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August 6, 2021

        "They added that their families and communities “have shamed us personally for doing business not just with a company that draws controversy, but with one that continues to consider the calculated negative affect on its franchisees as acceptable collateral damage.”

US Jewish org applauds stand taken by Ben & Jerry's franchisees 

Thirty American franchises send letter to Ben & Jerry's executives denouncing company's decision to boycott Judea and Samaria.

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) praised a group of Ben & Jerry's franchisees in the United States who are urging the company to reconsider its decision to boycott Judea and Samaria.

In a letter signed by multiple franchises sent to Ben & Jerry’s executives, the franchisees wrote, “Those who feel so strongly about Israel that they want to boycott it or some part of the territory it administers are free to do so. They cannot, however, do that at our expense.”

They went on to explain the decision’s harm to them personally and to their businesses.

“There is a danger in the pursuit of social justice will descend into political correctness or result in the adoption of overly simplistic solutions by people who share a single view of the world that misconstrue complex problems in which multiple claims of justice are implicated,” they said.

The franchisees behind the letter own 30 Ben & Jerry’s locations with a total revenue of $23.3 million.

They wrote that they were “proud to be part of a company that highlights values as a part of its mission” but the “imposition of such narrow prescriptions does not advance social justice, or the pursuit of a values led business in any meaningful way.”

“The decision that has been made to terminate the contract with Ben & Jerry’s licensee in Israel not only distorts the situation on the ground – it has imposed and will to continue to impose, substantial financial costs on all of us,” they said. “More importantly, the controversy your recent actions have brought upon our local businesses has had an adverse effect on the value of our independently owned franchises and investments.”

They added that their families and communities “have shamed us personally for doing business not just with a company that draws controversy, but with one that continues to consider the calculated negative affect on its franchisees as acceptable collateral damage.”

The American Jewish Committee applauded the letter, noting that the franchisees had approached them for help with drafting the letter which was addressed to Ben & Jerry’s CEO, Director of Social Mission, Director of Global Retail Operations, and Head of U.S. Retail and Global Strategy.

AJC Chief Legal Officer Marc D. Stern lauded the franchisees for their courage in directly taking the company to task.


Stern noted that while the co-founders claimed the company’s intent is only to stop serving Judea and Samaria, and not all of Israel, “The chair of the company’s board of directors has publicly said it wanted to boycott Israel but was overruled (wrongly she believed) by its parent company, Unilever, and now may do so only under unspecified arrangements. The failure of Ben and Jerry to address that reality fatally undercuts their argument.”

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August 9, 2021

UK anti-Semitism at all-time high during first half of 2021

New report by UK's Community Security Trust records more incidents against Jews in the first half of 2021 than ever recorded.

During the first half of this year British Jews experienced record levels of anti-Semitism, with a 491 percent increase in school-related incidents, said a report released this week.

The significant uptick came largely in May during the fighting between Israel and Hamas, according to newly compiled statistics released by the Community Security Trust (CST), the organization tasked with providing security to the UK Jewish community, reported the Jewish Chronicle.

The document detailed 1,308 anti-Semitic incidents between January and June, the highest number ever recorded by the CST.

Reported incidents involving schools, teachers and students increased from 22 during the first half of 2020 to 130 during the first half of 2021.

The vast majority of those cases took place at non-religious schools, a number up 62 percent from last year.

Levels of anti-Semitism experienced by the Jewish community were “worse than anything seen in recent decades,” said CST CEO Mark Gardner.

Most of the incidents involving schools occurred in May during the reopening after a COVID lockdown and the 11-day conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Gardner called the targeting of younger Jews “disgraceful.”

He pledged to continue to do “everything that we can to protect our Jewish communities, and to give them the security and comfort that they need.”

Nearly half of all incidents from January to June occurred during May. The amount of incidents that month, 639, is the highest monthly figure recorded by the CST.


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August 11, 2021

         This is a well written, informative piece, that like most such pieces that I see, seem to forget the most important, and really, the only important factor in all of this. God owns all of the land in the world, and God gave this part to the Jews eternally. So important is this that God eternalized it in His Hebrew Scriptures. When God deems the time the right, the land He gives, ALL of the land He gives, will revert to the Jewish Nation.

The disgrace of Ben & Jerry’s

The disgrace of Ben & Jerry’s

According to the famous ice-cream company, Jews do not belong in Judea and Samaria, the Jewish heartland.

An ice-cream company, whose Jewish co-founder’s own name originated more than 3,000 years ago in the very place where the company is now denying any Jewish roots, puts out a defamatory statement criminalizing the Jewish presence there, in the very birthplace of the Jewish people.

