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From: WALTER784 DelphiPlus Member IconMar-29 9:00 AM 
To: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon  (585 of 731) 
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it explicitly protects men, who even the WSJ concedes “have physiological traits that could provide an advantage in swimming, including larger lung capacity, leaner body mass and hearts that circulate oxygen more efficiently.”

Are we to accept this as the new standard? I think not.

Somebody needs to step up and call the NCAA on their most recent call. Just because they call it incorrectly does not make it correct.

We need to hold them accountable for their incorrect call!!!



From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconMar-30 7:37 AM 
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March 30, 2022

       "The company said the task force will seek out experts to develop a concrete plan to ensure Disney is “a force for good” for LGBTQ+ communities, especially children and family."


Disney Launching Task Force to Make More LGBTQ+ Content for Children and Families

Mickey Mouse Rainbow Standing Pin | Disney Just Dropped the Sparkly Rainbow  Pride Collection of Our Dreams — BRB, Buying Everything | POPSUGAR Smart  Living Photo 38

A groveling Disney CEO Bob Chapek on Monday told employees the company should have condemned Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill that blocked the teaching of sexuality and transgender ideology to students in kindergarten through third grade, speaking 24-hours hours before mutinous staff planned to walk out during a day-long strike. ~~~~~~~

Disney also said it has established an LGBTQ+ task force to be led by Paul Roeder, senior vice president of communications for the Studios, and Lisa Becket, senior vice president of global marketing for Disney Parks, Experiences and Products.

The company said the task force will seek out experts to develop a concrete plan to ensure Disney is “a force for good” for LGBTQ+ communities, especially children and family.

Meanwhile, Disney continues to do business in China despite the communist country’s myriad human rights abuses from genocide of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang to ethnic cleansing in Tibet.

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From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconApr-3 5:18 AM 
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April 3, 2022

          Vayikra (Leviticus) 18:22 - "You shall not lie down with a male, as with a woman: this is an abomination."

          Devarim (Deuteronomy) 22:5 - "A man's attire shall not be on a woman, nor may a man wear a woman's garment because whoever does these [things] is an abomination to the Lord, your God."


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconApr-4 5:34 AM 
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April 4, 2022

         "Various studies rank our education system as 22nd, 13th, and 20th."

          While this article focuses on a comparative analysis, there is also an absolute analysis. How are we doing compared to the next guy is one way of looking at the issue. How are we doing compared to how we COULD be doing is a totally different, and I might add, more worthwhile analysis. God judged Noach (Noah) using a  comparison to his generation. God judged Avraham (Abraham) using a comprehensive analysis.

