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October 22, 2021

         "That people are even having this discussion shows how far from Godliness the world has sunk. The only thing interesting about this story is how so much of social media is idiotic and plays with censoring like little girls who play with dolls."

Instagram Silences Biologist for Posting Evidence That Trans "Women" are Stronger Than Women

From the people who constantly tell you to “follow the science” comes another piece of evidence that they aren’t concerned with any kind of scientific thought. This one comes from the folks at Facebook-owned Instagram who have now decided that censoring an actual biologist posting factual findings is acceptable.

His sin? He posted a fact about strength differences between the sexes.

Colin Wright is an evolutionary biologist and managing editor of Quillette. On his Instagram, he posted the results of a study showing the strength advantages of men over women in various activities.

The study, in particular, has to do with measuring the strength of transgender “women” over actual women. Titled "Transgender Women in the Female Category of Sport: Perspectives on Testosterone Suppression and Performance Advantage", the research found that even with hormonal suppressants, men who identify as women see their strength “only minimally reduced when testosterone is suppressed” even after three years.

This study was published before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

This study was published in the Sports Medicine journal where it was recommended that sports facilitators consider these strength advantages before allowing these “women” to compete.

Wright pointed out that a similar test was carried out in the U.K., and they found the same results. This study was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Wright pointed out that the first author listed in this study is a transgender individual.

This is what Facebook/Instagram is now considering “hate speech.” As Wright pointed out in his tweet showing his post’s removal, the chart he posted goes against the social media giant’s guidelines on “hate speech or symbols.”

How merely pointing out the results of a scientific study that shows strength differences between men and women is hateful was not elaborated on by Facebook/Instagram and Wright said that the company did not allow him to appeal the removal of his post.

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October 22, 2021

      "When asked if the videos indeed contained controversial content justifying removal, Piatov said there was none, adding “A false fact is not reason for a deletion.” Otherwise, many video statements made by government authorities would need to be taken down as well."

German Court Finds YouTube's Removal of Videos About COVID Was Illegal and YouTube Must Restore the Videos

German actors expressed their thoughts and feelings about the China coronavirus on YouTube, unfortunately, YouTube didn’t like their thoughts and so they were censored.  But the courts in Germany decided that YouTube is not the purveyor of truth and mandated no more censorship from YouTube.

In Germany, a group of actors expressed their opinions of COVID and the government’s actions related to COVID:

Dozens of prominent German actors have banded together as part of the "allesaufdentisch" (everything on the table) freedom of expression campaign to demand a more open discussion on the Coronavirus and the controversial government policies, rules and regulations. Their statements were posted in the form of short videos on YouTube.

In recent months, views critical of government Corona policies and vaccines have been suppressed by the major media.


Each actor posted a YouTube video criticizing the current suppressive policies. 

German actor Filipp Piatov had much to share about YouTube’s actions:

When asked if the videos indeed contained controversial content justifying removal, Piatov said there was none, adding “A false fact is not reason for a deletion.” Otherwise, many video statements made by government authorities would need to be taken down as well.

YouTube “no Truth Commission”

“YouTube is not a factchecking platform, not a Truth Commission that gets to decide what’s right and what’s wrong,” said Piatov. “Who is YouTube? Is it a University? Is it a panel of virologists who sit and watch all these videos and say this one, from the 100 million that got uploaded, we’re going to delete?”

Yesterday a German court ruled against YouTube.


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October 24, 2021

        "I am now fighting a T-Cell Lymphoma as a result of the degraded MRNA Protein Spike via dendritic reaction, called by Pfizer a waning immunity!"

Twitter Censors Thread From Entrepreneur Who Regrets Taking the Vaccine

Twitter has censored a thread in which Michael Robison explained that he regretted trading “my solid health, for a temporary freedom to travel and freedom from being criticized.”

Robison — an investor, entrepreneur and the founder of SPARTN Monkey Rescue — had posted his personal story about his health declining after taking the COVID vaccine and warned people to “THINK, STUDY & BE AWARE” before getting it themselves.

Robison continued on to say “the CDC, Pfizer, Moderna and J&J know that the instability of IVT use of MRNA is accompanied by the bodies clearing of the Inert 19 Protein Spike by the immune system. When it leaves the cell structure compromised after insertion & clearing…. It results in autoimmune issues….