The pronouncement put out by Ben & Jerry’s regarding plans to alter its long-standing business relationship with the Jewish state was replete with the language used by those who have tried relentlessly to deny and criminalize the Jewish presence in the land of Israel.

Subsequently, a cohort of voices—some through a lack of knowledge, others through a lack of goodwill—used this as a prime opportunity to haul out the megaphones and cement in the public mind a deluge of misinformation about Israel.

Mission accomplished.

But the repetition of fabricated talking points does not make them true, despite the relentless efforts of those who would deny to the Jewish people the very rights that these same voices pay lip service to supporting.

And those who know history will never need to rely on talking points.

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August 13, 2021

       "Israel will not stand by while Iran advances its nuclear program. We call on the international community to take action and stop Iranian aggression. This is the time for joint action,”

'Israel won't stand by as Iran advances nuclear program' - Benny Gantz

"We are well aware of Hezbollah’s attempts to exploit the situation at the expense of the safety and livelihoods of Lebanese citizens – under the direct influence of Iran.”

"Israel will not stand by while Iran advances its nuclear program," Defense Minister Benny Gantz said Tuesday and vowed to respond further.
Speaking at IDF's Northern Command, the defense minister toured the area along with IDF Deputy Chief of Staff Gen. Herzi Halevy, Northern Command head Maj.-Gen. Amir Baram, Division 91 head Brig.-Gen. Shlomi Binder and other senior officials. 
The visit came as tensions ramp up on the border with Lebanon, with rockets having been fired into Israel by the Iran-backed Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah. This also comes amid Lebanon's continuing economic crisis.
Gantz said Israel is willing to provide aid to their northern neighbor but added that it "will not enable the tragedy in Lebanon to cross the border into Israel. We are well aware of Hezbollah’s attempts to exploit the situation at the expense of the safety and livelihoods of Lebanese citizens – under the direct influence of Iran.”
As with Hezbollah, Israel has also seen rising tensions with Iran, which has been accused of being behind the recent attack on a ship, the Mercer Street, off the coast of Oman.
“Just as we saw in the maritime attack, which claimed the lives of two foreign nationals, Iran is the greatest threat to global and regional peace. Israel will not stand by while Iran advances its nuclear program. We call on the international community to take action and stop Iranian aggression. This is the time for joint action,” Gantz said.
“At the same time, we will continue to defend ourselves against the Iranian attempt to become an existential threat to the State of Israel and to transfer advanced munitions to its proxies on our borders. We will operate in the time and place and via the means that we will determine.”

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August 15, 2021

March Against Ben & Jerry’s Took Place in New York Ahead of Worldwide ‘Call for Action’

March against Ben & Jerry's to take place in New York ahead of worldwide  'call for action'

A march to protest Ben & Jerry’s decision to stop selling its products in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem took place in New York City on Thursday.

Participants gathered at the New York Public Library and went to a Ben & Jerry’s store in Times Square in support of ending racism “in corporate policies,” according to the End Jew Hatred grassroots movement, which is organizing the event.

The move comes in the wake of a statement posted on the company’s website last month saying “it is inconsistent with our values for Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream to be sold in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).”

The dessert company founded in 1978 by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield was sold to the British multinational food giant Unilever in 2000, though the two apparently have a say in when it comes to social-justice action.

During the Aug. 12 march, activists and community leaders handed out educational materials about the BDS movement against Israel (and free ice-cream) while calling for a “week of action” at Ben & Jerry’s locations around the world.


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August 16. 2021

        "Palestinian journalists living under the PA in the West Bank continue to complain that they are regularly targeted and intimidated by the Palestinian security forces. This charge, however, is obviously not considered by the Security Council or the UN General Assembly as a human rights violation or an aggression. Why? The perpetrators are Palestinians, not Israelis."

‘Violations’ the UN Security Council Does Not Care About

At the request of the Palestinian Authority (PA), the United Nations Security Council was again called to hold a session to discuss Israeli “violations” and “aggressions” against the Palestinians. The PA also demanded that the Security Council discuss the professed ongoing Israeli “siege” of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

Such Security Council sessions have become routine and almost always end up with statements denouncing Israel after hearing complaints from PA officials about Israel’s alleged “violations” and “aggressions.”

Yet the Security Council meeting, which was held last week, did not hear a word about human rights violations and aggressions committed by the PA in the West Bank [Judea and Samaria] and Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The Security Council did not hear about more than 75 Palestinian social media users, political activists and journalists who were arrested by the PA security forces in the West Bank just in the past few weeks.

