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From: WALTER784 DelphiPlus Member Icon9/3/21 7:07 AM 
To: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2185 of 3729) 
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This makes no sense to me. Then again, those doctors are probably very intelligent people, but I would question their "wisdom," and wisdom is vastly more important that raw intelligence.

You have to look at it from the right perspective... and it's not doctors, their expertise, our health either.

It's a test before ushering in One World Order. They are testing us now to see how many will willing take the vaccinations and how many will resist. They're also keeping track of which countries and how many in each country refuse to get vaccinated.

This will give them an idea "per country" of which ones will be problematic and which ones will not be problematic and just how problematic those countries might also be.

When you look at it in that perspective... it starts to make sense. The doctors are probably right, but we'll never know for sure. I doubt doctors would willingly give information that might be detrimental to your health. 

So looking at it from that perspective... they're now talking about booster shots. So who's to say that they will or won't issue a booster shot in the future to certain individuals which might kill them depending on whether you willingly got the vaccine or resisted!

Remembers, most doctors are not nefarious... most politicians are however!!!

Now does it make a little bit better sense?



From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon9/3/21 7:08 AM 
To: All  (2186 of 3729) 
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The CW Posters: Superman, The Flash & More Arrowverse Heroes In Masks |  TVLine

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From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon9/3/21 7:11 AM 
To: WALTER784 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2187 of 3729) 
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       It seems, to me, hardly sensible that doctors are prescribing for an unknown future, as if it were a known future.


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon9/3/21 7:11 AM 
To: All  (2188 of 3729) 
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September 3, 2021

       "President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN on Wednesday that he is hopeful that there will be an emergency use authorization (ESA) to vaccinate children under 12-years-old in the coming weeks."

        To vaccinate with WHAT, the so-called approved Cominerta, or the ESA, non-approved, Pfizer vaccine? It makes a difference Dr. Fauci. If they use the ESA version, they can't be sued if, for example, the children turn up sterile as adults, and there are many other devastating examples I could bring.

        "we’ve done this for decades and decades requiring (vaccines for) polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis,”

        How long did it take to get FDA approvals on those vaccines Dr. Fauci, a year...or a decade?


Fauci Says He Hopes to Get Emergency Use Authorization to Vaccinate Children Under 12 in Coming Weeks

President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN on Wednesday that he is hopeful that there will be an emergency use authorization to vaccinate children under 12-years-old in the coming weeks.

Speaking to Wolf Blitzer, the controversial figure said that it is possible there could be enough data collected to make a decision by the end of September.

"We hope as soon as possible, Wolf,” Fauci said. “Right now the data are being collected… We should have enough of the data to examine and make a decision as we get into late September, the beginning of October. Then the data will be presented to the FDA and the FDA will make a determination whether they will grant that under an emergency use authorization or some other mechanism.”

Fauci said he expects to have data from “at least in one of the companies” by the end of September.

Asked if it would be available for our youngest children by Thanksgiving, Fauci said “I hope so, Wolf.”

“You don’t want to get ahead of the FDA. They’re an independent organization. They’ll do their thing. They do it very well. They preserved our safety of people in this country with interventions like vaccines and they also make a determination if it’s effective. I hope that gets done quickly so we can get those younger children vaccinated.”

Fauci believes that children should be required to get vaccinated to go to school.

“This is not something new. We have mandates in many places in schools, particularly public schools, that if in fact you want a child to come in — we’ve done this for decades and decades requiring (vaccines for) polio, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis,” Fauci told CNN. “So this would not be something new, requiring vaccinations for children to come to school.”


From: WALTER784 DelphiPlus Member Icon9/3/21 7:35 AM 
To: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2189 of 3729) 
 10301.2189 in reply to 10301.2187 


It seems, to me, hardly sensible that doctors are prescribing for an unknown future, as if it were a known future.

Because they are not nefarious... they don't see what's going to happen in the future... but the nefarious politicians do see what's coming because they have planned for it.



From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon9/3/21 2:11 PM 
To: Len (AryehLeib613)  (2190 of 3729) 
 Featured Message10301.2190 in reply to 10301.2188 

September 3, 2021

        "On August 23 as the FDA announced full approval for the Pfizer mRNA gene-edited substance. Or not quite...Rather it is a politically-motivated decision by an FDA that is corrupt beyond the imagination of most people."


The Scandal Behind the FDA Fake Approval of Pfizer’s Jab

On August 23 as the FDA announced full approval for the Pfizer mRNA gene-edited substance. Or not quite, when the full papers of FDA are studied. Fauci, whose NIAID has financial interest in the vaccine, referred to the FDA decision as the “final stamp of approval.” It is however anything but final or an impartial, scientific rigorous medical evaluation. Rather it is a politically-motivated decision by an FDA that is corrupt beyond the imagination of most people.

Backtracking on its statement in 2020 that it would hold normal FDA advisory committee hearings with independent experts to discuss the Pfizer application for full approval, now the FDA told the British Medical Journal that they did not believe a meeting was necessary ahead of granting full approval...The BMJ quotes Kim Witczak, a drug safety advocate who serves as a consumer representative on the FDA’s Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee, “These [FDA] public meetings are imperative...especially when the vaccines came to market at lightning speed under emergency use authorization.”