“One such issue is the risk and causation of severe results such as Leukemia and T-Cell Lymphoma. Another common long term effect is autoimmune disorders that impact the skin…. And require life long maintenance and treatment…” the thread continued. “All such issues and cases have been consistently reported to VAERS which is co-managed by the CDC & FDA…. But no attention or research has been prioritized or funded for this repository of information!”

“My caution is this…. Be aware. As late as 2018 all of the groups involved were still convinced that MRNA was still far too unstable for use in vaccine distribution. This vaccine is the largest form of a clinical trial in the history of mankind,” Robison wrote.

“I am not anti-vaccine… but I will caution…. Proceed with care!!! Police cars revolving light I am now fighting a T-Cell Lymphoma as a result of the degraded MRNA Protein Spike via dendritic reaction, called by Pfizer a waning immunity! It is not truly a safe precaution for #COVID19,” Robison wrote.

He concluded by saying, “my caution is this…. Be aware. As late as 2018 all of the groups involved were still convinced that MRNA was still far too unstable for use in vaccine distribution. This vaccine is the largest form of a clinical trial in the history of mankind.”

Soon, the first post of the thread had amassed over 100 retweets — and was noticed by the censors.

First, Twitter slapped on warning on the tweet claiming that it is “misleading” because health officials say that the vaccines are safe for “most people.” They also took away the ability to like, comment or share it.


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October 27, 2021

         "Today, the government and Big Tech are taking an extraordinary gamble, "testing out new technology on, not just the nation, but the world."

Top doc: Vaccines have us in 'a major biological catastrophe'

Warning that the world is "in the middle of a major biological catastrophe," renowned physician and epidemiologist Dr. Peter McCullough charged in a recent address that fraudulent public health officials are pushing experimental "gene-transfer" COVID-19 vaccines that produce the "loaded weapon" of a toxic spike protein.

"I think the reason why everybody's here is we have a sense that something very bad is going on in the world. And I'm here to tell you, I think it is," he said Sept. 24 in a keynote address at the annual fundraiser of the non-profit Michigan for Vaccine Choice, LifeSiteNews reported.


McCullough informed the audience that earlier that day, he was stripped of the editorship of a Swiss-based journal Cardiorenal Medicine after having lost his position with a major health system, "with no explanation and no due process."

Baylor University Medical Center fired him in February. And Texas A&M College of Medicine, Texas Christian University and University of North Texas Health Science Center School of Medicine have cut ties with McCullough, accusing him of spreading misinformation.

"I've been stripped of every title that I've ever had in that institution. I've received a threat letter from the American College of Physicians, and a threat letter from the American Board," he said.

All because of his "lawful" participation "in a topic of public importance."

"What we are doing is lawful," he said.

He predicted the eight professional acronyms behind his name "will be progressively erased."

It will happen "because there's powerful forces at work, far more powerful than we can possibly think of, that are influencing anybody who is in a position of authority."

McCullough noted he's not new to the national scene, having, for example, served on President Bill Clinton's health care advisory panel. Emphasizing the importance of safety in medicine, he said it's "beyond astonishing" that "there has been an injection of a substance into half of Americans' bodies and there's yet to be a report to America on safety."

That was not the case in 1976 when the government shut down the Swine Flu vaccination campaign after the emergence of 25 deaths and 550 cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome. The debate over whether or not they were caused by the vaccine, didn't matter, he noted. What mattered was that unexplained deaths occurred after vaccination.

Today, the government and Big Tech are taking an extraordinary gamble, "testing out new technology on, not just the nation, but the world."


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October 27, 2021

       "Facebook has rejected ads for a class dealing with anti-Semitism and Jewish identity, citing “sensitive social issues” that could influence elections"

       Facebook of course would never do anything that might influence American elections. I guess you can't say things like, "anti-Semitism is bad," or "anti-Semites are going to be in terrible trouble when judgment comes," because it might influence American elections.

Facebook rejects ads for class teaching how to combat anti-Semitism

Facebook has rejected ads for a class dealing with anti-Semitism and Jewish identity, citing “sensitive social issues” that could influence elections or upcoming legislation, according to a report by eJewishPhilanthropy.

The class, “Outsmarting Antisemitism,” is being offered by the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI), a Chabad organization that offers adult Jewish courses on Jewish history, law, ethics, philosophy and rabbinical literature.