The arrests came in response to widespread protests over the death of anti-corruption activist Nizar Banat, who was reportedly beaten to death by Palestinian security officers who raided his home in the city of Hebron.

The Security Council did not hear the testimonies of many of those who were arrested by the PA security forces or details of the various forms of torture to which they were subjected during their incarceration. Women were dragged by their hair, subjected to sexual harassment and beaten with batons by PA security officers. Some of the women and journalists complained that the officers who beat them also stole their mobile phones and cameras to prevent them from documenting protests against the death of Banat.

Banat, the anti-corruption activist and vocal critic of the PA leadership, was allegedly bludgeoned to death on June 24 by more than 20 Palestinian security officers.

More than a month has passed since the brutal killing, but the Security Council has not found the time to address this grave incident. Why has the Security Council not held an emergency session to condemn the Palestinian leadership? Because Banat was killed by PA security officers, not Israeli soldiers.

On the eve of the Security Council meeting, the PA stepped up its crackdown on public freedoms, including that of the media, evidently as part of an attempt to silence its critics and prevent the world from learning about the repressive measures of the Palestinian security forces against their own people.

Palestinian security officers were sent to close down the offices of J-Media, a private Palestinian news agency in Ramallah owned by journalist Ala al-Rimawi. The official reason given for the closure was that the agency had failed to obtain a proper license from the Palestinian Ministry of Information. Rimawi, however, was arrested a few weeks ago by the PA security forces on suspicion of participating in protests over the killing of Banat and “insulting” senior Palestinian officials.

Palestinian journalists living under the PA in the West Bank continue to complain that they are regularly targeted and intimidated by the Palestinian security forces. This charge, however, is obviously not considered by the Security Council or the UN General Assembly as a human rights violation or an aggression. Why? The perpetrators are Palestinians, not Israelis.

The Palestinian Coalition for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN) said it received information from PA public servants who spoke about threats and intimidation for expressing their views in public.

“Several public institutions have issued verbal instructions, according to which a number of personnel were threatened with dismissal from civil service,” AMAN said. “These irregularities affect any civil servant who comments on social media networks or participates in peaceful assemblies, denouncing the death of political and social activist Nizar Banat.”

The group said it sent a letter to PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh underscoring the importance of depoliticizing the civil service and making it neutral. “The right of every Palestinian to freedom of opinion and expression should be respected,” it wrote in the letter.

Needless to say, the warning by AMAN and other Palestinian human rights groups did not make it to the Security Council or the pages of Western mainstream newspapers.

The Security Council and the rest of the international community will continue to ignore not only what the PA is doing to its people in the West Bank, but also human rights violations committed by Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian victims and human rights groups can continue to shout as much as they wish, but their voices and grievances will never reach the halls or corridors of the UN in New York.


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August 22, 2021

       "BDS is meant to destroy Israel, the Jewish homeland for more than 3000 years. Why? Because these people are Jew haters."

The world of BDS (boycott, divest, and sanction)

How many times, over the millennia, were those “Palestinian” Muslims exiled from the land? Ethnically cleansed? Removed? Hmmm. Never.

BDS, Boycott, Divest and Sanction of Israel is a policy shared by millions upon millions if not billions of people. BDS is meant to destroy Israel, the Jewish homeland for more than 3000 years. Why? Because these people are Jew haters. Hitler tried to kill us. He managed to murder a third of the Jewish individuals; 6 million. BDS wants to destroy Israel itself. I mean, what else does “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea” mean?

BDS accuses Israel of being an apartheid state – like South Africa.

From the BDS horse's mouth:

The BDS movement was launched by 170 Palestinian unions, refugee networks, women’s organizations, professional associations, popular resistance committees and other Palestinian civil society bodies. Inspired by the South African anti-apartheid movement, the Palestinian BDS call urges nonviolent pressure on Israel until it complies with international law.

So what is Apartheid? It is an Afrikaans word meaning ‘separation’ and was the name given to the system of racial segregation and subjugation of the African and other non-white population of South Africa by white settlers from 1948 to 1994.

According to BDS, there are many similarities between apartheid in South Africa and modern day Israeli apartheid. South African apartheid was characterised by settler (white) colonialism and the forced displacement of the indigenous population (black), the division of the colonized into different groups with different rights, severe restrictions on movement and violent suppression of resistance. These, say BDS, are all key characteristics of Israel’s modern day regime over the Palestinian Arabs.

Really? It’s not the Palestinian Authority? But I digress.

Hmmm. Muslims are in the Israeli government and Arab Israelis serve on the Supreme Court. Awad Suleiman is the first Druze colonel to take command of Air Maintenance Unit 22.Col. Talk about diversity inclusion and equity – here it is.