Too Many Children Leaving School without Skills Needed for Success

~~~~~~~ Taxpayers provide higher wages, better benefits, smaller class sizes, increased special education funding, new technology, new facilities, additional administrators, etc., but far too many children still leave public schools without the basic skills needed for future success. Our nation’s public education system compares poorly versus other nations’ public education systems. Various studies rank our education system as 22nd, 13th, and 20th. ~~~~~~~ 

During the pandemic, many parents were shocked at the content and teaching their children to receive. Our students are taught self-esteem, protesting, Marxism (envy and laziness), White Supremacy, Black Lives Matter, and to question their own gender, but too many can’t read, think, or make change for a dollar.

In desperation, many parents home school, hire tutors or pay for alternative schools in addition to paying their public school taxes. Like most monopolies our public school system fails because it lacks incentives to improve. Senior citizens will remember how breaking up the high cost, limited option telephone monopoly of our childhoods brought the competition which provides today’s inexpensive and feature-rich telephones.

We don’t fund public schools just to provide jobs and sports teams; our obligation is to prepare students. We need freedom in education. Parents should be able to direct taxpayer-provided education funds to best benefit their children. This will create a revolution in education, improving public schools, incentivizing new schools and methods, and competition to provide the best possible educational results for each child.

As a result, our students will be prepared to compete and prosper against the worldwide competition. Our country will continue demonstrating to the world what can be achieved when a society is dedicated to our founding principles of equality before the law, and “life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” for all.


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconApr-4 5:57 AM 
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April 4, 2022 - WALES & SCOTLAND

         "And it applies to visitors – and their children – too.

         Proverbs 13:24 - "He who holds back his rod hates his son, but he who loves him disciplines him early."

Seriously out of whack: Government makes it a crime to spank a child

Starting now, if a parent spanks a disobedient child that action could result in a criminal record in one country.

And it applies to anyone who has responsibility for a child, such as a relative or caretaker when the parent is absent.

And it applies to visitors – and their children – too.

The new law has been implemented in Wales, which followed Scotland in deciding that no corporal punishment on a child is legal, ever.

Physical punishment already was a violation of the law in schools, children's homes, local authority foster care homes and childcare settings. 

Even hitting a child already was considered common assault even by a parent or caretaker.

But the law allowed them to raise the defense that it was a reasonable punishment.

Now that option is gone.

The BBC said Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford called it a "historic" day for children there.

The ban is on anything involving a "smack, hit, or slap" of a child.

Drakeford said the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child "makes it clear that children have the right to be protected from harm and from being hurt and this includes physical punishment."


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconApr-6 6:13 AM 
To: All  (590 of 731) 
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April 6, 2022

        "UNESCO estimated that about 1.5 billion children worldwide had been forced to stay home due to school closure, and their regular education was disrupted."

Shocking Data Shows School Closures Caused Severe Learning Loss

Children have been the lowest-risk group affected by Covid-19, but have arguably suffered the most under Covid-19 policies imposed on them by hysteric adults. A recent joint report by the World Bank, UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), and UNICEF (the United Nations Children’s Fund), presents some shocking data on how much learning loss children worldwide have suffered in the last two years due to school closures.

In March 2020, as the virus spread worldwide, fear and uncertainty led many governments to shut down schools to “slow the spread.” Only a few countries, including Taiwan, Nicaragua, and Sweden, decided not to close their schools. By April, UNESCO estimated that about 1.5 billion children worldwide had been forced to stay home due to school closure, and their regular education was disrupted.

Some did remote learning from home, but kids from disadvantaged backgrounds often didn’t get much online learning due to home instability, the low quality of online learning compared to in-person instruction, the lack of a computer, lack of a stable internet connection, lack of electricity, and lack of caregiver support. 

It didn’t take long for scientists to learn that children are much less likely than adults to be harmed by Covid-19. As school closures extended from weeks to months, many parents and educators voiced concerns that remote learning had failed to provide kids the educational experience they needed. ~~~~~~~

By June 2020, there was sufficient data to show that school closures caused more harm than good. So about 20 countries, including Denmark, Finland, and France, reopened their schools. But many countries, including the United States, kept schools closed, despite data recommending otherwise. 

According to this joint report by the World Bank, UNESCO, and UNICEF, full and partial school closures lasted an average of 224 days globally. We now see just how significant the learning loss is, especially for younger and more marginalized children.

Students in São Paulo, Brazil “learned only 28 percent of what they would have in face-to-face classes, and the risk of dropout increased more than threefold.” In rural Karnataka, India, “the share of grade three students in government schools able to perform simple subtraction fell from 24 percent in 2018 to only 16 percent in 2020.”


From: WALTER784 DelphiPlus Member IconApr-6 6:24 AM 
To: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member Icon  (591 of 731) 
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Shocking Data Shows School Closures Caused Severe Learning Loss

