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From: Katana (ferdaig)10/8/19 3:32 AM 
To: Black_Beard  (60 of 86) 
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Katana said...

"Irrefutable is an impossible standard."

Black_Beard said...No it is not. That is what most convictions for crimes is built on.

Incorrect.  The standard, as I mentioned, is beyond a reasonable doubt.  Irrefutable means impossible to disprove.  

Black_Beard said...

Shoot someone while someone else watches and then relates the scenario in court, and your lawyer cannot make the witnessed event seem doubtful and you basically have irrefutable evidence.

:-)  Allow me to introduce you to my twin brother.  Which one of us fired that shot?  

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From: Black_Beard10/8/19 9:32 PM 
To: Marypickford DelphiPlus Member Icon  (61 of 86) 
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"Hmm- ask a lawyer that. Ask a prosecutor that. They've been putting people to jail for crimes based on that standard for two centuries. It can be as simple as having a lot of evidence that clearly isn't faked, and a provable crime."

I have never said otherwise. But what does "clearly isn't faked" evidence mean? Is that like evidence so obvious its reality cannot be questioned?

"Trump meets those standards."

TyrranisoreRUMP has no standards.



From: Black_Beard10/8/19 9:35 PM 
To: Marypickford DelphiPlus Member Icon  (62 of 86) 
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From: Black_Beard10/8/19 9:37 PM 
To: David (DAVEBUTLER) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (63 of 86) 
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Have someone read it to you and maybe draws some pictures.



From: Black_Beard10/8/19 9:42 PM 
To: Katana (ferdaig)  (64 of 86) 
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What is reasonable doubt based upon?

I will give you a hint since you seem to be missing to point. It begins and ends with the letter "e"


":-)  Allow me to introduce you to my twin brother.  Which one of us fired that shot?"

The one that will be hung.   ;-)




From: Marypickford DelphiPlus Member Icon10/8/19 10:03 PM 
To: Black_Beard  (65 of 86) 
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It means the evidence is true, and relates the truth. Unlike the deep fake videos that Breitbart puts out.


From: Black_Beard10/9/19 5:38 PM 
To: Marypickford DelphiPlus Member Icon  (66 of 86) 
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Is not another term for evidence that is true is evidence that is irrefutable?

Breitbart is dead.



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From: Marypickford DelphiPlus Member Icon10/9/19 7:29 PM 
To: Black_Beard  (67 of 86) 
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It's still being quoted, so clearly it is not dead. They just changed editors.

Is not another term for evidence that is true is evidence that is irrefutable?

No. people are convicted on this standard. "Beyond a reasonable doubt"

Not irrefutable. Give it up. YOu've been caught trying to change the rules of the game.




From: Katana (ferdaig)10/10/19 5:16 PM 
To: Black_Beard  (68 of 86) 
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I just pointed out the easiest way to create reasonable doubt, and you get flip about it rather than adjust your opinion.   That pretty much sums you up.

To answer your question, reasonable doubt is usually based on experience, not evidence.  Most evidence can be discounted or marginalized by a competent defense attorney.  Just as Johnny Cochran convinced a jury to ignore the evidence and vote to acquit OJ based on their past experience with the police.  


From: Black_Beard10/10/19 10:36 PM 
To: Marypickford DelphiPlus Member Icon  (69 of 86) 
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Beyond a reasonable doubt about WHAT????

About having committed the crime to which they were charged?  Yes.

But what was it they could not find to be doubtful? That would as the only alternative be referred to as being beyond reasonable doubt? What is being evaluated for reasonability? The defendant's clothes? The Prosecutor's tie? The decor of the courtroom?

What is it the call all of that stuff a jury has to evaluate to determine if it is unreasonable or beyond reasonable doubt. 

What do they call the information?


Can you think of the answer?

People are convicted due to evidence that is determined to be beyond reasonable doubt. It is the evidence that a person is found guilty upon. Beyond Reasonable Doubt is the standard of insuring the evidence is accepted as being true. It has not been refuted sufficiently to create reasonable doubt.

You do not even understand the rules of the game.



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