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March 11, 2022

        "Full disclosure: I do not receive any compensation for this suggestion, but in the face of Weinberg’s middle finger to his base it seems obvious that we all need to abandon the search engine in favor of others. I personally use Brave Browser. It is a secure, private browser that operates in the decentralized world of emerging blockchain technology."

Breaking: Google Alternative, “Conservative Friendly” DuckDuckGo, Participates In Woke Censorship Of So-Called Misinformation

We should have known better. I should have known better. What was billed as the “secure” alternative to Google’s data-siphoning search engine has turned out to be no better at belaying the leftist barrage of downvoting unacceptable speech. What good is valuing my privacy if you don’t value my free speech or my access to all viewpoints? 

Joining countless other companies at destroying lives and freedom, DuckDuckGo announced via their CEO’s Twitter feed that the company would begin engaging in, effective immediately, the censorship of articles or sites that promote – gasp! – skepticism at the corporate media’s approved narrative. 

Known by the handle of @yeng, CEO Gabriel Weinberg sent out this message: “Like so many others I am sickened by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the gigantic humanitarian crisis it continues to create. #StandWithUkraine?

At DuckDuckGo, we’ve been rolling out search updates that down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation.”

After the tweet was down-voted into oblivion and besieged with endless comments calling Weinberg out for his selling out to corporate interests, he followed up with additional replies. ~~~~~~~

“DuckDuckGo’s mission is to make simple privacy protection accessible to all. Privacy is a human right and transcends politics, which is why about 100 million people around the world use DuckDuckGo. (We don’t have an exact count since we don’t track people.)”

It’s a cowardly act that once more spits in the face of his consumer. It is the search engine equivalent of right-supported Carhartt announcing vaccine mandates to its employees. 

Full disclosure: I do not receive any compensation for this suggestion, but in the face of Weinberg’s middle finger to his base it seems obvious that we all need to abandon the search engine in favor of others. I personally use Brave Browser. It is a secure, private browser that operates in the decentralized world of emerging blockchain technology. Perhaps it too is owned and operated by two-face sellouts, but given that DuckDuckGo hates us, the only option is to try and hope for the best.

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March 13, 2022

           You can start searching with Brave Search here.

Brave Search and Presearch Say They Don’t Censor Search Results

After DuckDuckGo announced that it would be abandoning its years-long commitment to “unbiased” search results by down-ranking “Russian disinformation,” two alternative search engines, Brave Search and Presearch, have committed to not censoring their search results.

Brendan Eich, the CEO of Brave Software (the company behind the privacy-focused Brave browser, Brave Search, and other products), told journalist and producer Naomi Brockwell that Brave Search doesn’t censor its results and detailed how Brave Search is expanding its own search index.

Currently, over 90% of Brave Search’s queries are provided by its independent search index which was built from scratch. Eich noted that Brave Search currently relies on Bing for the less than 10% of queries where it doesn’t have good results and acknowledged that this fallback “could be censored.” “We’ll get to full independence,” Eich added. 

Eich continued by noting that Brave Search has an “Info” link above each search results page (which shows whether all the search results on the page came from the Brave Search index) and a “Search results independence” percentage in Brave Search’s settings (which shows the percentage of all Brave Search results that currently come from its independent index).

Presearch, a private, decentralized, blockchain-powered search engine, also tweeted that it “doesn’t censor.” Presearch added: “That’s the power of decentralized, unbiased search. The need for decentralized, unbiased search will only grow from here.”


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March 13, 2022

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Calls to Limit Big Tech's Immunity Under Section 230

‘Proper Scope of Immunity’ for Big Tech Under Section 230

In a statement on the Supreme Court’s denial of certiorari in Jane Doe v. Facebook, Justice Clarence Thomas urged the justices to “address the proper scope of immunity under §230” available to internet companies.

Calls to “repeal Section 230” have become a rallying cry for conservatives who argue, as petitioners did, that §230 “has strayed far from its origins and text,” and that Big Tech needs to be reined in.

The law is a section of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 which shields internet companies acting as intermediaries from liability based on what users post. Under the current version of §230, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are not “publishers,” and are not responsible for defamation or similar claims based on user-created content that violates the law. ~~~~~~~

Thomas called it “hard to see” why §230 should give Big Tech protection from liability for companies’ “own ‘acts and omissions.'” ~~~~~~~ Legal observers were quick to pick up on Thomas’ signals, some commenting that the justice’s statement is a “warning shot” or “another swipe” indicating Thomas’s desire to “clamp down” on §230’s reach.

During his presidency, Donald Trump often railed against §230, despite the former president’s penchant for using social media in precisely the manner that would likely.

Justice Clarence Thomas has also spoken out about the need to rein in big tech’s authority more generally. In a 2021 concurrence, Thomas criticized "unprecendented" amount of "control" possessed by a few social media companies.


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March 15, 2022

       "Their unprecedented size means Big Tech can impose huge roadblocks to general sharing of information...But as we’ve noted...they are increasingly censoring content at the behest of government."