The four part class aims to “examine the roots” of the “ancient hatred” of anti-Semitism. It will discuss anti-Semitism and give students strategies on how to combat discrimination against Jews with “purpose, positivity and pride.”

Over 450 Chabad emissaries are expected to be involved with the worldwide course. Fifty instructors and Chabad centers attempted to run ads on Facebook. The social media giant rejected all of them, citing “sensitive social issues.”

JLI requested a review by Facebook’s ads manager but Facebook turned them down.

While Facebook has come under scrutiny from Jewish and watchdog organizations for failing to remove extremist content from its platform, the social media giant has also been increasingly criticized for removing pro-Israel or Jewish accounts with little notice, some that have been hacked with anti-Semitic material, with the onus on the page's owner to prove they didn't post the hateful content.


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October 29, 2021

        Texas Governor Gregg Abbott: "It's about to get interesting."

Federal Judge Allows Texas to Seek Internal Documents from Facebook, Twitter and Google Regarding How They Censor Conservatives

A federal judge in Texas has allowed the state to seek documents from social media giants Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

A federal judge will allow Texas to seek internal documents from social-media companies regarding how they moderate content, as the state defends a new law restricting when platforms can suspend users.

The ruling Friday by U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman in Austin means Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is free to seek limited discovery from members of two prominent trade groups that sued to block the controversial statute, including Twitter Inc., Alphabet Inc.’s Google, and Facebook Inc.

The ruling allows Paxton to seek documents and depose employees at members of NetChoice and Computer & Communications Industry Association — but only if they’ll be impacted by the law barring platforms from suspending users over their political views. The statute, which applies to social-media companies with more than 50 million monthly users, takes effect December 2.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott reported on the judge’s decision.

Texas passed a law prohibiting Facebook, Twitter & Google from removing conservative viewpoints. They sued us. Now, a federal judge will let Texas seek internal documents about how they moderate content. It's about to get interesting.

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October 31, 2021

       "It’s their right, but we are asking them to steer clear of our home," he continued. "We have a different viewpoint."

         The things Putin says in this article are correct, but not in the way he thinks. ALL sins, and transgenderism is one of the worst, are sins against humanity. This is because every year, at Rosh HaShanah, God judges every individual, and every nation as a composite of its individuals. Therefore, God has seen to it that we are all responsible for each other.

Putin Slams U.S. for Deleting Its History, Calls Transgenderism a 'Crime Against Humanity'

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a speech this week calling out the United States and other western nations for their progressive ideology, particularly drawing attention to the issue of gender identity.

Putin said during his Thursday speech at the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi that Russia should hold onto its "spiritual values and historical traditions." He added that "sociocultural disturbances" could be detrimental to the country.

Western nations in Europe and the United States, Putin warned, have allowed "the aggressive deletion of whole pages of their own history, reverse discrimination against the majority in the interests of minorities … constitute movement toward public renewal."

"It’s their right, but we are asking them to steer clear of our home," he continued. "We have a different viewpoint."

Putin also discussed how liberals in the West want to eliminate what he called "traditional interpretation of such basic values," which include designations such as "mother, father, family, and the distinction between sexes."

"The proponents of new approaches go so far as they want to eliminate the whole notions of men and women, and those who dare say that men and women exist and this is a biological fact, they are all but banished," he said. "Parent number one, parent number two, or the parent that has given birth, or instead of breast milk, you say human milk. And you say all of that, so the people who are not sure of their sexual agenda are not unhappy."

In an apparent knock against youth transgenderism, the Russian dictator said that children being taught that a "boy can become a girl" and vice versa is on "the verge of a crime against humanity."

"There are some monstrous things when from a very young age, you teach to children that the boy can easily become a girl and you impose on them this selection, this choice," Putin said. "You push the parents aside and make the child take these decisions that can destroy their lives."


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October 31, 2021

        Recommended: Click on the link to watch the Sovren video.

'SOVREN' New Social Media Platform That Cannot Be Censored By Big Tech Launches Today

As the government attempts to force the public to comply with medical tyranny and lockdowns, big tech is doubling down on censorship, configuring algorithms to bury information surrounding the coronavirus and vaccines.