Witczak continued with the alarming note, “It is already concerning that full approval is being based on 6 months’ worth of data despite the clinical trials designed for two years. There is no control group after Pfizer offered the product to placebo participants before the trials were completed.” Read that again, slowly. Pfizer tests destroyed their own control group mid-stream! And its six month rollout of the mRNA jab worldwide has resulted in catastrophic side effects which have been totally officially ignored. Is this “science” Dr Fauci? ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Now the FDA refusal to convene their advisory committee for the Pfizer decision is all the more astonishing in light of the fact that the Government Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in its official VAERS data bank for recording vaccine negative effects has recorded 8,508 reports of fatalities following the Pfizer mRNA shot in the past seven months, a number more than for all vaccines combined in the past 30 years. By denying a public hearing the FDA avoided any discussion of these alarming fatality numbers, let alone the tens of thousands of serious side-effects including heart attacks, blood clots, miscarriages, permanent paralysis following the Pfizer-BioNTech jabs.

Faked Approval - It seems the FDA executed a clever ruse in which it issued separate rulings for a Pfizer Inc.-BioNTech vaccine which is widely used in the USA, and another ruling for the similar vaccine of Pfizer’s German-based partner and developer of the mRNA platform, BioNTech of Mainz. It is only BioNTech that got FDA approval, but conditioned on completion of a series of further tests on select groups including infants, pregnant women and youth, by 2027. The US vaccine, Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, only got extension of its Emergency Use Authorization (EUA), not full approval! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The FDA admits there are two legally separate entities and vaccines—Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine and BioNTech GmbH of Mainz with its own vaccine trade-named Comirnaty. The FDA writes that “The products are legally distinct…” Legally distinct means two separate vaccines. If you find this confusing it is meant to be. Only under an EUA ruling is Pfizer presently exempt from vaccine liability.


The authorization is for BioNTech, and it will only be initiated at the time BioNTech product becomes available…”

Adding to the bizarre irregularities, in their two separate letters, one to BioNTech and another to Pfizer, the FDA repeatedly deletes the location of the vaccine manufacturing they approve. Why is that? Is it in China where BioNTech has a joint agreement with Fosun Pharma of Shanghai to jointly produce and market Comirnaty?


From: Illawarrian (LouiseRoy) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/4/21 12:45 AM 
To: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2191 of 3729) 
 10301.2191 in reply to 10301.2175 

I don't think the new cases matter - it's more a matter of how many are dying? How many are in the ICU? On ventilators? And can the hospital system cope with current numbers. Our hospitals are preparing for the worst as cases are increasing. They say October will be the worst month. I don't know why this is. They are training paramedics to do intubations and encouraging retired nurses back into the system. Newly graduated nurses are being employed immediately and trained in Covid patient care. There is a plan for police and firemen to drive ambulances where there is a shortage of drivers. Many firemen/women have already been trained as paramedics as well. I hope this will be enough. 


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon9/4/21 9:06 PM 
To: Illawarrian (LouiseRoy) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2192 of 3729) 
 10301.2192 in reply to 10301.2191 

        "I don't think the new cases matter - it's more a matter of how many are dying? How many are in the ICU? On ventilators? And can the hospital system cope with current numbers."

          I agree with this, but I'm not sure that my reasons are the same as yours, but maybe they are. You see, once a person has Covid, he develops antibodies that are far superior to anything that comes from the vaccines. Also, the vaccine antibodies lose their potential over a short period of time. The natural immunity stays forever. When they tell you that the antibodies from the natural immunity also wanes over time, they are only telling you part of the story, and by telling you part of the story, they are not telling you any of the story.

           A person who has natural immunity not only creates antibodies, but this is God's system, and people also develop memory t-cells, and other kinds of memory mechanisms. These t-cells for instance, recognize the reintroduction of Covid, and immediately signal the body to go into overdrive in creating new antibodies. The vaccines do not do this. Plus, the vaccines are very dangerous. This is already being seen in the short term, and they may be vastly more dangerous in the long term, but no one can say with certainty because none of these vaccines have been around for the long term. That is why it is INSANITY that they are trying to vaccinate the world with these experimental and totally unknown drugs.


From: Illawarrian (LouiseRoy) DelphiPlus Member Icon9/4/21 9:58 PM 
To: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon  (2193 of 3729) 
 10301.2193 in reply to 10301.2192 