If You Thought The COVID Thought Police Were Bad, You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet

~~~~~~~ Already, Big Tech is sharpening its algorithms to go after the next target – imposing speech codes regarding “climate science.” A new report from a United Nations global warning “working group” complains that “misinformation” spread on social media poses a dire threat to humans because it’s contributing to “delayed action.” ~~~~~~~

We’ve already had a first-hand experience with this when Google’s AdSense informed us recently that it wouldn’t run ads on two of our editorials challenging the accepted global warming narrative. Google says these editorials contained “unreliable and harmful claims” because they “contradict authoritative scientific consensus on climate change.”

(Never mind that the scientific “consensus” is often wrong. But judge for yourselves how harmful these editorials are: “The Wreck of the Global Warming Narrative” and “Those Ugly Climate Models.”) ~~~~~~~ 

Some readers might respond to this by saying “So what if Big Tech blocks certain content? These are private companies and they’re free to manage their networks how they see fit.”

There’s a problem with that proposition. Their unprecedented size means Big Tech can impose huge roadblocks to general sharing of information, which is worrisome enough. But as we’ve noted in this space, they are increasingly censoring content at the behest of government.

Just last week, U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy demanded that Big Tech companies provide the government with data about COVID-19 “misinformation” on their platforms. Murthy had previously complained that misinformation “can cause confusion, sow distrust, and undermine public health efforts, including our ongoing work to end the COVID-19 pandemic.” ~~~~~~~

So, keep this in mind. The left isn’t just going to hand back the controls it amassed during COVID. It will look for new ways to use these tools – emboldened by the public’s demonstrated pliability in the face of “public health” authoritarianism – to control still more aspects of our lives. All in the name of the “greater good.”


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March 18, 2022

And Just Like That, DuckDuckGo Becomes Google -- One Time Free Search Engine Now Down-Ranks Conservative Content - Bans Gateway Pundit

This morning we received this email from a Gateway Pundit reader:

Hi Jim,

I don’t now if you’re aware of it but it appears that duckduckgo is now filtering out your website. I switched over to their android app back in 2020 and I could just type in “” and your site would be the first to come up.
Last week I noticed it wouldn’t come up at all anymore unless I add the www. In front of it. This morning I noticed even if I type the whole thing now, it doesn’t come up at all.
I just tested the search using chrome and searching on
 does not return your site at all.
As I’m sure you are – getting a bit sick of this.


Thanks Kevin, yes we are. Later today we did a search on gatewaypundit on DuckDuckGo to see what we get. If you search for The Gateway Pundit on DuckDuckGo they do not even list the front page of our website in their search engine.

And they include the Wikipedia slander and every other major hit piece on The Gateway Pundit instead. We have been disappeared. Despite having millions of readers a day the top articles that pop up for Gateway Pundit include hit pieces that had no traffic.

What adds insult to injury is that the search engines and Big Tech demons will allow knock-off sites to steal our content word-for-word, including photos and video and that is OK. That is approved. This is the evil we are up against. 

Today Breitbart posted a report on DuckDuckGo.  They have become Google.  They are actively censoring conservative content that does not fit their world view.


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March 24, 2022

         "TV host and lawyer Jenna Ellis tweeted that it wasn't a stretch for DuckDuckGo to start manipulating search results to "down-rank sites associated with medical disinformation." 

Boon for Big Tech alternatives as Google challenger DuckDuckGo joins 'disinformation' purge

~~~~~~~ Privacy-friendly search engine DuckDuckGo shocked its user base Wednesday when founder and CEO Gabriel Weinberg disclosed it had started to "down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation" in addition to highlighting "quality information for rapidly unfolding topics" at the top of search results. Tech news site Mashable noted that while DuckDuckGo was relatively late to the game in squelching purported Russian disinformation — following Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft's BingWeinberg briefly responded to critical Twitter users, arguing that "search ranking relevancy" is not censorship and that DuckDuckGo's core feature is privacy. ~~~~~~~ Unlike the search behemoth, DuckDuckGo refused to bury results for Malone in searches for "mass formation psychosis," the phrase he popularized on Joe Rogan's podcast. Rogan himself recommended DuckDuckGo to find "specific cases about people who died from vaccine-related injuries" hidden by Google. ~~~~~~~ 

TV host and lawyer Jenna Ellis tweeted that it wasn't a stretch for DuckDuckGo to start manipulating search results to "down-rank sites associated with medical disinformation." ~~~~~~~ Many users are professing a switch to the browser and search engine Brave, including Chris Pavlovski, CEO of the YouTube alternative Rumble. ~~~~~~~ But the negative attention for DuckDuckGo could be a boon for Brave Search, which used Google for its browser by default until last fall, when it incorporated search and an "independent index" mostly purchased from another company


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March 30, 2022

        "Obviously, the post was a joke, touching on Levine’s recent appointment as USA Today’s "Woman of the Year," but it is forbidden to point out reality nowadays...but to Dillon’s credit he is refusing to back down or delete the tweet, even at the risk of losing the account permanently."