Were people of colour in office in South Africa? Just going to Google that… give me a minute …wait – no; no people of any colour in their government or courts. But what about separate housing, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, doctors’ offices depending on race/skin colour? Does that type of separation exist in Israel as it did in South Africa and for that matter the South in America during the Jim Crow years?


But you can find roads in Israel that are prohibited to the Jews and there is a water fountain on the Temple Mount – I call it the Temple Mount because the Mosque sits ON TOP of two Jewish Temples; the first built in 957 BCE. So that’s almost 2000 years before Mohamed, that is only for…wait for it…Muslims! Hmmm.

Let’s put BDS in context.

BDS claims that the Muslims are indigenous to the State of Israel. Really? The Bible was codified sometime between 140 BCE and the third century CE. Hmmm. No mention there of Palestinians and their homeland. Where were they? Who were they back then? So what does the Bible say?


Returned from exile – oh so they had lived on the land of Israel before? How many times were the Jewish people, the Israelites, removed from their land; ethnically cleansed?

Babylon was the first exile. Until then, the Holy Temple stood in the heart of Jerusalem, and Godliness and miracles were still apparent and abundant. And then, what had been the bustling, lively and vibrant Jewish nation was no more. In the year 423 BCE, Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, lay siege to Israel and laid it to waste. The crown was then passed on to Cyrus the great. He, too, favoured the Jewish people, and under his rule they were given permission to return to Israel to rebuild the Holy Temple. Hmmm. No mention of Palestinian Muslims.


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August 24, 2021

Ben & Jerry’s responds to backlash over Israel boycott

Ben & Jerry's: We stand together in denouncing hate, intimidation, and threats of violence in any form.

Ben & Jerry’s on Thursday posted a statement to Twitter in which it condemned the backlash it has received since announcing it would no longer be selling its ice cream products in Judea and Samaria. 
?“Ben & Jerry's condemns the hateful and violent threats that have been directed at our company, our business partners, our Board, and particularly our Board Chair. We stand together—Ben & Jerry’s and our Board—in denouncing hate, intimidation, and threats of violence in any form,” the company wrote.

We will continue to be guided by our values and commitment to human rights and justice,” it added.

Ben & Jerry’s parent company, Unilever, caused an uproar with its controversial July 19 announcement that it will stop selling the ice cream in Judea and Samaria.

Eight states have since announced they will be taking action against Ben & Jerry’s, including Texas, Illinois, Maryland, Florida, Arizona and Rhode Island.

Last week, the mayor of Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, the location of the North American headquarters of Unilever, called on the company to reverse its decision to boycott Judea and Samaria.

In a letter addressed to Unilever CEO Alan Jope, Mayor Mario M. Kranjac urged Unilever to “reconsider” Ben & Jerry’s decision, expressing his “deep concern” with the move. He called it not only “disturbing, but… also a violation of New Jersey’s anti-BDS laws.”

In addition, a number of supermarket chains have announced that they will no longer stock Ben & Jerry's products following the controversial decision. They include Glatt Express Supermarket, Seasons, Morton Williams Supermarkets, Gristede's Supermarkets, and others.

The company’s founders, Bennett Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, said in a New York Times opinion piece that they no longer control the company but approve of the move to stop selling the ice cream in Judea and Samaria.


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September 3, 2021

        Ben and Jerry's is having a significant internal conflict. What this article is saying is that the boycott against Israel is a product of the GLOBAL Ben and Jerry's, but ISRAEL's Ben and Jerry's is fighting against what the GLOBAL Ben and Jerry's is doing. Can you blame them? Of course, even ISRAEL's Ben and Jerry's is using anti-Semitic terminology, such as the "Palestinian Territories," rather than the more acceptable, "disputed territories," or the more accurate, "Israeli territories."

Ben & Jerry's Israel: Boycott is illegal

Ben & Jerry’s Israel to Competition Authority: 'Demand of Global Ben & Jerry’s to not distribute products in the Palestinian Territories is submission to BDS organizations & an illegal demand damaging competition in Israel; we won't consent to this.'

Ben and Jerry's Israel on Wednesday morning took its battle against the Global Ben and Jerry's one step further, submitting an official complaint to the Competition Authority regarding the submission of the Global company to the boycott organizations against Israel.

The complaint focuses on the conduct of the global brand, which constitutes an acute violation of the terms of the merger between them and Unilever, and constitutes "an acute attempt of giving Strauss Ice Creams a significant advantage."