You're right of course, that natural immunity is better. I'm one of these people who didn't allow my kids to be vaccinated against childhood diseases - mumps, chicken pox, measles, rubella. They caught these things and got over them. They were only vaccinated against polio, diphtheria and tetanus. Unfortunately after my daughter joined the Australian Defence Force they vaccinated her against everything imaginable and I hate to think what damage that might have done. However, by allowing everyone to catch Covid, you're going to have not only a lot of deaths, but also many people suffering lifelong disability - 'long covid'. The fatality rate recently calculated for the U.S.A. was 1.4%. This percentage will change from time to time but 1.4% seems to be the latest calculation. If everyone in Australia caught Covid - 25 million people - we would have about 350,000 deaths. This is according to the epidemiologists: "Viral mRNA will be eliminated in a few hours. The viral spike protein made from the mRNA will be present in the body for 2-3 days prior to being destroyed. After a couple of days, the viral mRNA and its viral spike protein it codes for, are no longer present in the body." The world's epidemiologists, virologists, etc, are convinced there won't be long term damage from the vaccines. I hope they're right, but considering we might have 350,000 deaths in Australia if we don't do something, I think it is worth the risk. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. I'm trusting our doctors to give us the right information. I'm sure they don't want anyone to die and they're doing their best for us. Australian doctors reject Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid because there have been no clinical trials that show it is effective. Ivermectin can kill the Covid virus in the laboratory but in order for it to be effective a person would need an overdose, which might cause low blood pressure, seizures, liver injury and even coma. We've had a few doctors on the News explaining why Ivermectin is not used in Australia. They believe the risks outweigh the benefits. I do hope a definite cure is soon found because vaccinating everyone is a risk but at this point in time it's our only hope. I notice in today's news that in Israel they are saying the vaccine is 97% effective in preventing hospitalization. I also found an article on the situation in Israel written by an epidemiologist. https://yourlocalepidemiologist.substack.com/p/whats-going-on-with-israel-and-what?fbclid=IwAR2gB9ST9VkNpKVmjTtb-myDq6g8RUK6i1-mV3KtNvXiPHbFJGAqOhwdygw


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon9/4/21 10:50 PM 
To: All  (2194 of 3729) 
 10301.2194 in reply to 10301.2031 

September 5, 2021

        "However, it’s important to note that knowledge of why a person dies after vaccination will not help the family recover damages since the pharmaceutical industry is immune from liability."

         Unfortunately, the article fails to mention WHY the pharmaceutical industry is immune from liability. The reason is because the vaccines were given the FDA status of EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). They were given that status because they are experimental and dangerous. NONE of the vaccines in use today have been "APPROVED" by the FDA. They tell you that Pfizer has been approved. It has NOT! Pfizer only had its EUA extended. They approved something called Comirnaty, which is supposed to be similar to the Pfizer vaccine, but it not identical. That means it is a "DIFFERENT" vaccine, and it is not even available to people. The LAST THING Pfizer or any of them want is FDA approval, because that would make them legally responsible for injuring and murdering people. Can't have that now, can we FDA?


Dr. Jane Orient: Where Are the Autopsies of People Dying Post COVID Vaccine?


The nature of an autopsy is diagnosis. It can help family members come to terms with what caused a loved one’s death, identify unknown diseases and offer clinicians an opportunity for a greater understanding of what happened before a patient dies. It also can provide a valuable educational opportunity for health officials and even students, who study disease processes.

It’s been over eight months since the first COVID-19 vaccine was administered in the U.S. in December 2020.1 Since then, VAERS reports show there have been over 12,000 people who have died after the shot. Since autopsies are so incredibly important in the identification of disease and pathological processes, why haven’t healthy people who have died after the COVID jab been autopsied?


Orient comments that while it’s the best system available now for recording adverse events from vaccines, VAERS is likely missing 90% or more of the actual number of individuals who are hospitalized, have suffered anaphylactic reactions, have Bell’s Palsy, had heart attacks or had life-threatening reactions. The lack of accurate recording also includes the actual number of people who have died after receiving an injection.


By 2018, experts estimated only 4% of in-hospital deaths were autopsied and only approximately 8% of all deaths. Since an estimated 700,000 die each year in the hospital, this means only approximately 28,000 of those deaths are autopsied. Experts have proposed three explanations for the falling rates, including:

  • Fear of finding mistakes leading to a malpractice lawsuit
  • Lack of reimbursement for an autopsy
  • The belief that medical technology has made autopsies obsolete

However, it’s important to note that knowledge of why a person dies after vaccination will not help the family recover damages since the pharmaceutical industry is immune from liability. Even so, this information should be used to inform public health policy and help people decide how they want to proceed with the genetic therapy injection program.

As Orient points out, there were tens of thousands of patients who died from COVID disease after being placed on ventilators before a small series of 12 autopsies done in Germany showed that most of these patients had blood clots and using a ventilator may have caused more damage.


COVID-19 Jab: More Death Reports Than All Vaccines Combined

Imagine if you would, a vaccine so “safe” officials are threatening those who won’t take it for a disease so deadly most people must be tested to know if they have it. Autopsies and accurate death certificates are part of an evaluation of safety for treatment protocols. If a reasonable safety standard had been in place, the campaign to inject the world would have stopped in early January 2021.

The voluntary reported death rate from the shots now exceeds that of more than 70 vaccines combined over 30 years and shows that it’s 500 times deadlier than the flu vaccine, which historically has been the most hazardous.


Unfortunately, people not only are dying from the shot itself, but data now show countries that have launched a massive vaccination campaign have more cases of COVID-19. In fact, data from the CDC show 74% of people who recently became sick with COVID-19 in Massachusetts were fully vaccinated.


In other words, the shot has increased the risk for severe disease in the very populations of people the shot is supposed to protect.


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