In 2020, tech giants brazenly censored a sitting President of the United States with no repercussions, making it abundantly clear they are tied to the hip of the Democrat Party.

An end to Big Tech’s control over digital information flow is nowhere in sight amid politicians’ empty threats of antitrust legislation.

But a video, live-streaming and social media platform that champions free speech and cannot be taken down by big tech may be a game-changer.

The new platform, Sovren, is not only “a place of refuge for free thinkers,” but it is the first social media platform built on invincible blockchain technology, explains Sovren founder Ben Swann.


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November 1, 2021

        "Levine was sworn in to her new position earlier this week and was promptly labeled “the first-ever female” four-star admiral to serve in the US government."

"China is Laughing at Us:" Twitter Suspends Rep. Jim Banks and Censors Marjorie Taylor Greene for Pointing Out That "The First-Ever Female 4 Star Admiral," Rachel Levine, is a Man

This week, Twitter cracked down on two sitting US House Representatives for factually acknowledging that Biden’s assistant health secretary of the HHS – Rachel Levine – was a man for almost 50 years, and shouldn’t be labeled as the “first female anything.”  She lived the majority of his entire life as a man before transitioning in her late 40’s.

Levine was sworn in to her new position earlier this week and was promptly labeled “the first-ever female” four-star admiral to serve in the US government.

Reps Banks (R-IN) and Greene (R-GA) took a stand for women when they sent their tweets, pointing out that attributing the title of the first female anything to Levine would be a hindrance to furthering equal rights for women. Even for old white men, if they meet the qualifications, so the Twitter speech police quickly sprung into action to censor the lawmaker’s statements.

Rep. Greene wrote on Twitter that “A dude who lived the first 50 years of his life as a man isn’t the first female anything” and followed it up by pointing out the fact that, thanks to all of this woke BS, Communist China is laughing at us.

Twitter immediately censored the tweet but allowed it to stay up. Likes, retweets, and comments are no longer allowed on the post and the platform added a banner that reads “This tweet violated the Twitter rules about hateful conduct. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible.”

The Tweet was censored instead of removed because the congress member’s post falls under the platform’s policy regarding public figures, which allows tweets to remain up even if it violates other policies if the account is held by a “current or potential member of a local, state, national, or supra-national governmental or legislative body.”

Apparently, this ‘public figure’ policy only applies to hand-picked cases. As we saw with President Trump when he was still in office. The selective nature of their policy was proven once again this week when Rep. Banks sent out a similar tweet to Greene’s, but instead of being censored, the lawmaker was locked out of his Twitter account and cannot get back in unless he deletes his tweet about Rachel Levine.


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November 15, 2021

       Did it ever occur to you that many (most) Native Americans WANT their names and images to be used? For example, that the WANT Washington to use the "Washington Redskins" because they don't want their memories to be wiped out on the pages of so-called political correctness.

Native American Lawsuit Challenges Colorado Ban On Native American “Mascots” As Discriminatory

The banning of Native American (American Indian) depictions for sports teams gets a lot of press, most famously the Washington Redskins renaming themselves the Washington Football Team.

There’s a side to this issue that I had not thought of, but is argued in a lawsuit just filed in Colorado. That when the government is involved in such name bans, it is discrimination against American Indians because it deprives them of the ability to have things named after them. It is, according to the argument, the worst form of cultural appropriation, more like cultural depravation.

In Colorado in 2021, legislation was passed banning the use of American Indian mascots, broadly defined. Now the law is being challenged in a lawsuit filed on November 2, 2021, on behalf of the Native American Guardians Association (NAGA) and individuals by the Mountain States Legal Foundation, which summarizes the case on its website~~~~~~~~~~~ 

The website also lays out the reasoning: Colorado lawmakers in 2021 banned public schools from using Native American names or imagery for sports team names or “mascots,” based on the presumption that all such representations are demeaning and derogatory, if not blatantly racist, and must therefore be retroactively erased or banned from future use….

As it turns out, not all Native Americans support the law as written. The Native American Guardians Association supports the respectful use of Native American names and imagery in certain instances, and it fears that erasing all such imagery and iconography could also erase Native American history from school grounds. The group is troubled enough by the law’s free speech and equal protection implications, and they are challenging its Constitutionality on those grounds. There’s no question that many American Indian-themed “mascots” and team names can be demeaning. But not all of them are or were.


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