"We call on the Director-General take part in this and to instruct the cancellation of the illegal demand to stop the distribution in the Palestinian Territories," the request states.

The AQP company, which owns the franchise to distribute the Ben and Jerry's products in Israel, has reached out via the services of adv. Dr. Dori Klagsbald to the deputy of the Director General of the Competition Authority, adv. Michal Cohen, in an official complaint regarding an acute violation of the instructions of the Competition Authority from the year 2000. These instructions pertain to the merger between Unilever (a holder of controlling interest in Strauss Ice Creams) and the Global Ben and Jerry’s.

According to the terms of the merger, it has been determined that there shall not be conducted any action towards decreasing the capacity of the franchise of the Ben and Jerry’s products in Israel. This is due to a concern which arose when the merger was signed that the food titan might act in favor of decreasing the competition in the market. It has been further determined, following the terms of the merger, that Unilever shall have no right to determine for the owner of the franchise the terms of the marketing of the products in Israel.

As can be recalled, about 6 weeks ago, and in complete contradiction to the terms of the merger, the global company informed the Israeli franchisee about the termination of his franchising period, and demanded the cessation of the distribution of the company's products in Judea and Samaria, a demand perceived by the Israeli franchisee as illegal, immoral, and a submission to the boycott organizations of Israel - something it was not willing to accept.

The demand sparked controversy in Israel and worldwide, as many Israelis expressed their support for the Israeli franchisee, who had to independently fight the international food titan wishing to damage the competition in the ice cream market in Israel, while granting an immense triumph to the international boycott organizations which act to damage and isolate Israel in international forums.

Now, AQP is moving to the next stage in its struggle to maintain the franchise, reaching out to the Competition Authority with a request to interfere and demand the company keep the original terms of the merger. Such an act would nullify the Global Ben and Jerry’s demand from the Israeli franchisee not to distribute and market the brand’s products in Judea and Samaria.

Avi Zinger, the CEO and owner of Ben and Jerry’s Israel, said, "As an Israeli franchisee, I am obligated firstly to the State of Israel and its citizens, so I had no doubts about refusing to accept the anti-Israel demand, which harms and discriminates against many of the country’s civilians."


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September 12, 2021

        "Prior to the boycott, Arizona had invested $143 million in Unilever. It has since reduced that amount to $50 m. and will end its financial ties with the company on September 21."

Arizona divests from Ben & Jerry's over its 'antisemitic' Israel boycott

Arizona is the first state to totally divest from Ben & Jerry's after the ice cream giant announced that it plans to end its contract with its Israeli franchise as of December 2022.

The State of Arizona plans to completely divest $143 million from the global ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s as of September 2021 over its Israel boycott.
“Israel is and will continue to be a major trading partner of Arizona,” State Treasurer Kimberly Yee said on Tuesday.
“As Arizona’s Chief Banking and Investment Officer, I stand with Israel and I will not allow taxpayer dollars to go towards antisemitic, discriminatory efforts against Israel,” she stated. Arizona is the first state to totally divest from Ben & Jerry’s after the ice cream giant, which is a subsidiary of the British based Unilever conglomerate, announced that it planned to end its contract with its Israeli franchise as of December 2022.
The Israeli Ben & Jerry’s franchise is based in southern Israel and has been in operation for 35 years. It ran afoul of Ben & Jerry’s for its refusal to halt ice cream sales to West Bank settlements.
The boycott decision by Ben & Jerry’s Independent Board of Directors to end its ties with its franchisee was modified by Unilever and the Ben & Jerry’s CEO, who said they wanted the ice cream company to maintain ties with Israel through another franchise that would not allow sales to the settlements.
The office of the Arizona Treasury said on Tuesday that state laws prohibited continued investments in Ben & Jerry’s in light of its boycott decision.
“Arizona law (Arizona Revised Statues 35-393 et seq) states that a public state entity may not invest monies with an entity that boycotts Israel,” the Treasury said, adding that it was in contact with Unilever on the matter in early August.
“I gave Unilever PLC, the parent company of Ben & Jerry’s, an ultimatum: Reverse the actions of Ben & Jerry’s to come into compliance with Arizona law or face the consequences. They chose the latter,” Yee said.
‘It does not matter how much investment Unilever PLC has in Israel: with Ben & Jerry’s decision to no longer sell its product in the West Bank, the companies are in violation of the law in Arizona,” she explained.
“Arizona will not do business with companies that are attempting to undermine Israel’s economy and blatantly disregarding Arizona law,” Yee said.
Prior to the boycott, Arizona had invested $143 million in Unilever. It has since reduced that amount to $50 m. and will end its financial ties with the company on September 21.

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