She listens': Biden health official Rachel Levine is set to tackle inequity

Twitter Temporarily Suspends The Babylon Bee For “Hateful Conduct” After Satirical Outlet Awards its “Man of the Year” Rachel Levine

The Babylon Bee has officially drawn the wrath of the Twitter speech police with its latest headline.

On Sunday, the satirical outlet was temporarily suspended from Twitter for “hateful conduct” after it crowned Biden’s newly appointed Assistant Health Secretary, Rachel Levine.

Obviously, the post was a joke, touching on Levine’s recent appointment as USA Today’s "Woman of the Year," but it is forbidden to point out reality nowadays.

Welcome to clown world.

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon announced in a tweet on Sunday that he had received notice of Twitter shutting the account down for “hateful conduct.” Somehow, the post was able to remain up for almost four full days after it was posted on March 16th.

“We’re told our account will be restored in 12 hours, but the countdown won’t begin until we delete the tweet that violates the Twitter Rules,” Dillon tweeted alongside a screenshot of the notification he received.

Take a look:

This is just the latest crackdown by big tech to silence any dissenting voices from speaking out against leftist lunacy, but to Dillon’s credit he is refusing to back down or delete the tweet, even at the risk of losing the account permanently.


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March 31, 2022

Babylon Bee's Twitter Resistance Is A Lesson In Taking On Tech Tyrants

Rachel Levine | Mediaite

Twitter maliciously nuked The Babylon Bee’s account over the weekend for poking fun at the leftist media’s elevation of biological men as “women of the year” but the popular satire site isn’t giving into Big Tech’s demands that it delete true statements. The Babylon Bee was first locked out of its account on Sunday after it posted an article claiming “The Babylon Bee’s Man of the Year is Rachel Levine.” The article simply pointed out that a male is a male and that awarding the male United States Assistant Secretary for Health an award designed for women is absurd, but Twitter rushed to shut down the page under its “hateful conduct” policy.

“You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease,” Twitter claimed. Twitter demanded that the Bee’s creators delete the tweet or risk being indefinitely banned from posting, liking, or commenting. Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon could have easily ordered his team to comply with Twitter, delete the tweet, and restore the account, which has 1.3 million followers and generates thousands of likes every day. Instead, he publicly proclaimed that the Bee would not censor itself to gain approval from and access to the leftist platform. “We’re not deleting anything. Truth is not hate speech. If the cost of telling the truth is the loss of our Twitter account, then so be it,” Dillon wrote.

Before Twitter waged a war on the Bee, Facebook tried to demonetize the satire site in 2020 for spoofing Sen. Mazie Hirono’s comments during the Amy Coney Barrett hearings because the social media oligarchs claimed it “incited violence.” Once again, instead of caving to Facebook’s demands that the Bee edit out parts of the article that the Zuckerberg company deemed problematic, the Bee’s creators sacrificed its Facebook-based income to stand by the article. “They’re asking us to edit the article and not speak publicly about internal content reviews. Oops, did I just tweet this?” Dillon tweeted.

In the same thread, he clarified that “we will not be editing the article to get our page’s monetization reinstated.” It’s a lesson that every conservative on Twitter and other tech platforms needs to learn. Twitter is a historically bad and partisan actor that knowingly suppresses true information. Just this week, The New York Times stealthily admitted that the Hunter Biden laptop story, which was collectively throttled by the propaganda press and Big Tech oligarchs, is indeed legitimate. When the New York Post first reported on Hunter’s corruption in October 2020, Twitter was the first company to lock the Post’s account and quash anyone who tried to interact with the article.


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Very refreshing, seeing someone stand up to the tech bullies!!


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April 3, 2022

Babylon Bee editor locked out of Twitter account after calling out Chinese concentration camps

Twitter locked Babylon Bee editor-in-chief Kyle Mann out of his personal account for a tweet Monday morning that mocked the Big Tech company’s standards on “hateful conduct.”

Twitter previously locked the Babylon Bee’s account until it deletes a tweet that refers to gender-confused Biden administration official Richard “Rachel” Levine as a man. The Christian satire site wrote an article naming Levine as its “Man of the Year” after USA TODAY named Levine as one of its “Women of the Year.”

“Maybe they’ll let us back into our @TheBabylonBee account if we throw a few thousand Uighurs in a concentration camp,” Mann tweeted on Monday morning.

“Mann’s tweet was likely in reference to the large number of Chinese propagandists officially associated with the Chinese Communist Party, who are able to openly deny the established genocide in China of the country’s Muslim minority, and do so on Twitter,” the Post Millennial reported.

It’s not clear when on Monday or Tuesday Twitter locked Mann’s account, but Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon announced the news on Tuesday morning.

Dillon said he does not plan to delete the Levine tweet, a condition to getting the site’s account unlocked. “We’re not deleting anything. Truth is not hate speech. If the cost of telling the truth is the loss of our Twitter account, then so be it.”


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