 
Messages: 65791 (12 posted today) Members: 2223 (10 active today)
* Just Sigs * Adoptable siggies...Cute...Fantasy ...Elegant 
Hosted by Flash441
Messages: 8706 (0 posted today) Members: 45082 (31 active today)
Come on in to our happy-go-lucky room where we offer Trivia 24/7. We bring back the fun into your life, so if you need to talk or just wanna have fun come in here!! Lots of regular chatters from Canada, the US, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand. Nice mix of people. We like to think we are one of the friendliest rooms in Talkcity. But then we also like to think we are clever and maybe not. :) 
Hosted by Nice_Creep
Messages: 86053 (3 posted today) Members: 39084 (12 active today)
"The whole world is one family." Experience this by visiting and participating in our forum and chat room activities. We are one of the oldest rooms in Talk City, now Delphi Forums, where people from every corner of the world are welcome. We offer warmth, good company and hospitality. We discourage racism, abuse and rude behavior. As a family room we strive to maintain a clean atmosphere. Interesting discussions, wit and humor and entertaining games will keep you absorbed as the... [+]
Hosted by Pengy (klicks)
Messages: 987 (1 posted today) Members: 6155 (28 active today)
Pleasant chat among friends. C'mon in, sit a spell, and visit. 
Hosted by pepsigal_43
Messages: 19140 (0 posted today) Members: 349543 (12 active today)
Welcome to 40sPlus, home to the most fun group of chatters you can find. Pull up a keyboard, greet your old friends and make the new ones feel welcome. Our room is for fun and laughs, we like to get away from our daily problems here, so keep the conversation on the light/upbeat side. We care about the serious stuff, but just keep it in IM's. We like to get pretty rowdy here so adults only please(Ages over 25) Please read the rules, some are posted on our forum main page, and more in the... [+]
Hosted by WhatsaMattahU
Messages: 629 (0 posted today) Members: 3243 (11 active today)
Laugh with us in a great room for all ages. Play Kaos, make friends and enjoy yourselves. 
Hosted by Geezer_Guy
Messages: 155386 (1 posted today) Members: 29798 (8 active today)
The Free Thinkers Perception Exchange is a forum where ideas can be explored through a diversity of perspectives, interdisciplinary and empathic positions brought to the room by the visitors. Through a number means we test ideas to destruction All Cultures & Creeds Welcomed Here! When You Try all the Rest Welcome Home To The Best:) Respectful Debates Creative Artists Fun !Kaos Bot in the Room Streaming at times A TC Room Owner Op Friendly Home Lights always on for making new friends! We... [+]
Hosted by WhatsaMattahU
Messages: 2493 (0 posted today) Members: 4230 (10 active today)
Welcome to Smile, a room for all to enjoy, play some trivia, discuss life and relax 
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