No chit... what's shocking about it?

Hysterical adults are dangerous to children... that's been known for hundreds of years!

Edited to add: But liberal schools are also dangerous to children!!!


  • Edited April 6, 2022 6:26 am  by  WALTER784

From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconApr-8 4:30 AM 
To: All  (592 of 731) 
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April 8, 2022

        "ABC intentionally diverts attention from the fact that the kids in danger of prematurely learning about “tucking” and “binding” and gay sex are children who still have all their baby teeth and wear pull-ups to sleep."

ABC News Doesn't Want You To Know DeSantis Is Protecting 5-Year-Olds

Despite the corrupt media’s best efforts to derail Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill by dishonestly framing it as “Don’t Say Gay,” Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the bill into law on Monday to the benefit of families across the state. The media didn’t stand down, of course. Not only did they continue to give the impression that under the new law, the word “gay” is off-limits, but they declined to mention whom the new law is intended to protect. That’s because don’t want you to know it’s for five-year-olds. ~~~~~~~

Here’s the relevant portion of the simple and straightforward legislation:

Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.

By “some grades,” ABC News meant kindergarteners through third-graders. In other words, the law is meant to protect 8-year-olds down to five- and perhaps even four-year-olds, as well as their parents by permitting the latter to decide if and when they broach sensitive sex topics with their young children. Older classes can still discuss historical events like Stonewall and health topics like sexually transmitted diseases when they’re “age-appropriate.”

ABC News’ verbiage is no accident. By framing a very narrow age group as “some grades” — something that could just as easily be referring to kids at prom — ABC intentionally diverts attention from the fact that the kids in danger of prematurely learning about “tucking” and “binding” and gay sex are children who still have all their baby teeth and wear pull-ups to sleep. They’re kids who can’t get up from the dinner table until they eat five more bites of peas and who are tucked into bed and sound asleep by 8 p.m. They haven’t the faintest notions of puberty and no idea how mommy gets a baby in her belly.

But saying, “The bill bans lessons on sexual orientation or gender identity for 5-year-olds who still wet the bed and check for monsters under it,” doesn’t serve the media’s anti-parent and pro-LGBT-all-the-time function the way “some grades” and “don’t say gay” do. So the public is served with left-wing media spin.


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconApr-11 6:24 AM 
To: WALTER784 DelphiPlus Member Icon  (593 of 731) 
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April 11, 2022


Woke Disney manager says cast members no longer allowed to use gendered language like ‘boys and girls’

Disney's diversity and inclusion manager says they’ve trained all of their cast and staff members to no longer use gendered language like ‘ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls’ when addressing crowds of people at their Disney parks.

You might not have noticed this if you were at one of their parks and heard them say ‘friends’ or ‘dreamers of all ages’, but now you know that’s what they are doing. It’s not about being more creative, it’s about the LGBTW movement.

It has invaded everything they do like a cancer and the target is primarily children.


From: WEBELIAHU DelphiPlus Member IconApr-14 8:08 AM 
To: Impeach Xo Bai Den!! (ducky1988) DelphiPlus Member Icon  (594 of 731) 
 1253.594 in reply to 1253.593 

April 14, 2022

         "Disney's fierce opposition to a Florida parental rights law barring any discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity in schools through the third grade is merely "the last straw,"

          I'll say it is. How dare you allow this discussion outside of parental permission AFTER the 3rd grade.

Insider: Disney 'rotting' from within

Citing internal communications, a member of Disney's "Imagineering" team of creative talent wrote under a pseudonym for the independent publisher Quillette that the iconic entertainment giant has been "rotting from the inside for quite some time."

Disney's fierce opposition to a Florida parental rights law barring any discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity in schools through the third grade is merely "the last straw," wrote the employee under the pen name Ethan L. Clay. ~~~~~~~ During the same meeting, Disney corporate president Kathy Burke said that "as the mother [of] one transgender child and one pansexual child," she supports having "many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories." She said she wants a minimum of 50% of characters to be LGBTQIA and racial minorities.

In his article, the Disney Imagineer pointed out that since Disneyland opened in 1955, the company's employees have been required to abide by "Four Keys" to success, Safety, Courtesy, Show and Efficiency. "The sexual revolution, the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War, the assassinations of JFK, RFK, MLK, and Malcom X, the Cold War, stagflation, the Stonewall Riots, Watergate, Roe v Wade, the space race, the Los Angeles riots, September 11th, Hurricane Katrina—every major event that took place in American society since Disneyland first opened its gates in 1955 rolled by and the Four Keys remained unaltered," he wrote.

But in April 2021, the Fifth Key of Inclusion was added. "Why now? Why at all?" Clay asked. "The short answer is institutional capture, a term that once belonged to economic theory as regulatory capture," he said. Regulatory capture, Clay explained, happens when a regulatory agency becomes corrupt and serves the interests of the entities it is supposed to regulate instead of the people.

"In business institutions, the process is much the same, only the goal is not to change a regulatory policy, but to turn the business itself into a mouthpiece for an ideology," he said.In less than two weeks in early March, he said, Disney "moved from principled neutrality to open advocacy."

"This new messaging, intended to mollify the company’s internal critics, accelerated Disney’s meltdown instead," Clay wrote.


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