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From: WALTER784 DelphiPlus Member Icon2/9/21 8:08 AM 
To: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon  (5 of 137) 
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And Hunter wasn't supposed to make profit off of his father as POTUS... just like he shouldn't have profited while his father was VP, but did so anyway raking in billions with China, Ukraine and Russia!

I hope sales of that book flop!



From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon2/9/21 8:09 AM 
To: WALTER784 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (6 of 137) 
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        Find out from Ducky how to improve your scores. She is doing a lot better than you are. She said her scores are around zero.

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From: WALTER784 DelphiPlus Member Icon2/9/21 8:11 AM 
To: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon  (7 of 137) 
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The only way to better the scores is to kowtow to the liberal progressive agenda!

Therefore, mine will continue to worsen, but I'm not worried about it. I have a good line of credit in Heaven! (* GRIN *)




From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon2/9/21 8:12 AM 
To: WALTER784 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (8 of 137) 
 11127.8 in reply to 11127.5 

          It isn't about the book sales. He is not going to sell very many books unless he adds a picture section in the middle and includes some of his Pornhub photos. It's about the advance. Simon and Schuster paid him $2 million. However, thinking about that, it's only pocket change compared to the money has been making from overseas sources.

  • Edited February 9, 2021 8:21 am  by  WEBELIAHU

From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon2/9/21 8:15 AM 
To: WALTER784 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (9 of 137) 
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        A friend of mine, Rabbi Shlomo Schwartz, wrote a book called, "Reward Miles To Heaven." Probably not published by Simon and Schuster.


From: Impeach Xo Bai Den!! (ducky1988) DelphiPlus Member Icon Posted by host2/9/21 1:22 PM 
To: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon  (10 of 137) 
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Six months after we get the house paid off, we'll have "0" for a credit score.  We refuse to borrow money for anything other than a mortgage.  You don't borrow money, you don't have a credit score!!

The last five years, when we have been debt-free other than our house, have been the most comfortable of our lives.  It is such a blessing to not have to worry about finances, knowing we've got what we need (maybe not what we want, but that's where gratitude and contentment come in) and an emergency fund to cover problems.


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon2/9/21 1:33 PM 
To: Impeach Xo Bai Den!! (ducky1988) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (11 of 137) 
 11127.11 in reply to 11127.10 

Okay, that is very good.

       If there is massive inflation, then your money loses sweeping buying power, but the increase in your home value compensates for much or all of that. This is a very dangerous time to have debt. It is much better to just have a comfortable standard of living, with absolutely zero debt. It's also good to have an asset account that can easily be transferred to cash, such as gold or silver. Not stocks, because that market might rise with inflation, but it can also crash. I would also not recommend bond, but it ones buy bonds, only United States government bonds, because the U.S. can print the money to pay them off, and only for short terms, 2 years or less. This is because if the bond market crashes, you would still get your full capital returned at the redemption date.


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon2/28/21 6:38 AM 
To: All  (12 of 137) 
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CPAC 2021 - Tennessee Governor Marsha Blackburn

Discussing Bill of Rights, Big Tech, Big Media, China, and the Cancel Culture


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon3/1/21 6:29 AM 
To: All  (13 of 137) 
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CPAC 2021 - Missouri Senator Josh Hawley

Speaking On US vs the Oligarchy and their Cancel Culture


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon3/3/21 3:59 PM 
To: All  (14 of 137) 
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March 3, 2021

        "Learning for Justice also claims that anyone who justifies Dr. Seuss's books is a racial "apologist" who is finding excuses for why "bigotry doesn't matter."

         After all these years of being lost, I finally know what I am. I am a racial apologist who finds excuses for why bigotry doesn't matter.


Virginia School System Drops Dr. Seuss, Claims Books are Fraught With 'Racial Undertones' After Left-Wing Group Promotes Removal

A prominent Virginia school district is dropping Read Across America Day, which celebrates the beloved children's author Dr. Seuss after a left-wing educators group alleged that his books contain "racial undertones."

For more than two decades, Dr. Seuss's March 2 birthday has been celebrated in schools across the country as a way to emphasize the important role that reading and writing have in our lives.

The special day is recognized on Dr. Seuss's birthday in view of the many books written by the remarkable author that have helped children learn to read for years. However, Loudon County Public Schools is saying that Dr. Suess's books contain "racial undertones" that are unsuited for "culturally responsive" education, the Daily Wire reports.


Liberal education group, Learning for Justice, is reportedly behind the crusade against Dr. Seuss. The organization says it "seeks to uphold the mission" of the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), their website says.

Learning for Justice called attention to a magazine article titled, "It's Time to Talk About Dr. Seuss," where a study from St. Catherine University claims that Dr. Seuss's books contain "orientalism, anti-blackness, and white supremacy." 

After reviewing 50 Dr. Seuss books, many of them written during the 1950s, the study indicated that there wasn't enough diversity included in the stories.

"Of the 2,240 (identified) human characters, there are 45 of color representing two percent of the total number of human characters," the study reads. Of the 45 characters of color, 43 "exhibited behaviors and appearances that align with harmful and stereotypical Orientalist tropes."

Additionally, Learning for Justice said many characters who were not white in the books were "subservient" to white characters.

"It's also important to note that each of the non-white characters is male and that they are all 'presented in subservient, exotified, or dehumanized roles,' especially in relation to white characters," the organization wrote.

Learning for Justice also claims that anyone who justifies Dr. Seuss's books is a racial "apologist" who is finding excuses for why "bigotry doesn't matter."


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